i hope

when we have children they look like him (the boy in the yellow & green, not Mickey)


{my husband with Mickey Mouse, circa 1970-something}

My brother-in-law sent these to me via email with the subject of the email as "happy"… yes Bayn, the pictures you sent make me very happy.


  1. hilarious!

  2. Sarah's Fab Day says:

    I hope so too, there is nothing more fun than staring into your darling children’s faces and seeing your special someone.

  3. Chance (Erika's husband) says:

    Why did my mom pull my shorts up like that right before the photo with Mickey?

  4. Total Cutie! You need 4. [hee hee hee]

  5. leave it to mickey to make one feel like a little smiling mouse.
    what a sweet little photo.

  6. email me today – I need a bit of help. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. awww this post is too cute!

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