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It's supposed to be very cold tonight.  I'll be out in the dark this evening covering my plants with old fabric remnants and sheets.  This crazy cold doesn't stop a girl from dreaming though.  I've already mentioned that this is my year… my year of getting the backyard into shape. 

I love where the internet leads me… "Devon" commented on my last blog post and I followed her name to her blog… and low and behold… I find THIS post she did on Garden Architect David Pfeiffer… which led me to these images… (click to enlarge images for full effect)




Those corrugated galvanized forms made my heart race.  I know my husband will know how to get our hands on some of these.  We have a metal roof and galvanized porch railings on our house, our outdoor shower surround has galvanized curtain rods (to deter any peeping tom neighbors), and these lights adorn our entries… these would be very nice with grapefruit, meyer lemon, and kumquat trees planted in them… oh yes… I can smell the citrus blossoms already! 


I love it.  It's a little bit of everything!  Which is what I think a garden should be… all about you and what you love.  No set rules.   David Pfeiffer has totally got it going on.  I think that house has been published… it looks very familiar…?  Ahhh, wait.  I figured it out… his publications page leads me to believe it was probably this: June 2005, Country Home Magazine "Best of Both Worlds” -Vashon house and garden – David Pfeiffer’s Vashon Garden.  Now I have my weekend homework cut out for me… finding the June 05 issue of Country Home

Stay warm my friends… it's cold out there!!! 


sweet adieu

TOB 01 

I've had a subscription to Country Home since I was in high school.  It was one of my favorites.  I say "was" because (as you may already know) last week they folded too.  So this past weekend I dug for my all time favorite issue… May 2004, where they featured Thomas O'Brien's weekend house on Long Island.  An architecturally classic structure with that Thomas O'Brien modern twist.  I scanned it for my own good… you know in case my house burns down, at least I'll have a digital back up copy here at the office.

TOB 02 

I have mixed emotions about mostly white interiors.  Sometimes they lean too romantic, too-shabby chic… which is better to me than too contemporary, "sterile white", but ultimately I think they are just too safe.  Yeah, I think that's my qualm with white… the safety-factor.  Or is it that it's easy to create?  Or that life is just too short for all white?  Okay, so I'm obviously not really sure.  However… I do know that Thomas O here (who is definitely in my top 5) does an edgy white, one that feels good… a mostly white interior that you aren't afraid to have a glass of wine in.  One that actually feels lived in.  Is it the black accents?  The mix of finishes (brass and nickel and different species of woods)?  The sculptural lines of the fixtures and furnishings?  I think it boils down to the mix of all of it. 

TOB 03 

I think the white is off-set by the found objects, the antiques, the interesting little thing-a-ma-bobbers here and there.  They aren't "accessories"… they are items that you know he has found at flea markets and in travels that simply spoke to him.  That little bench tucked in under the coffee table… delightful.

TOB 04 

And the garden… oh the garden and that patio. 

TOB 05 

The kitchen and the master bathroom were my favorite.  Sometimes I have flashbacks of these spaces.  How can someone master "perfectly imperfect"… so perfectly?  Totally chic, yet totally livable.  Little pops of black.

TOB 06 

TOB 07 

Ahhh the bathroom… looks like a nice place to take a bath.

TOB 08 

TOB 09 

If you click on the photos to enlarge them you should be able to read the tips on how to "bring it home".

vertical gardening?

Snagging material from other bloggers is not my favorite thing to do… but Brown Turtleneck Sweater is one of my favorite blogs.  Brittnye who writes the blog always inspires… her posts are short and always leave me wanting more.

Yesterday she posted this image:

Bts smith and hawken garden 

Smith & Hawken's Large Vertical Garden… I'm very intrigued.