favorites this week

what I starred in google reader this week



  • Style Court’s post on Hazelfield and peonies (photo above). I could move in that house in a heartbeat.
  • Jen Ramos’ post on Glamour Duo, ohhh that pink paper & I finally see an installed hatbox toilet!

J savage gibson


  • Please Sir’s Inspiring Interiors post (photo above)
  • My twin sister’s post on her precious little ones
  • Afore mentioned Layers of Meaning’s post on The Selby
  • A loyal reader of my blog is now blogging too… Villa Pacis all the way from Italy, check out her vegetable garden!
  • Shelli, I daydream too
  • Last but not least… Martha B’s post today with these hilarious camping cars (shown below)



Peace out.

people at home

Photographer Todd Selby has this blog called “In Your Space”.  From what I gather (hmm), he’s photographing people in their own personal space.


I think it’s brilliant. In fact it’s something I have always toyed with adding to my website- pictures of my clients in their home… weird, but true.  I fear not everyone would cooperate… or that I’d be slightly embarrassed to ask, whatever the reason I never pursued it.












Do you read Layers of Meaning? That’s where I found this, you should go look/read, and based on her blog post title, sounds like she’ll have more Selby tomorrow.



Raoul Textiles

Raoul Textiles are gorgeous, I sent Courtney home with a couple samples… one of which was the fabric on the sofa below. (it’s Amijao linen #909B82, for fellow tradespeople who might be interested)


Beds-and-skirtsI love the repetition of the same fabric on the draperies. Love the grasscloth too. (my grasscloth is going in my pantry on Friday!) I also like the frames over the sofa.  This image is from Elle Decor, July/August 2007, photographed by Pieter Estersohn.