breaking news

No, my water didn't break.

Sharpie now makes their Sharpie Pen RETRACTABLE!



This was the only pitfall to their pen… people like me forget to put the lid back on. 

Problem solved!

I haven't scored one yet, but next time I head to town this is on my list! 


  1. You just made my whole day…

  2. Erika, you are adorable!! I love your posts and hope you’ll continue when the baby arrives. Best of luck!

  3. Ok, you just tricked us, but this looks cool anyway. Good luck!

  4. aah! I love the Sharpie Pen…this is like Sharpie Pen 2.0! I am going to get one today!

  5. I love these pens but I also love you and hope that your very pregnant self has a sweet baby soon! I am coming to Grayton Beach tonight and I would LOVE to see you if you are around tomorrow. Send me an email if you will to and let me know if you are available. I can run by your office or your house! Much much love!

  6. Stay away from the blue pens though. More like baby blue… sadly just not dark enough to be taken seriously. Fun to color with though just looks faded.
    Black is the new blue for me.

  7. i wish these were cuter. they look disproportioned

  8. This is so crazy, because my co-worker and I were literally JUST talking about how I was disappointed that my sharpie pen dried out b/c I left the cap off. What a timely post!

  9. i was thinking the same thing when i picked up a pack the other day. nice to know i can get me some retractable ones now!

  10. Love Em!!!! Must admit I fell for the title.:)

  11. shut UP!! retractable. i didn’t see them last night when i picked up a brand new pack (thanks to my child finding my other one and splitting the perfection that is the fine tip. ugh.
    and…i tracked you down this morning. be ready to receive next week. that’s all i’m saying. and the funny thing is that i mention the sharpie pen. i’m a little dorky.

  12. You need to buy that pen right quick – they are awesome! They’re much smoother than the other Sharpie pens. They’re my new favorite. I wish they came in fun colors though.

  13. You stinker. I was thinking. . . “Breaking!!” Hang in there, my friend!!

  14. :) I saw the commercial the other day and thought of you. I was at Wally-world today and didn’t see them.

  15. Tease. ;)

  16. i got nervous. great pen.

  17. warning warning!! don’t toss them in your purse or bag. i’ve tried several of the retractable ones and the button always seems to get pushed, exposing the sharpie end, thus ruining my bag. it took two purses for me to throw them away! i do LOVE the sharpie PEN … doesn’t bleed and fine tip.

  18. These are GREAT for baby books…don’t bleed through and dry fast so you can turn the page and keep on filling in all the cute things your baby girl will be doing! best wishes in the upcoming days!

  19. I HEART Sharpie pens!! I probably have at least 10 – 15 of them… so this breaking news is truly thrilling to me! I think I will buy some of these fancy retractable sharpies this weekend perhaps.
    Hoping and praying for a safe delivery for you…

  20. ohhhhhhh retractable! I’ll be headed to Wallyworld today…..Thanks for the heads up!!!

  21. I just picked up the sharpie pen a few weeks ago and was just thinking this the other day! Thank you so much for letting me know I should be on the lookout when I got to Target!!!

  22. Booo! I thought it was baby news.

  23. You’re officially crazy.

  24. The pen is perfection and you are a tease!!!

  25. not the breaking news we were expecting, but i will definitely give these pens a try! thinking of you and baby!

  26. oh….i thought your water had broke too.
    i hope you’ll share some pics of what you’ve been working on.

  27. Katie Kelly McCormack says:

    from one designer + mom to another–
    just bought these pens and love them. one less thing to remember!
    all the best and take good care-

  28. Okay so I have to tell you that after reading you post about the sharpie pen. I went out and bought some, because I to have the need to find the perfect pen. I am loving them, and then today I saw a commercial for the retractable sharpie pen! Weird, I think after seeing your post it is fate that I go and buy some of the retractables. : ) P.S. I love your blog, it’s such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  29. E-R-I-K-A!! I just got home and saw the post. I thought no way, could she be typing as she is in labor?! You are too funny! Hugs my friend. xoxo

  30. This is such great news! I have been meaning to try the new sharpie pen and the fact that it wasn’t retractable was holding me back! I love the retractable Sharpie’s!!! Thanks for spreading the word!

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