monkey cottage

Remember all my ranting and raving about old one room school houses.  Dang sure – here I am again!


Kitchen Outside

{Photographer: Lucas Allen [more pics here] Article by: Sara Bliss}

Neglected school house turned cottage!  Rock on boys [Jason Oliver Nixon & John Loecke]! I love it… can I move in with yall?  Love the yellow door and the green porch rail!

Country Living… I love you when you do stuff like this… and Mom- thanks for sharing this with me… she said:  Erika, Knew these pics would give you inspiration for your little “adventure”!! Aren’t they great?? Love, MOM

Yes, indeed they are!


  1. Holy Smokaroly. My mouth won’t close. I love this!!!

  2. I can’t take much more!! I just went INSIDE Monkey Cottage and I don’t want to come out!!! The kitchen and green railing…ouch!
    HAVE AN AWESOME TRIP! What a blast!!

  3. I LOVE this!!!!

  4. Juicy Good!

  5. This is too good for words.

  6. love all the pictures!!!

  7. love, love, love!

  8. I’d move in in an instant. I wonder if they’d mind.

  9. I clipped these photos out of the magazine, too. Love what they did with the place! -Julia :-)

  10. OMG – this is gorgeous! Love it!

  11. Jason Oliver Nixon says:

    Thanks for the sweet comments about my house! Much appreciated.

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