a total tool bag





No, not this kind.  I love Klein Tools bags… I thought it was the combination of leather and canvas that had me intriguied… sort of Filson-esque.  But with further investigation I realized that like the all leather ones too.  Santa might need to bring me one of these…  


  1. Susan Susan says:

    Santa did bring me one a two years ago…and I L-O-V-E it. It is imperative, however, that you cover the buttons on the inside. They are sharp and painful when reaching into your purse.
    If you get the canvas and leather bag, let me know…and I can prevent you future pain!

  2. You are such a tool bag! j/k Great tool bags… could I use one as a diaper bag!? The fact that a reach inside could result in drawing blood I’m not sure I’m in… I have to sleep on it. Love you!

  3. Like I said, it is after all “all about the tools!” I have one of those bags and love them for toting my tools, my art supplies!

  4. these are great! I love them all!


  6. lovely!

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