Darryl Carter

Carter with his dogs

Not sure where I have been… but I just happened upon Thomasville's website and found Darryl Carter's new collection.  I've always appreciated his passion for "new traditional" design… and am pleased to see that it's now available for the masses… 

DC home

Camelbacks in room 


Plains china chest 


[that chair looks a lot like this one]

Wessex wing chair 


I can't vouch for the quality, but the prices look good… anyone seen this in person yet??  Sat on the sofas and chairs??  It seems to me like it hits a price-point for those who can't quite touch the coveted high-end furniture lines, but still appreciate classic designs.

I enjoyed the Video interviews here.

And of course this prompted me to go back and dig into his portfolio… which I spent some time studying a few months ago after his Elle Decor cover in May that had me in awe.  His interiors have a sculptural quality to them, without being stodgy and heavy… it's an impressive mix. 

DC splash page



Chair fp 



Settee and oranges 

Wolf knobs 

Maybe I need to make a trip to Thomasville this weekend!? 

[first round of images from Thomasville, second round from Carter's website]


  1. I fell for Carter’s style years ago when he was just beginning and did a house for HGTV. I have followed him ever since. Love his strong shapes and neutral colors. I have his new book and relax with it often. His rooms make you do that. There is nothing jarring in any of them.

  2. Beautiful work. I love that chair. I’ll have to stop by and do a comfy test this weekend.

  3. Hey Erika,
    So far you are my only bidder on the darling outfit……..I had not quite thought about this scenario of one bidder at 1.00! We still have til midnight, so we will see. WERE YOU SERIOUS???? Please tell me you’ll pay the postage, for heaven’s sake! LOL

  4. Yep…a talented guy for sure!

  5. He had two houses in last month’s magazines and I loved both. His mom’s kitchen (was it T&C? I’m losing my mind) was fab. I saw a piece of this line in a magazine this month and thought it looked great and the price was amazing. I’ll have to see where we can get it in town – let me know if you see it in person.

  6. He is A#1 in my book! Love it.
    Southern Accents did a little mini profile (and a Q&A before that) on his line, and I know that Amanda Smith is a stickler about quality furniture, so I doubt she would have featured it if it wasn’t legit. Just a thought …

  7. I visited a Thomasville dealer in North Carolina last weekend and the sales associate told me that she would not have this collection on the floor until January. Has anyone found it in stores? The wing chair looks high-end but I question its comfort level. Let me know!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! great post!! :)

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