spring fever & Danny Seo


Pink Cactus Zinnia from my garden – summer 2006.

It’s not even February yet and I’m already itching for Spring!  I really love to garden… I’m not a great gardener, {given the sand and heat here in Florida it is very difficult for anyone to be a good gardener} but I love to try.  When the weather warms you can find me in my back yard with my morning coffee – piddling around checking on my garden babies.  In 2006 I got carried away with the Zinnias.  They are just soooooo easy I couldn’t resist.  If you love fresh cut flowers and want to try your hand at gardening, Zinnias are a perfect place to start.  Seeds are cheap and these are fool-proof. The more fresh Zinnias you cut – the more your plants will give you. 


Another shot (above) from my garden.


What prompted my Zinnia post was this image above from an article on Danny Seo (Country Living May 2006).  I’ve been keeping an eye on Danny since I came across this article.  He describes himself as such "I’m a country boy with a city-boy mentality".  His house in Pennsylvania is one of my favorites – his passion for flea market finds and recycling go hand in hand with his passion to save our planet.  Check out his blog here… you will be inspired.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots of his farm house from Country Living, April 2007.





I adore those plates over his desk… and that desk is one of my all time favorites – look closely: it is 2 planters and a burlap wrapped top.  The plates – ahhhh… ceramic plates from the thrift store painted with silhouettes of bugs, animals, people… so fabulous.

Keep up the GREAT work Danny and thanks for inspiring me!!!!


  1. Kelly Rainer says:

    Love zinnias! My mother in law plants them every year and we have bouquets for the whole summer!! I love that Danny is working with sheet moss-I am obsessed with sheet moss-it makes all arrangements look great and Potagers always does these cool moss covered boxes at Christmas.

  2. taylor brown says:

    i love danny’s ideas…this is my sort of thing: thinking outside the box… AND i love taking not-so-expensive things (like his plates) and making them fabulous with a little creativity and some TLC!
    …and the flowers are beautiful! great idea for me too…i manage to kill EVERYTHING i pot or plant, and i am NOT exaggerating! so maybe i should try my hand at these…

  3. Nice shot of flowers wish i have also like those flowers on my backyard.

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