Raoul Textiles

Raoul Textiles are gorgeous, I sent Courtney home with a couple samples… one of which was the fabric on the sofa below. (it’s Amijao linen #909B82, for fellow tradespeople who might be interested)


Beds-and-skirtsI love the repetition of the same fabric on the draperies. Love the grasscloth too. (my grasscloth is going in my pantry on Friday!) I also like the frames over the sofa.  This image is from Elle Decor, July/August 2007, photographed by Pieter Estersohn.




  1. I like the idea of shadow boxes rather than metal frames like this – I think these frames would make the matchbooks look a little crafty and not as beautiful and textural.
    Your collection needs to be showcased – it’s insanely awesome!! Perhaps just do 2 pages at a time until you can finish them all. Framing is so pricey!

  2. I love shadow boxes too – I think it’d be worth the price, you just might need to do it gradually, like Courtney suggested.

  3. Shadow boxes with simple modern frames.

  4. Sara Beth says:

    I love the shadowbox idea! Do you remember Fran Keenan who used to write for cottage living? She has an amazing collection stored in shadowboxes on the wall of her dining room. I tried to find a picture from when they did the article on her house but couldn’t locate it! I’ll keep looking…

  5. Sorry, my vote is for shadowboxes, too. Perhaps we (c’mon, girls!) can find you an off-the-shelf frame and then the artisans at the frame shop can do their matting and archival magic – marrying it all together? What ideal size are we talking about, per page?

  6. I have to go for the shadow box thing too.. and I love the Kane county fair..Isn’t it a blast? Jen R

  7. I love both, the fabric and the matchbooks!
    I vote for shadow boxes as well.

  8. okay, totally unrelated, but i had to say that in an overwhelming attempt to catch up on my feeds since my NY trip, i was tempted to hit Mark All As Read, and reading your LA Recap made me SO HAPPY i didn’t. that was great:) the pics, your take on the whole thing…i don’t know…just a great round up of a cool experience.
    i sort of can’t believe someone i knew FOREVER ago is such a kickass blogger.

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