cameraphonetgiving week

[my girl.  10 weeks old.  couple camera phone favorites from this week.]

My Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle is complete and in the fridge.  My pumpkin baby has had her bath and is sleeping soundly in her bed.  I can’t help but reflect on a few things I am grateful for this holiday season. 

  1. God’s grace
  2. good health
  3. a healthy husband (you might recall he survived an epidural hematoma earlier this year)
  4. a healthy baby (who is also pretty darn cute, if I might say so myself!)
  5. that baby’s hair  (all that indigestion was worth it!) 
  6. the smile I receive when I get that sweet angel out of her crib in the morning
  7. the big laughs she gives when I roll my r’s
  8. the leaves that are finally changing to orange and yellow in my backyard
  9. Chance’s “I love you” and kiss every night before bed
  10. Paisley’s funny ears that are so much bigger than her head
  11. Penelope’s need to protect our home (like she’s a pit bull)
  12. my 5x a day phone conversations with Darby
  13. Allison, Paula, and Joan and their devotion to their work and me
  14. my dad, who likes to go early Christmas shopping and then tell you what he bought you
  15. my mom, who likes to talk about paint colors and countertops
  16. my mom, who somehow starts sentences assuming you know what her brain was thinking before she started talking.  her stories are like putting a very difficult jigsaw puzzle together.  it is funny, and she knows it.
  17. my mother-in-law, who makes the best fried shrimp and fried chicken you’ve ever tasted
  18. my mother-in-law, who has always made me feel welcome in her home
  19. my father-in-law, who takes great interest in my garden
  20. my dad, who has already planned Christmas dinner
  21. my dad, who calls and says “I haven’t seen a picture of Sloane today”
  22. twice a week trash pick-up (I know that’s random, but when I forget on Wednesday it is nice to know that the trash men are coming again on Saturday)
  23. black capped chickadees, cardinals, and tufted titmice that are at my bird feeder every morning
  24. my geraniums that are still in bloom, despite the colder temperatures
  25. a coffee pot with a timer, so it’s hot and fresh at 5:30am
  26. Darby calling and asking “how is my baby?” (referring to my baby)
  27. my father-in-law, who loves pecans and always shares them
  28. my husband, who is seriously smart and loves to build, create, and dream up all sorts of things
  29. my nieces and nephews
  30. my sister-in-law, who is compassionate, caring, and really fun to be around
  31. my clients, who are all like family
  32. Pandora and free trials of XM Radio
  33. friends who are understanding when it takes me a few days to return phone calls
  34. work
  35. free fabric memo samples
  36. pumpkin spice candles
  37. grandparents who email
  38. Cousin who currently lives too far away, but will soon live nearer
  39. my hilarious Aunt who calls my mom ”Doctor”,  which makes no sense, but it is really funny
  40. email
  41. those in the military who are fighting for our freedom
  42. freedom
  43. snail mail and email
  44. shelter and food and water
  45. neighbors
  46. old friends and new friends
  47. Google Reader and Facebook
  48. those who leave comments on this here blog
  49. those who just read and don’t leave comments, too
  50. YOU, if you are still reading? 

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all, a good night.

i like it all

rita konig bathroom from domino

Is it weird to think about a stranger’s bathroom?  Rita Konig, I think about your bathroom from time to time.  I like your toilet, a lot.  I think it’s the Toto Lloyd.  And if it is, you are lucky.  A good looking toilet indeed.  I have your same sconces over the desk in my office and I love them.  Your wallpaper is delightful and a nice scale for a little bathroom.  Rarely do I see a room where I like everything.  This is a room where I can honestly say that I like it all.

Good work Rita!


Just browsing the www… and what did I find (at MABelle), Land’s End has a new line called Canvas!  I love it!  I’ll take that sweater in both colors please.  Why is a 100% cotton sweater so hard to find these days?  They are my most favorite kind.  Check out Canvas here.

LE Canvas