my Kodachrome road trip

10 things I thoroughly enjoyed while home on the farm in middle America over the weekend…

1) these buns


2) the sweet driving skills of my brother-in-law


3) that the terriers were in good company (look close, there is a dog under that barn)


4) ripe blueberries


5) the tiniest traveler was so well behaved


6) DQ ice cream cone pit stops


7) coffee on porch with hummingbirds, lots of them  026

8) ’65 Mustang fastback 2+2 (and the fact that my husband had it running in a few short hours)


9) quality time with my husband and my 4-leggers


10) time spent with my hilarious twin sister


11) hanging out with my parents


So that was 11 things, but that was hard to narrow down.

While I love design, I do it all day long… and sometimes it’s really fun to see people and family on blogs… so I share these with you, in hopes that it’ll inspire you to be transparent and real in your life… my favorite blogs are the ones where people are real and share openly about their life, their family, and their passions… so I comply.  No sense in enjoyin’ and not playin’ along!

This past weekend, I really enjoyed my break from the rat race of life.

Sometimes when there is not much to look at but fields of this stuff…


you are forced to stop to take a breath.





  1. Just looking at these pictures calmed me and slowed my day down. I love that your fancy photo skills have that effect on me. All those smiling faces, cute bums, and gorgeous scenery literally knocked my speed down a few notches.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The all around smiles prove it.

  2. PLEASE!!! I will gladly remove the picture of you from my blog if you will PLEASE remove that picture of me. I look like I’ve lost my marbles… PLEASE!!!!! The one I posted of you is hilarious. The picture of my is horendous!

  3. I mean the picture of “me” not “my”!

  4. those are great photos. thanks for sharing. nice work with the new camera!

  5. I’m LOVING the pics. What a great eye!! I can’t wait to check out the rest of ‘em.

  6. MaryBeth says:

    Great photos, well done with the new camera. It is a shame that your sister can’t sell children for a living, hers are so beautiful, she would be a gazillionaire in no time. It was the first time I went to your design web site, that too is so nice. I wish you lived in PA so I could hire you to design and decorate my house.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. Hi Erica,
    I came across your site shortly before you went on vacation. Your entries add a smile to my day.
    My husband and I have a rescued Lakeland terrier so I can only imagine the excitment your 2 pups had on a farm!
    Your pictures are beautiful-
    Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Erika, your pictures are incredible! You’ve inspired me to take better pictures. I know my hubby’s been wanting an SLR for a while, maybe I’ll get him one for Christmas. So glad you had a nice trip. :)

  9. Erika,
    I have been blog stalking but have never been to your website until now. Then, I got distracted looking at your portfolio on the way to your vacation pics. Wow, I am drooling! Your work is fabulous. :)

  10. I love that photo of Darby. Thanks for sharing all of these Erika. I am sad that your time in IL was so short and that we were not able to see you all. Hopefully we can catch up in person soon (but in the meantime, I so enjoy staying in touch via blogs)!

  11. Glad all of you had a great trip! Hope you feel better soon. Don’t rush back into the real world too quickly :)

  12. WOW – these are amazing photos! Did you take these with your new Canon? I really want to get the same model! Is this the color they came out like or did you do some photoshop work? I’m so curious – please let me know – I love the effect!

  13. Beautiful pictures! Your photo skills are getting soo good!

  14. Ah, gimme that country life! Lovely photos.

  15. Christine says:

    I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to IL, and it looks amazing. I think I’m packing up the kids and moving to a farm.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Virginia says:

    I, too, am your blog stalker. And, what a talent you have (many, actually!). Someone mentioned your Canon. Those pictures on the web are fantastic. The photo of the lake with canoe mesmerized me. Thanks for sharing your life – it makes me appreciate family!

  17. You got some gorgeous pictures….it looks so serene and peaceful on the farm. the simple life. Makes me want to pack up and go too :)

  18. As a mother of three adults (now…did not give birth to them like that) I’m sure your parents were over the moon that they had their chicks at home. What great fresh food!

  19. What a beautiful area and wonderful time together. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to go back home. Those are memories you’ll carry a lifetime. I know your parents were both thrilled and exhausted! LOL

  20. Oh Erika, it looks like you had a fun, full trip! Looks like you and your new toy are getting along swimmingly :-)

  21. super sweet pictures, you are obviously enjoying your new camera! what fun to be able to go home to a farm! my sisters (and all three of our pups) are headed home to our dad’s this weekend, and now I’m more excited about it!

  22. Ok. You and that camera have got it going on! Stunning. You are obviously a kick arse decorator and something tells me kick arse photographer should be added to your CV!!

  23. Your pictures are simply BEAUTIFUL!
    You really do have an eye for the lens. I already vision another career waiting for you down the road.
    I live NW of Chicago and haven’t seen blueberries near me look as good as the ones in your photo Yumm…

  24. All these beautiful photos, it makes me want to buy a nice camera now! I’m loving it.

  25. beautiful pictures. beautiful country. beautiful family. your trip looked wonderful. thank you for sharing!

  26. E- I love all the pictures you posted! They left me wanting more- can’t wait to check them all out! The one of D is wonderful- what a great smile! Thanks for sharing them!

  27. Laura Mc says:

    Sorry to hear year under the weather. I looks like you had a good time. The photos look great! I thought about y’all several times while you were on your trip, and every time I prayed that you’d have more fun family moments than travel headaches on your journey. Hope they were answered!

  28. I hate it when I have to wait days for a new post. This one was worth it. It made me want to be part of your family. Love the new camera.

  29. I love seeing photos of the family and real life too. I guess maybe I just like living vicariously through all of you! Wonderful photos and see, the middle west isn’t all bad, huh?

  30. I am SO glad you posted some pics. I have checked Darby’s blog just about every day and there have only been those few.
    Thanks for your sweet comment this morning. That was one of those blogs I wrote late (at least for me) at night, and I woke up this morning and panicked…wanting to rush in and delete it before anybody read it. Oh well…honesty I reckon.

  31. gorgeous photos, erika! my favorite pic was probably the one with the blueberries ….. but they were all great. your dogs are adorable!

  32. Hello! Glad you had a great trip & I love all of the pictures. Michelle watched the twins for us on Saturday night {Ryder was with his Nana & Grandpa} with Ben and his friend Jack. What a great friend she is…you should ask her about it the next time you chat. Ha! Ha! I OWE her.

  33. lindsey ozier says:

    oh my! i loved all the photos! i love you and miss you…all the funny comments and things made me laugh thinking back on some hilarious college moments. i sure miss living one room over from you and D on the chi o hall!!! seriously…miss you much!

  34. I love all the pictures Erika! You are so talented. It looks like you all survived and had a wonderful time. The farm looks so peaceful. I want to pack up and go there right now! Thanks for sharing!

  35. I just got around to reliving your road trip through both sisters eyes. You are very brave to tackle this trip. I can tell the memories will outlast both blogs and be cherished by all those involved.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you made it back safely and without killing each other. Husbands who married into madness are to be commended.

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