stop stairing

Seagrass stairrunner dti april 1409 

Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

I have.

Unfortunate injury resulting falls.

I think a seagrass runner would help my case.

(and not talking on the phone while carrying a laundry basket, while hurdling a dog gate might help too)

I'm gonna see if I can get a note from my doctor, as I am hoping our health insurance will cover the runner. 

:: photo from Desire to Inspire ::

soften the soffit

I have a soffit over my kitchen cabinets and it bores me.  Had I been involved in the selection of the cabinets at my house I would have said "take the cabinets to the ceiling, no soffit!"

But alas, I had no say.

BHG plates on soffit over cabs via mary ruffle 

Here's a softer soffit.  Inspiring indeed.

:: BHGvia Mary Ruffle ::