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From our house to yours… Happy Halloween!!!

give me just a little more time


Sorry for a lack of posts… and thanks to those of you who have checked in on us!  We have had some very challenging last few days… but we are making it.  Please forgive us for our lack of posts?  We hope to get into a routine real soon!

{I don’t have any idea where the image is from… I found it on my husband’s laptop and love it! If you know the source, fill me in!}

helping you help me

MFAMB via desire_to_inspire

Totally unrelated photo, other than the fact that like this woman above I am a mother now.  Her kitchen is awesome.  I like it in all its colorful clutteredness.  I keep coming back to this image looking for new surprises… it’s like a Where’s Waldo photo.  From MFAMB via DTI.

Moving on to the random tidbits on my tired little mind…

1. Those Purex Sheets work.  I was skeptical, but now I’m addicted.  So easy, no mess.  Nice scents.  For big laundry loads (towels) I use 2.

2. Diapers are expensive.  We are going through them at lightning speed.  I would really like to know the cheapest place to buy diapers.  Anyone?   

3. Does anyone use  Is it less expensive?  I spent $200+ on flea and heart worm preventative last week, I know those terrihuahuas are worth it, but seriously - that’s a lot of dough.  Does the stuff you can buy at Target or PetSmart work? 

Thank you in advance for any feedback!  XO