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5 dad and bean


11 paigers new overalls


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Here are some snippets from our life these last few days… we are having a really good time at my parent’s farm in Southern Illinois.  We got a dusting of snow yesterday which made everything more festive!!!

Merry, Merry!!

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These are our 2009 Christmas cards!  I couldn’t pick just one, so I ordered three different ones.  I then selected which card I thought the recipient would like the best!  The card wasn’t all my idea.  I knew I wanted a Christmas card and birth announcement combo and I knew I wanted the copy on the photo… and I also liked the idea of a striped blanket.  The rest of the credit goes to Marla… who is super talented, as you likely already know!  The only thing she didn’t create was the baby.  I ran out of cards this year… next year I’ll order more! 

We mounted the photo inside a red envelopment and sealed with our custom terrihuahua silhouette address labels from b.wise papers.  Alston@ b.wise papers has awesome card designs and sticker labels! 


 Hopefully when our friends and family opened their cards this little face brought some Christmas cheer…


From our little family to yours… Merry Christmas!!


Those lights I posted on yesterday.  Do you wonder how it all comes together? 

When the idea came about I did a quick sketch to see if the architect and homeowner thought it might look good too.  So I shot over a quick email… it said “what do you think about adding a collection of lights over the buffet?  Not sure what kind or exactly how many… but here’s the idea:”


They all agreed… so then we fine tuned.  I selected the CX Designs Cristallo lights, I thought that they were not only beautiful but their scale (in a collection) worked best for the space.  And then I did the best I could to draw them to scale in the elevation…  CX-designs-lighting-layout

Then we made it official…


Over the dining table nearby hangs the Cellula Chandelier and I really felt they all worked well together.  This is a more contemporary house and it has been fun working a tad outside my comfort zone.  cellula

So, back to the pendants.  Of course JTE needed to be updated so we sent him revised electrical plan (unlike this shown below his was dimensioned so he knew exactly how to space the lights):


And… one more shot of the finished product (thanks Christine!)

lights on ceiling copyc

And… someone requested a picture of my girl… she’s working with me today… since she has a social security number we’ve put her on payroll and now she is the Executive Lighting Selector in our office.  Can you tell?

bologna copy