does the sight of that paint fan deck overwhelm you?

here are some tried and true colors:


Benjamin Moore’s "White Dove" OC-17

{it’s not stark white, it’s soft and it’s my favorite}

Benjamin Moore’s "Chantilly Lace" OC-65

{it’s as "stark white" as I’m willing to go}


Benjamin Moore’s "Abingdon Putty" HC-99

{has a green undertone – love it! great for kitchens & living rooms}

Benjamin Moore’s "Carrington Beige" HC-93

{great for trim (when you want a darker trim and lighter walls), living rooms, kitchens}

Benjamin Moore’s "Grant Beige" HC-83

{has a gray undertone (which I’m really drawn to right now).  Gorgeous with blue.}

Benjamin Moore’s "Camouflage" 2143-40

{another with a green-undertone, i love this color.  great for floors, ceilings, walls, anything!}


Benjamin Moore’s "Woodlawn Blue" HC-147 & "Palladian Blue" HC-144 are both fabulous! 

Ralph Lauren "Celery" sort of a green-blue (available at Home Depot)


Benjamin Moore’s "Georgian Green" HC-115 is a great yellow-green (rich and warm).

Benjamin Moore’s "Salisbury Green" HC-139 is a blue-green some may say "sage".

Benjamin Moore’s "Kennebunkport Green" HC-123 is a good dark green (think "library")


Benjamin Moore’s "Boothbay Gray" HC-165 will make you feel like you are on the coast of Maine.

Benjamin Moore’s "Gray Horse" 2140-50 is a gray with tan undertones.


NOTE: Yellow is hard.  It can be "school bus" and "nursery" if you aren’t careful!

Pittsburg Paint "Cornmeal".  Looks great with blues & greens.

Benjamin Moore’s "Beacon Hill Damask" HC-2.


Front Door Red: Sherwin Williams "Chanticleer"

Front Door Deep Red: Benjamin Moore’s "Sangria" 2006-20.

Unless you are Bunny Williams or Charlotte Moss   (whoa, hello, just realized Lindsay who was my favorite girl when I worked at Victoria Hagan, is now with Charlotte Moss, yeah!  She is so talented, and SO nice!)  So, about RED, if you are painting your walls red, you either have a fabulous eye for design, or you have a fabulous designer!

BROWNS (and deep TAUPES):

A good ‘chocolate bar brown’ by Benjamin Moore is "Whitall Brown" HC-69.

If you want a "close to brown" but are a little timid try Benjamin Moore’s "Fairview Taupe" HC-85 (a gray-brown) or "Texas Leather" AC-3. 

Or if you just want a really rich color try one of these "Sag Harbor Gray" HC-95, "Hampshire Gray" HC-101, "Clarksville Gray" HC-102.


I didn’t hit specifics like "orange" or "pink"… but typically those are directed by a fabric selection (in other words are very "specific"!!  A good rule of thumb – and you may have noticed based on my colors above – stick with a muted color palette… {obviously design is very subjective and other designers may disagree}, but I prefer Benjamin Moore’s "Historical Color" Collection (hence the "HC" beginning to many of the color #s).  Benjamin Moore puts it like this: Historical Colors – Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant hues of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.

Of course there are many fabulous paint lines out there… but our options here in my area are limited.  Farrow and Ball, Pratt & Lambert, Sherwin Williams, Ralph, and look who finally joined the wonderful world of interior paint… PANTONE

NOTE: when selecting paint colors, remember that what you are looking at on a small color chip will be twice as dark on the walls!!


If you are BRAVE… this is another personal favorite: RALPH LAUREN REGENT METALLICS!  Check out their collection at Home Depot.  I recently helped a friend with her nursery (she has such fabulous taste which always makes my job easier), she brought me a picture of a gold crib… I thought I would fall out of my chair with excitement!  I’ll have her email me a close-up of the crib painted in Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics Gold (and her cute monogram boxed terrycloth bumper pads).  It really turned out great!!! 


Sophie’s mom (Katie) sent me photos of the gold crib – the drapery rods are gold too.  Enjoy.


The little angel that calls this place home: Sophie.  Her precious gown matches her boxed terrycloth and silk bumpers… I could just cry she’s so sweet!!!




  1. I love it! Camoflage is my favorite! It’s in the LR and DR and I’m wishing it was everywhere.. well, not really but it does make me want to go sit in those rooms… well, not yet. But when we move in! love you!! D

  2. A thousand thank yous!!!!I am so excited! I can’t wait to look all these up!I am also going to try to print this off. I can’t wait to see some of these in person at Darby’s house!!! Thank you again- I am THRILLED!!!!- I am hoping you got the CAD that Saliba sent.

  3. can i make a date with you to soak it all up and ask you 100 questions!! you are awesome!

  4. LOVE Palladian Blue and guess what?…
    We just painted our Dining Room Salisbury Green :)

  5. This site helps in a big way when pick out colors
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  6. This site helps in a big way when pick out colors
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  7. I suggest looking at the new affinity line of colors from Benjamin Moore – they are very friendly to mix and match. We are wrapping up the re-paint of a 6,000 sq ft home, and have lots of pictures to see some of our favorite colors in action.
    Feel free to look at our blog for more info.
    Check out “Dinner Party” for a great deep red dining room experience.

  8. just wanted you to know your blog was my “go to” after acquiring a new sofa with Ralph Lauren indigo blue/white linen upholstery :) Thinking a nice yellow wall color would look awesome! Thanks again!

  9. Hi, you have a nice site. Really good job! Respect :)

  10. cynthia naudziunas says:

    I’ve been looking all over the web for this…Victoria Hagen was on Oprah a year ago or so and she said a blue painted floor is so unexpected and fresh. I love this idea but she never mentioned what shades of blue. Since you worked for Victoria I thought you might have some insight into this question. I really need a specific paint company and color. Do you know what color blue Victoria uses for her blue floors? Thanks!

  11. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and just wanted to let you know that this post was such a help in picking new paint colors (round 2, as in round 1 of painting the house I made some awful, and I mean awful choices) for my twins nursery. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion for design with the rest of us. Best of luck with your upcoming arrival- and her nursery looks like it will be stunning.

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  13. Could your daughter be anymore precious? Congratulations.

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  15. Mmmmm, I love colours. Is it possible to update each with the HTML HEX code for the colours.

  16. Hi, Love your blog! We have a waterfront home being built with wood paneling (a lot in the foyer and family room and with coffered ceiling) and I am not sure what white to use? I know you worked for Victoria Hagan and I love all her rooms with the white paneling/wainscoting and white walls. We are doing dark walnut floors. Thanks so much!

  17. I’m painting the exterior of my 1906 home in Oakland CA BM Kennebunkport Green. What might be a beautiful (non-yellow) light trim color? Ideas? And a darker third color for the sash? Desperately-seeking color co-ordination.

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  20. Another great yellow that knocks my socks off is Pratt & Lambert Caramel Tint. I only used this to coordinate with two other yellows on the same swatch, and much to my delight it was STUNNING when paired with our natural woodwork. Not what I was expecting from the paint swatch alone. Funny, you don’t hear of this particular color much on blogs, but I happened across another comment that echoed my same sentiments; how you don’t expect much then it blows your socks off. It’s really a beautiful color.

    I am excited to be painting my T.V. Room Kennebunkport Green. Can’t wait.

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