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Anyone subscribe to House & Garden?  My college roommate loved Gwyneth Paltrow, now I have a good reason to love her too!  Check out more pictures of her Hampton’s hideaway here .  Stylists are amazing- how on earth is it that a pair of black Converse high tops look great with the Schumacher’s Lace in Aqua?  Can’t say that I would have ventured there… but it’s a fun juxtaposition!  Somehow I can’t quite see Chris Martin (her Coldplay hubby) hanging out in that feminine dining room (eating on pink dishes)… maybe he spends his time in the kitchen with the fabulous concrete countertops!  I haven’t read the article yet (I look, I look again, then I read).  The painted wood floors (kitchen) are oh-so close to the exact color I painted the ones in my new (moving this weekend!) office space… nice pick Gwyneth!

I’m venturing to say there will be many more magazine article reviews here on this blog, probably a few lists too.  For now, this wraps up post #1.




  1. I still love Gwyneth! And I’m so excited you’ve joined the blogging world….I’ll definitely be adding this to my daily blog rounds:)

  2. Love it sister!! Can’t wait to read more from you!

  3. Heather (Leppert) Spencer says:

    You and Darby have GREAT blogs. I spend a lot of time on the laptop while I nurse my newest so I’ll be adding your blog to my daily routine. Any more fab ideas on cheap (I mean inexpensive, wink, wink) design ideas would be very welcome!!!
    Heather http://www.spencerhouse.blogspot.com

  4. erika,
    finally a blog!!! yeahhh..now you can help darby and me not become total losers. maybe you could come up with some way to not make every room in our house a playroom!! he he could that be the next post?

  5. Hey Brookie! I found the place where I can leave a comment! I’m so internet savy! I saw you have a new office address posted! So exciting! Love you! Going out to find my new liquid soap dispencer today!!

  6. Brookey, I guess I wll have to start blogging now that both of my daughters are into it. I love ths blog and I must put it on my lsit of things, LYDB

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