they’re faux?


I couldn’t believe my eyes! My Domino finally arrived yesterday, so I was able to see all the goodness that has been buzzing in blogland.  When I saw this article… my jaw dropped over those “hedges”… at first site I thought it might Fig Vine {Ficus Pumila} (like Courtney’s (below) that I love)


But then I saw the planters and realized they were boxwoods… boxwoods that don’t die… PLASTIC BOXWOODS. Say what you will, but I like them.

excuse me, where is your restroom?

I love checking out people’s bathrooms!  I believe that bathrooms are a vital part of interior design – you can fluff and “decorate” all you want, but a bad bathroom is a bad bathroom.  Has anyone been in the bathrooms at Ted’s Montana Grill?  I love it – the soap dispensers dispense powder Boraxo hand soap, the shower stalls are created from Carrara Marble framed in brass, it’s a delightful experience.  Clean and simple.  Courtney recently gave me an eye-full of beauty in the bathroom pictures she posted of Quality Meats in NYC. See more here.


Some might disagree that a bathroom is important… saying it’s a “functional” space – don’t spend a lot of money and don’t go all-out.  I disagree.  The first thing I tell new clients is: “you are going to spend your money in the kitchen and the bathrooms”… thus far I’ve been blessed with clients who agree!

Here are some various bathrooms from my inspiration files.


{elle decor, november 05, photographer: gregory crawford}


{not sure on the source, sorry- loved the shelf brackets}


{elle decor, october 2007, bathroom of Michelle Smith (girl behind the fashion label Milly), photographed by Roger Davies}


{I’ve posted this pup before, Southern Accents}


{a private outdoor shower, off a master bath, Metropolitan Home}


{the master bath that’s attached to that outdoor shower… I love the rustic-industrial-ness of it. And of course, the french casement windows help too! Metropolitan Home}


{I know, I’ve posted this before, but it deserves mention again- Stephen Gambrel from Elle Decor June/July 2004}

Powder bathrooms deserve a post of their own… they are an element of surprise and always dripping in great design elements!

walton scan & ralph lauren


[ elle decor May 08, photographer: William Waldron, designer: Eric Hughes ]

As promised the scan (above) from Elle Decor of Walton Ford’s Albatross Painting. I love it against the brick.

In other weekend reading I became completely engrossed in Habitually Chic’s post on Ralph Lauren.  She picked these up off the server at work, and thinks they are from British House & Garden.





Everything in these photos is classic Ralph Lauren and simply ‘classic’ in every way.  I don’t see that house above dating itself over time.  Coolie lampshades, classic brass fixtures and hardware, antiques, crisp linens… I think it’s beautiful. 

Did you notice the Cremone Bolts on the french doors in the last photo above?  Delightful!

Wanna see more…


Gruppo Romi Cremone, 2nd image: from this blog]   

[1st image:

Using Cremone Bolts in an upcoming project and cannot wait to see how they turn out!