Darryl Carter

Carter with his dogs

Not sure where I have been… but I just happened upon Thomasville's website and found Darryl Carter's new collection.  I've always appreciated his passion for "new traditional" design… and am pleased to see that it's now available for the masses… 

DC home

Camelbacks in room 


Plains china chest 


[that chair looks a lot like this one]

Wessex wing chair 


I can't vouch for the quality, but the prices look good… anyone seen this in person yet??  Sat on the sofas and chairs??  It seems to me like it hits a price-point for those who can't quite touch the coveted high-end furniture lines, but still appreciate classic designs.

I enjoyed the Video interviews here.

And of course this prompted me to go back and dig into his portfolio… which I spent some time studying a few months ago after his Elle Decor cover in May that had me in awe.  His interiors have a sculptural quality to them, without being stodgy and heavy… it's an impressive mix. 

DC splash page



Chair fp 



Settee and oranges 

Wolf knobs 

Maybe I need to make a trip to Thomasville this weekend!? 

[first round of images from Thomasville, second round from Carter's website]

friendly furry faces


Don't those two look like fun!?

P&P would be in high-heaven with them. 

Paul Costello's portfolio is full of dogs… I find it delightful… it says "someone really lives here".

Artsy dog 

Black dog

Big dog 

Bordercollie in hat

Dog on table 


Not a dog 

(okay, so that wasn't a dog, but still… I think it counts)


Do you have an inside dog? Can you imagine your home without it?

all images from the very talented Paul Costello

And if you are a dog-lover like me, this is a great book:


happy anniversary

Today is our actual anniversary!  When we wed we had a video slide show at our rehearsal dinner and the last song on the video was Guy Clark & Emmy Lou Harris singing I Don't Love You Much Do IYou should download it… it's a good one.  Today I still feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have found someone who loves me just as I am.  He's the most hard-working, creative, funny, brilliant, sensitive, witty, intelligent, generous man I know… I am so blessed to call him my husband.  I know it sounds totally cliche but he completes me.  He understands me.  It also feels wonderful to have someone that I am genuinely proud of!  He is definitely my very best friend.  Chance, I love you and look forward to many more years with you… the best is yet to come!


Some day I'll tell you how he proposed… you'd be fighting me for him, so I'll save it for later.


I don’t love you much do I
Just more than human tongue can tell and that's all
I don’t love you much do I
Remember how I kissed you in the hall

See how it sparkles in my eyes
I couldn’t hide it if I tried- that’s right
I don’t love you much do I
Just more than anything else in this whole world
I don’t love you much do I
Just more than all the stars in the sky
I don’t love you much do I
I think you hung the moon and that’s alright

I don’t love you much do I
You can feel it all the way across the room
I don’t love you much do I
Like the spring doesn’t make the flowers bloom
I don’t love you much do I
I'd follow you to hell and back again
I don’t love you much do I
Just watch me light up when you walk in

[photos by Jason Reese, Photorexit]