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From our house to yours… Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Oh how precious!

  2. Oh my goodness…she is adorable. She looks just like you and Darby. I know you are probably so tired but these days are precious…enjoy them. Happy Halloween!

  3. cute cute cuteness!!! happy first halloween sloane:-)
    i’ll be in touch soon, we are on US ground but destroyed with jet-lag and Diego who has nasty cough. the first few days are always a blur. By Tuesday we should be feeling human again. Have fun tonight…. she gets more adorable with each post!

  4. Happy Halloween to Sloane! She gets cuter all the time. I can’t get over how much she looks like you … especially since Darby’s genes obviously didn’t win out in THEIR family! Love, love, love this picture. Enjoy your blessings every day! Thanks for continuing to check in, even with the pressures of new mommyhood.

  5. Perfect little “BOO” face!

  6. She is adorable!

  7. Oh, my. She is so adorable. She looks like you! and Darby!

  8. I love the deer-in-headlights look! :) She is so adorable!

  9. So cute! Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  10. Oh my, how precious! That really made me smile :)

  11. Carol Ann says:

    Happy First Halloween to Sloane and her cute parents…

  12. Oh Erika, She’s adorable!!!

  13. My goodness, I don’t know if I can handle all of the cuteness! Have a wonderful first Halloween Sloane!!

  14. Those eyes! Gorgeous.

  15. and the two shall become a onesie, pure LOVE!

  16. Awww…she is so sweet! I love those little lips! She’s adorable, Brookie! Happy Halloween!! Love and miss you! XO

  17. Too cute!!!

  18. Your daughter is so beautiful! Thank you for the suggestion about the miracle blanket. We have son that that was born two weeks after Sloane and since we bought the blanket, he is sleeping like a dream!

  19. If she gets *ANY* cuter I am jumping in the car to come squeeze her!! Look at her fuzzy hair!! Oh how I miss that. She is adorable. Got your email – have been meaning to respond. :) Got caught up.

  20. WOW! She is just precious!!! Happy Halloween!

  21. Love it, she’s getting chunky!! Happy Spookies Chica! xoxo

  22. That HAIR!!! She’s so adorable.

  23. BOO TO YOU! xx

  24. She is too adorable for any words. Just think how perfectly wonderful the up-coming holidays are going to be with this special little girl.

  25. So precious! Happy Halloween!

  26. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Such sweetness! The cutest ‘lil pumpkin!

  28. Oh she is so cute. Happy 1st Haloween with Baby Sloane!

  29. adorable!

  30. She is too flippin adorable!!!

  31. What a sweet girl – hope you and your little family had a great Halloween!

  32. ahh, what a doll!

  33. This made me laugh! She is so cute!

  34. LOOK at all of that HAIR! Too cute!

  35. so good to see a post and Sloane! she really look like her mom(lucky girl)

  36. look at that face! so sweet! was Daddy boy scaring her or were you asking her to choose curtain fabric, that can be so scary too.

  37. It’s a “treat” to see your little one. Keep us posted.

  38. hAa!! i have many baby pictures of fiona with this exact same expression!! so cute. boo indeed.

  39. Precious!

  40. erika, she is SO adorable! that is the perfect tiny baby halloween expression. the pic of the two of you on the sofa is a stunner. enjoy these sweet days with her as they go by quickly. the good news is – it just keeps getting better!

  41. she is a total doll!!!!!1

  42. she is a total doll!!!!!

  43. Beautiful girl! Hope S had a Happy 1st Halloween!

  44. such a beautiful baby.

  45. aww, she’s a lil cutie pie :)

  46. She’s so cute and tan!

  47. Aww, she is so pretty!! Looks like she has great hair too!

  48. Look at that beautiful skin and big eyes! She’s going to be a beauty for sure.

  49. That is SO not a scary face ;)

  50. Oh baby… don’t do that to me! You scared me to death. You are so incredibly precious I could eat you through my screen! I love your hair and your lips. Tell your mom to give you a kiss from your MommaSis!

  51. Haha, sweet picture!

  52. Love the expression – too cute!

  53. That couch is rad.

    And that baby is more tan than than I am/have been/ever will be. Ugh…I hate you beach people!

  54. Ahhhh…. she is the cutest pumpkin!! xoxox

  55. Your baby is tanner…and prettier than me. that makes me feel sad for myself but very happy for you!

    she is a doll!

  56. I have been following you blog with interest. Hope your first halloween was a good one!

  57. soooo cute!! are her eyes brown or blue?

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