does working really hard induce labor?


On Monday I wore this* and that day I had a construction jobsite meeting… you know the type where you hurdle concrete blocks and 2x4s, climb on dangerous stairs, and rub elbows with some of the work force's finest.  A worker saw me and said, "Oh my gosh!  You look like you are about to explode!  Is it twins!?" 

To which I replied, "No, actually its quadruplets, don't I look great!?"

Grrrrr… don't mess with the pregnant woman. 

Speaking of which.

For the past few months I have set the thermostat to 76 degrees before bed.  This is nice and comfortable to me.  Chance thought the power bill was too high last month so unbeknownst to me when he comes to bed (later than me) he has been tapping it up to 77 degrees.  He thought I wouldn't notice.  At 3:00 this morning we had a very serious conversation about him not touching the thermostat anymore… or else.  I had been suspecting foul play for the last few nights and finally solved the mystery early this morning.

My creativity is being sucked up by the design work I'm working fervently to wrap up in the next week or so, and as a result the blog might take a hit, I apologize in advance, please bear with me.  I'm hoping that working my booty off equates to going into labor naturally (and sooner, rather than later).


*- the shirt is Gap maternity, the skirt is Old Navy

new yard = new kitchen desire

Earlier this year we embarked upon a major backyard renovation… sod, new additions in the garden, irrigation, fence, the whole shebang.  Our furry and non-furry friends alike have enjoyed it. 

Penelope in the grass 

Jen and hudson 

LG full size 

Wateringcan small 

My biggest regret: I cannot see the new yard from my kitchen window.  I now want to rip out my kitchen cabinets and line one side of my kitchen with windows.   

As I was catching up on blog reading last week I came across this post by Things That Inspire regarding "Vanishing Tresholds"… in essence a lack of separation between inside and outside.  Thankfully our home has lots of windows (just not exactly where I would have placed them)… but when I saw this image (below) I'll be honest, I cringed with jealousy.

The cliche term "bringing the outside in" is nails-on-a-chalkboard to me, and I'm not quite sure why… perhaps because it's tossed around on poor design shows on TV?  But there is something to be said for these windows.  I think Vanishing Treshold is a genius term… and I'd like to rip the treshold out of my own kitchen now, so I can see my green grass and garden blooms.  Things That Inspire didn't coin this terminology, she found it here at Tara Dillard's blog titled Landcsape Design Decorating Styling : Vanishing Treshold Home Garden Life



Can you see your back yard from your kitchen?  I'm tempted to order new windows today, and start the gutting process this weekend… but this might be taking 'nesting' to a whole new level… which could result in a divorce.  I better hold off. 

Last 2 images above from Things That Inspire.

Nesting News


Nicole over at Kirei Nest did a little interview with moi… on a very relevant topic these days: NESTING.  Nicole, thanks for having me, it sure was fun to think about my favorite and most useful household items!