bump. before and after.


Marla took this last week.  There it is folks… me, my baby, and my twin sister who is not pregnant.

My baby has been in the oven for 27 weeks… I really like her a lot already.  I hope feelings are mutual.

Thank you Marla for taking this picture.  You rock.


  1. Great picture..Can’t wait to see the nursery! Have you thought of any names yet?!

  2. lovely!

  3. I’m so glad you clarified that I wasn’t pregnant. :) Love your bump. It’s really sweet and it’s only going to get bigger!

  4. You look really great – both you and Darby do, as always :)

  5. Nevermind… you’re saying I’m the before. I get it now. I was like, well… where’s the before? Duh! My kids have sucked my brain and boobs dry.

  6. LOVE the picture!!! Happy belated birthday!

  7. FABULOUS picture! I’m a huge fan of the blog (and your sister’s!)and I am about 1/2 a week ahead of you pregnant with my second. Being my second pregnancy, I don’t look NEARLY as cute and “all belly” as you do!! Looking forward to seeing the nursery pics.

  8. How beautiful – this is just a wonderful image, especially if it’s personal! Enjoyed the “twins” spread too – looks like a happy childhood :)

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. great picture!

  11. That is a terrific picture – I love your and Darcy’s hands. You think you like her now? Wait until you kiss her downy head.

  12. Priceless. It is beautiful. How special that you have it. I really enjoy both of your blogs. You look great!

  13. Love this so much! I love both of ya’lls blogs and this picture made me smile!

  14. absolutely adorable

  15. Hope you both had a wonderful birthday! Love this darling photograph, what a perfect keepsake!

  16. so special! belly only…you are still adorable! :)

  17. Alcea Abla says:

    Such a special photograph! Hope you two had a terrific time celebrating your birthday this past weekend.

  18. Rachel P. says:

    The three of you are breath-takingly beautiful.

    AWWWWWWWWWWW – I can’t stand this! It’s all too adorable – I could burst!! Cant wait for this baby girl to get here and I wonder what you are going to name her. I’ll bet her name or middle name is going to be your twin’s name!!! hehe!!!
    you are just too cute for words.

  20. Sara (Scheu) Huie says:

    You guys are so cute, especially your little bump! She’s one lucky little girl to have you as a momma!

  21. Even more beautiful than that last beach house! You three look great!!!!!

  22. This picture brought tears to my eyes! I love it! It’s precious.

  23. so beautiful! i wish i had a sister..sniff sniff::
    seriously, yall are amazing..cant wait to see the nursery and your bump as it GROWS!

  24. oh, how precious. erika, that bebe is so special. can’t wait to hear all about that little punkin!

  25. Ah speechless…
    So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Such a great shot!!! Happy birthday to you and your sis!

  27. And PS…and seeing this makes me want to be pregnant again! Enjoy this special time!

  28. This picture is so, so beautiful.

  29. Great Picture! I love it! I’m having a little girl in September too! Enjoy your blog!

  30. you are the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen! :-)

  31. Allyson says:

    So sweet!! Love you and your baby! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  32. Absolutely precious:) XOXO

  33. What a sweet sweet pic! Love it!

  34. Becky Brodbeck says:

    Yay! so happy to see a picture of your precious baby bump! Beautiful- Babies are a blessing from the LORD! So happy for you!

  35. it does not get any more precious than that…fabulous picture, of all three of you! Marla is incredible, she’s got a simply amazing eye.

  36. WOW. That’s a great shot. You need to print that BIG. I love both blogs. You’re relationship is really special.

  37. p.s. the photo makes me want to be pregnant again too.

  38. Gosh — incredible photo and you can feel so much personality and emotion from it. You look gorgeous!!

  39. I read your blog all the time and have never commented…you seem to have so many comments that I’m not sure that mine would be any different than the others, but – I HAD to comment on this beautiful picture! It seriously put a knot in my throat..so very sweet. BTW, daughters are the best:-)

  40. What a sweet, beautiful picture! Having babies is definitely a blessing — I have three, and there is nothing like it in the world!

  41. You look gorgeous Mama! This picture is so touching, I love it.

  42. that picture is so sweet!! I love it :)

  43. Alison Todd says:

    Precious!!! It’s all baby too!!! Happy belated Birthday!! I’m certain you and your sissy had a fabulous weekend celebrating.

  44. You girls are just too cute.
    I recently found your blog and I am so inspired! Thanks for sharing with us.

  45. Marla captured such a beautiful moment here. It is so precious. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ little babe!
    Just got back from Mejico and am catching up on life!

  46. beautiful picture…..awesome!
    happy belated birthday

  47. Elizabeth says:

    This picture is priceless! I adore reading both yours and Darby’s blogs!! You are both so inspiring! Good luck with your pregnancy!

  48. Gorgeous, and most special!

  49. What a precious photo. You have so much joy to look forward. Nothing compares, enjoy!

  50. how INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS!!! so happy for you!

  51. what a special picture. your little girl will love seeing that one day!

  52. That is beautiful!

  53. what a gorgeous photo, erika!

  54. What a beautiful picture. I can’t wait to meet her and I’m not even related!
    s (& j)

  55. Oh my goodness, this photo is LOVELY!
    What a sweet little baby bump, and what a truly exciting time! :)

  56. Very sweet photo!! I love how D is touching your tummy and baby. xoxo

  57. Awww great and special photograph too!

  58. She has your… eyes? Okay, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see.

  59. That makes me want to cry…I am going to order the first belt for Jeremiah ASAP! Thanks!

  60. Wow, you are going to treasure this! Soooo sweet. Marla is awesome as always.

  61. hi E- I am in Louisiana and not really blog reading but of course I had to come see what you have been up to and so glad I did. This is a beautiful and precious picture. Hope you had a great birthday. xo

  62. That’s such a great photo! I love how it focuses on the belly :-)

  63. OMGoodness! i was hoping to get a glimpse of this in real life first but i couldn’t resist peeking here and it was worth it. you are TOO cute!!! aaaah! now i even more so can’t wait to see you. we will be down there next week. i think on Thursday. must. get. together. xx

  64. so beautiful! You will treasure this picture forever, no doubt!

  65. how sweet!

  66. what an amazing photo… full of love! Can’t wait to meet your precious baby girl. You have to be the most beautiful pregnant mom ever!

  67. You’ll need really cute hats for that baby! Congrats again–parenthood is a blast! :)

  68. what an amazing picture! i just read darby’s site and had to check yours…. i was hoping to see a preggo shot. you couldn’t be cuter! love and miss you. xoxo

  69. what a fantastic photo!

  70. posts are very nice.

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