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Photographer Todd Selby has this blog called “In Your Space”.  From what I gather (hmm), he’s photographing people in their own personal space.


I think it’s brilliant. In fact it’s something I have always toyed with adding to my website- pictures of my clients in their home… weird, but true.  I fear not everyone would cooperate… or that I’d be slightly embarrassed to ask, whatever the reason I never pursued it.












Do you read Layers of Meaning? That’s where I found this, you should go look/read, and based on her blog post title, sounds like she’ll have more Selby tomorrow.




  1. Hi Erika – I am a friend of Lenzie (Daniels) Lane – and I just absolutely love your blog! And I’ll admit I am a ‘blog stalker’! You have such wonderful ideas and are out-of-this-world creative! Anyhow, I thought I would finally comment on one of your blogs! And my answer is, I hope I don’t look like the interior of my house! I think it needs help and I hope one day I can afford for you to help me! And by the way, I just love your old Bronco! Chance is the greatest!

  2. I think you should ask readers to take a picture of themselves in their space and do a post on it. Or the game would be fun too! Love you!

  3. This is such a brilliant post. Your blog never ceases to inspire me. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  4. What a great collaboration for you & Marla?? Since you both have so much free time, right?

  5. I think you’re right on…classic, fashionable,pulled together, but with that one-of-a-kind bohemian/vintage chic accessory. For instance- I have lighting in the kitchen/breakfast area-but found my chandeliers at french flea markets :)Fun!

  6. mom2three says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and I love it. I’ve just bought a new house, and the question of if the space reflects me is so timely. This is my 3rd home. My first house I bought and slowly remade into my own. My second still had the old owners wallpaper that I hated when I moved out. This time, I’m painting and decorating before I move in… for just this reason. I want my house to reflect me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I don’t read Layers of Meaning, but thanks for the tip…I will add to my list! Do you know that all these people are Todd’s friends? Eclectic mix, huh?!
    And yes, I like my interior, for the most part. Definitely a reflection of me and my family. Just seem to have outgrown it…we’re starting to accumulate way more than our little apartment can handle!

  8. this is a WONDERFUL idea. I mean what is a house, however beautiful it might be, if no one lives inside? I guess by definition all homes reflect in some way, someone. Decorator, owner, renter etc… even homes in great disrepair reflect someone’s choice or situation to not change the state of the house. I would adore seeing pictures of people in their own environments! A frightening and exciting concept all at once.

  9. Overall, yes, I do like the interior of my house. It is a constant work in progress. I think the reason I like it is because I know the picture that I have in my mind of where I want it to be.

  10. funny, how the apple never falls far from the tree. have always loved photos of people in their homes. one of my favorite painters painted portraits in their homes. So stunning.

  11. I fear after a 12 month “face lift” my husband would lose his mind if I said I was not head over heels for my house. I agree with a previous comment, houses are meant to be lived in…so although I love pretty pictures of peoples homes, I often wonder how much staging went into the actual shot. I love pictures that my family sends of the parties at home that I unfortunately miss living so far away. The actual “life” that a home possesses is something of beauty when it is caught being lived.

  12. This is an interesting question. Since my mother died several years ago, I’m often hunting through my childhood pictures for one thing or another. I wish we had more pictures of our house – and my room specifically. I’m not sure I can say if I look like my house. Perhaps. But, I am clothed almost always in solids – and likely black and/or white, while my house is a whole Crayola box dumped out on the floor.

  13. I would agree that you could probably guess a person’s style with how they dress especially with an eye like yours. I would be frightened to have someone come over and take photos of my house during the day with the toy fiesta, but it is fun to see how homes evolve over the years with the people that live in them.

  14. what a concept? Love it!

  15. I’d say I look like my house. Not an ounce of black to be found. Open my closet, it looks as though it belongs to Rainbow Brite. I only own 1 pair of black shoes. My obsession with old items is also telling of the 80 yr old grandma in me!

  16. Daddy Boy says:

    Sweet Lips, you are getting very close to connecting on something here keep exploring and continue the investigation on this thread. I’m thinking of sending you a picture of me in the shop on walnut or the barn! That would gettem going! LYDB

  17. P.S. Stop by soon. I just tagged ya. :)

  18. i have thoughts on this. deep thoughts. we shall chat soon.

  19. It scares me to death to think you would design my house by what I wear! :) It scares me to think of getting a portrait made in my house/it reflecting who I am. Mainly because the house and clothes I see myself wearing/living in are NOT the clothes/house I actually possess. Then there is the issue that I am not as creative as you and Darby and I don’t know how to make amazing cabinet handles out of PLUMBING??! Yall intrigue me, and I love that you went on ahead and invited company for Hamburger Helper…Freedom!

  20. I think I do. I like classics with a modern flair. I love clean silhouettes and soft fabrics. My home is tidy, I like to think I’m well groomed… I love neutrals but also love pops of warm colors (red…orange…).
    However… my closet has lots of black & white…. my house has no black & white…but lots of golds & beige.
    I love knowing there are definite similarities!!!

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