The Nursery Diaries :: Chapter 3

We had a very full weekend.  Lots of fun times with overnight guests, family, and friends.  A boat ride, a little beach, little pool, a lot of food, and some ice cream.  And in the nursery department: crib and chair assembly.  Roman shade install.  All crib linens and draperies measured for and designed, fabrics pre-washed, ironed and ready to send out to seamstress.

Pandp in the ikea chair

As I noted yesterday the chair doesn’t rock… I know what you are thinking- strike 2 on the nursery.  (Strike 1 being the paint mistake I noted in Chapter 1.)  If you knew what I’m juggling right now you’d wonder how I even find time to breathe… much less work on something other than ‘work’.  For those of you who want to revel in my error (ha!)… I’ve attached a photo of the chair, painted and assembled.  Thing is, it looks great.  Love the look actually, just not functional… if you want to rock.  The terriers like it.

The painters brought back the crib and the chair at 8:00 sharp on Saturday morning.  These painters are the best.  I’ve worked with a lot of painters, but Bobby & Brian are the best ever.  If you are local and need a painter – email me – I’ll give you their info.  They refused to let us pay them for painting.  They painted the crib, the chair, and the walls of the nursery and attached bathroom… for free.  Thank you Lord again for generous people!  And get this… they are hilarious.  I’m sure 2 men think a gold crib is a little weird… I don’t blame them.  But they went to Wal-mart and bought a pair of baby shoes and painted them gold too, as a gift for the baby.  I’m not sure if it was meant to be funny, but I have never laughed so hard in all my life.  I told them they were very “Michael Jackson-ish” and that I loved them.

Gold shoes

They’ll be perfectly hilarious on the bookshelf!

Crib assembly

Daddy assembled the crib… I don’t know what I’d do without a husband who loves to create, build, assemble, design, etc.  We started early Saturday morning before our company arrived.

Almost done

While Daddy worked on the crib, Mommy assembled the Ikea chair.  It will stay put in the nursery until the new one arrives.  I do love the pique cushion covers that are on it… originally planned to cover them, but they are nice.  Here’s the new swivel glider chair that’s coming from Lee.  It is slipcovered in a washable fabric that is the same color as the walls (not the white shown below).  I’m still humbled and blown away by the generosity of such a gift.

The new chair


I was going to show you other fabrics… but I forgot to photograph them… so I’ll save that for next chapter.

The Nursery Diaries :: Chapter 2

Things in the nursery department are coming together smoothly despite the rocky start.  All fabrics have been ordered and the walls are painted.

I am in love with the new paint color. Sherwin Williams “Comfort Gray” SW6205.

Comfort grey

Hopefully it’ll hold true to its name and be so comforting she’ll never cry, have explosions in her diaper, or projectile vomit.  But in the event that she does, the paint is Behr’s Flat Enamel… it’s my favorite kind of paint (available at Home Depot).  It’s not shiny (I like a good flat paint) and if something like vomit gets on it, it’s scrubbable.  It goes on thick with little to no odor… it’s awesome paint!

The color is listed on Sherwin William’s website as a Cool Neutral.  I like that description.

Crib stripped and sanded

The crib and rocking chair are being painted this week.  As I mentioned before, the crib was mine.  Mom had it stripped and brought it down when she visited a few weeks ago. The painters came for it and the rocking chair on Tuesday.  We pre-sanded the rocking chair to make it easier on the painters to just prime and paint.

The chair: I was originally set on a slipcovered Lee Swivel Glider (or something similar)… but my budget told me this Ikea rocking chair was a wiser choice.  For $149 I couldn’t resist.  And the fact that it was available online really sealed the deal.  I’m having a lumbar bolster pillow made and the cushions are being recovered. But the white covers that came with the chair will be great in the future when I move this chair to another room in the house.


Lillberg rocking chair

A fellow pregnant friend went to Ikea and sat in it for me, gave me play by play on it’s comfort… and liked it so well she might just buy it for her nursery too.

You might wonder what color the crib and chair are being painted?  Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics ”Golden Candlesticks” (also available at Home Depot, beware this comes with a heftier price tag than that Behr paint)… but I am not finishing the crib and chair with their funky faux finish, just a smooth finish.

Regent metallic golden candlesticks

Remember my friend Katie’s nursery, where we selected a gold paint for the crib?  Maybe this will jog your memory:

Sophies gold crib'

My bumpers will be custom made just like these we had made for sweet Sophie (above)… boxed with contrasting welt.

This week I’ve been narrowing down art, lamps, and other little details.  This evening we are moving our bar table up to the nursery to see if it will work well as a changing table.

Bar table

I got a new camera lens for my birthday, I was really testing the lens, not taking a picture of the table, but you get the point, right?

Okay, that’s it for Chapter 2 of The Nursery Diaries… maybe in Chapter 3 you’ll see a sneak peek of the fabrics… stay tuned friends!


bump. before and after.


Marla took this last week.  There it is folks… me, my baby, and my twin sister who is not pregnant.

My baby has been in the oven for 27 weeks… I really like her a lot already.  I hope feelings are mutual.

Thank you Marla for taking this picture.  You rock.