happy birthday dad

I don't have anything creative to share, and as a result I probably should step away from the blog.  I've worked approximately 80 hours this week, my car is in the shop, and let's see it's 9:00 on a Friday night and I'm back at the office working (well taking a break from working).  Penelope has been really bad this week- acting like a racoon she tore apart left over party favors from the shower last weekend… ate a lot of chocolate and scattered a huge mess in the house.  I'm wondering if she knows there is a baby on the way and she will soon take a major backseat?  The chocolate won't hurt her… she has done this before – she ate a whole bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups back when Chance was in the hospital.  She doesn't like being left alone (and she has a sweet tooth)… and if I don't take her to work with me for one afternoon she turns into satan-dog. 

Isn't this a delightful blog post?  I am healthy and I have a job and I have a baby kicking my ribs… so on to brighter things.

You guys crack me up asking if that's my kitchen in the earlier post this week… I am flattered and would like to pretend like that's my kitchen, but it definitely is not.  That was a client's kitchen.  I was just there taking pictures for the ole portfolio.  My kitchen is teeny tiny, and there is a lot I would have done different had I designed it.  Want to see it?


Darby made Hash Brown Casserole when she visited this weekend.  She had her wonderful assistant (my mother) with her in my kitchen as she worked her magic.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY BOY!!  I didn't send a card nor buy a gift… yet.  Sorry dad.  I love you!  Here's a picture of Darby and my dad in my kitchen from last weekend…


You like how the spatula handle sticking out of the hash brown casserole is in focus, but Darby and Dad are not?  Oops.

Let's see… in other news- I am very pregnant.  We are skipping the 4-D ultrasound… don't have time in the schedule to drive the 45 minutes each way to the ultrasound place, nor am I interested in the $100 pricetag, plus I think seeing her on her birthday will be a nice surprise.   

Alright, I gotta get back to work… I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Especially my DAD!!  Wish I was in Chicago with you celebrating your birthday!!!!!! 

[PS: I am way behind on responding to emails, so sorry.]

no time to brew?

Republic of tea ginger peach 

If you see this for sale somewhere, buy a bottle.  You will thank me.

Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach has always been my all time favorite… iced of course. Now it comes in a bottle.  I was leery at first, but it is delicious!

old file, pleasant surprise

I love it when I go back into old files in my computer and find surprises.  I was hunting down a photo to visually demonstrate a tapered island leg for an out of town client… when suddenly I spied a little black and white spotty-dotty terrihuahua…


Back when this picture was taken Penelope was an only child.  And because I have to be fair… here's a picture of Paisley that Chance took last night.  It was storming and storms make the girl very nervous.  She is only allowed on the sofa and upstairs when it storms, she milks it for all it's worth.


I cropped out my big bare pregnant belly.  When Paisley isn't digging her terrierfied little chin into me she's panting excessively.  She's scared to death, but it looks like a smile.  Bless her heart, she makes us laugh so hard. 


We love her to pieces… but she's gonna be in for a rude awakening in 6.5 short weeks.