The word grateful doesn’t seem powerful enough for the feelings abounding my heart these days. 

Friday night I opened a brown paper package.  Inside I found something wrapped in a clothing pattern and a tiny black and white ribbon.  What was inside the wrapping blew me away.  Be still my heart.  Beki knitted Sloane a sweater!  The detail, the time that she must have spent on it, the perfection, the softness and sweetness (I wish you could feel it – it’s 100% cotton and already pre-washed)… mind-boggling that someone I’ve never met face-to-face was willing to spend so much time on something for my daughter… thank you Beki!!!!

sweater from beki

Saturday morning Marla invited us to participate in a photographer gathering she hosts every year.  She organizes a five day get-together, this year there were twenty-four photographers who came for the event.  They share creativity, business advice, and tricks-of-the trade.  They eat at fabulous restaurants, shop, drink lots of coffee, and go the the beach.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?  She offered us a newborn session, Sloane being the star of the show.  I hope we didn’t outwear our welcome, it took Sloane awhile to get into the modeling-mode. 

cf on porch

(photographers above from left to right: Dawn Roberts (Sacramento)Amy Smith (Orlando), & Brandy Anderson aka Fresh Sugar (Calgary, Canada))

cf scp and as

(photographer above: Amy Smith (Orlando))

cf scp on brown blanket

(photographers above from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), (standing) Amy McTeague (Geneva/Chicagoland), Ruth Williams (Dallas), Stacy Wasmuth aka Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), Marla Carter (Santa Rosa Beach))

cf living room

(photographers from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), kneeling Amy McTeague (Chicago), touching my arm Nichol Krupp (Michigan), kneeling on right Stacy Wasmuth Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), standing in green tank Erica Ledrowski (Chicago))

This fabulous house (with great lighting) is one of two that Marla rented in Rosemary Beach for the photographers to stay during their visit.  It was such fun to be surrounded by creative women.  I know Marla had a blast with this group while they were here.  Thanks to everyone for their patience and for sharing your passion and creativity with me and Sloane!!  I’ll share some of the photos soon… I snapped a few, that I’m sure pale in comparison to the pros, but they are still pretty darn sweet.  If you live near any of these talented photographers - I hope you will look them up, they are amazing!!

Sunday we had visitors.  Friends, neighbors, and family… all of whom we love dearly.  Grandaddy is the only great-grandparent who has met Sloane.  He loves her dearly.  He has three daughters of his own… and Sloane’s middle name, Chancy, comes from Grandaddy’s last name.  I think it would be safe to say Sloane is smitten with the great-grandaddy. 

cf scp and granddaddy

Auntie Leah & Uncle Bayn, and Beba & Papa came by too… I should have put on some makeup (new moms are allowed to look tired, right?)

cf leah and e

My Mom is here and for that we are so very grateful.  She can get Sloane to burp when Chance and I have exhausted all resources.  She talks to Sloane as if she understands every word… which warms my heart.  She helps in the kitchen and changes diapers… we are so appreciative.  Sloane loves her too!!! 

cf scp and mom

Chance and Sloane spent a little time outside yesterday afternoon… my heart overflowed at the sight of them together…

cf daddy and sloane in yard


mexican sage

oh, and about the terrihuahuas

I know you dog lovers are wondering how Penelope & Paisley are adjusting to life with a new sister.  The other day while I was nursing sweet Sloane in her room they decided to join us. 

c terriers in bouncy seat

c penelope in bouncy

c double decker dogs

Are they not hilarious?  Allyson, thank you for loaning us your bouncy seat… we promise we will wash it before we return it to you!  I think we need to be on the look out for two more bouncy seats!? 

In other terrihuahua news: yesterday’s mail brought a little terrihuahua tribute… look what Meg sent to Sloane:

onesie from meg

A custom onesie of her canine sisters silhouttes!  There were two other cute hand painted designs along with this one that we also love – thank you Meg!!  And a special thank you to all the other blog readers that have been showering us with lots of love and fun surprises… we are so grateful!!!

{If you are fairly new around here, let me explain that while “terrihuahua” might sound like  a rare (exclusive) mix breed (like a Labradoodle), it is with much pride I must inform you… they are both rescues.  The breed name I made up for them makes them feel like more than a “mutt” (which is a forbidden word in our house).  They are not related, we rescued them a few years apart, but they are both a mix of Jack Russell Terrier + Chihuahua… hence “Terrihuahua”.} 

If you are interested in a Terrihuahua of your own check out: