Hello! Washington Post…


Are you with it?

Washington Post’s Blog Watch daily features hot Home & Garden design blogs…

and look who made the cut today: Thank You For the Shout Out


THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I sure enjoyed compiling that Paper & Light post!


  1. way to go!!

  2. congrats! they’re right, that paper and lighting post was awesome! love the Cole & Son

  3. Congrats! – I just opened the paper and saw your blog mentioned. Also, I love your under $20 category.

  4. yay! so proud of you e!!!

  5. That’s awesome!!!

  6. Heather Spencer says:

    Yeah! I wish I could say we had something to do with this since we live in Washington, but alas, I have told tons of people about you but I’m guessing that isn’t what got you on their paper!
    P.S. How much is a decent price for the glass for those tables?

  7. Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

  8. I’m so excited for you!!! Great Job and what an honor!!!!!

  9. How cool is that?? :) You are a snazzy kid, E!! Love you!

  10. Look at ya!

  11. You’re the best, I can’t believe they haven’t found you before now! :)

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