come on fall…

Yesterday it was 92 degrees.  It was disgustingly hot and humid.  I am ready for fall.  This is a place I’d like to spend a long weekend.  I’d drink warm apple cider and bake those little pumpkin cakes I made last year.







[photos by Tony Cenicola from NY Times]


  1. This is so dreamy!!! The exterior of the home is classic and beautiful!!!

  2. just got home from south GA. was very hot and humid there too! and the gnats were out in full force!

  3. Ditto with the temps! I love this house! It is so unique and charming.

  4. lovely but… it is FREEZING in the midwest already. This morning was in the 30′s. I’m not ready for the cold just yet..

  5. It’s been humid and warm where I am, too… Sigh. I love the exterior shot and that room with the pretty painted floors…


  6. I am jealous of those temps! It is snowing here in Iowa today!! Yes snowing in early October, brutal. I would give almost anything for 90 degrees. Love that house though.

  7. Yes, PLEASE!! Oh that fireplace and the boots that look like they’ve just come inside from some chilly air! And how AMAZING is that whole wall of built ins with the dishes???

  8. Oh the storage in that last picture is wonderful. I covet it! Kisses to baby Sloane.

  9. I love the globe room. I have been on the hunt for a globe for our apt.

    Moving from TN to Boston, we are enjoying our first real fall and fearing every day that it gets closer to winter.

  10. Greetings from Morocco! I was just enjoying catching up on your blog! Your birth story is so sweet and I’m pretty sure that you have the most well captured birth EVER! Gorgeous photos- really!

    We do not really get to see Fall here in Morocco but we are heading to Paris and Copenhagen next week so I cannot complain. Hopefully we will get to see lots of changing leaves!
    Best wishes!

  11. the room with the turqoiuse paint is AWESOME!!!

    you and your sweet baby are just beautiful. i love new babies. i would freeze time also if possible. keep that new baby little for a few months longer than they are.
    it just goes so quick!

  12. Oh, I just love the wonderful cottage in the pictures. Neutral, with sassy color. Thanks for the great post of inspiration.

    BTW, be careful what you wish for, Dallas has just had a whipping cold front come through. I will have to cover my newly pedicured toes with socks and boots. It is coat and sweater weather.

  13. the other day i washed the car and steam was coming off of it – woohoo October!

  14. I’ll go there with you… when can we leave?

  15. you and me both!!! this place is just exacatly what has been turning me on lately.
    and yes, it was hot as balls here yesterday too!

  16. I saw this in the NY Times and instantly fell in love. Isn’t it the perfect autumn home. I could move right in.
    Love the recent photos of sweet Sloane. Wishing you cooler temps. It’s cold and already dark- fire in the fireplace.

  17. Me again… after checking out your cute acorn cakes, I went right to the W.S. website and ordered that pan. How great for Halloween and Thanksgiving. THANK~YOU!

  18. I’ll trade you the heat and humidity for my freezing temperatures and snow flurries here in Denver. The arctic cold arrived too soon this year!

  19. Yessir-ee – that would work JUST fine!

  20. I’m loving that home! Very charming!

  21. oh erika, me too! we had our first fire of the season tonight while watching football. boy do i wish it were snowing outside, or rather ever snowed outside. :)

  22. I’m with you! It only just dropped from the 90s to the 80s last week here in the desert. What I wouldn’t give to see some fall colors from the windows of that charming home! I’m dying over the room with the map and globe. SO great.

  23. I LOVE that little cottage, styled so elegantly too………….

  24. You always find the best spots that make me want to run away from home to.
    Of course, I would run back home with lots of ideas and things to blog about…lol.
    Happy Autumn, shall I send a box of leaves down your way!

  25. Chicago is the place for you! We built a fire last night! Sooo cozy! I showed Lauren pictures of Sloane and she kept saying how precious she was…so sweet. Baby Kourtney was precious as well. Hopefully I’ll be down soon!! I can’t wait to see you and Sloane!! Love you!

  26. I am also a Floridian who is TIRED of the freaken hot weather. 93 on my back porch today (in the shade ). I put my “fall” tablecloth, in the breakfast room in an effort to “fake myself out”. It didnt work…..I did go in the pool, however.

  27. Wow, what awesome punches of color. Yes it looks dreamy and I’d sit at your kitchen table with my cup of coffee and have a piece of that pumpkin cake you are talking about.

  28. I feel your pain. I lived in Florida this time last year.

  29. I love it.

  30. Alison Todd says:

    Dear Erika, You are more than welcome to trade homes with me. October should be warm to me; afterall, I am a southern girl. We returned home (Michigan) from the south last night and right now it’s 43 degrees. We have turned the heat on. :( Let me know when you want to trade. :)

    xo, Alison

  31. This cottage is so lovely! I absolutely love everything about the map room!

  32. Who makes that gorgeous teal paint and where could I buy it? LOVE IT!

  33. we had some teaser rain. but now we’re back to hot sunny LA! it’s overrated when you just want to cozy up inside.

  34. we’re in south florida, so i feel your pain. although, i have to admit that i was shocked when my husband informed me that the city in north florida that we’re relocating to dips to frigid temperatures under 50 degrees in the winter! under 50 degrees?! wha?!

    just found your blog, and i’m completely taken with the stunning imagery.


  35. My sister shared your blog with me today and I love it!
    Thank you!

  36. my husband and i are building. this house is the perfect side house to build quick and live in while we think through the next phase… granted it will be more simple on the inside than this at first… but you have to start somewhere… THANKS FOR ALWAYS PROVIDING INSPIRING POSTS.

  37. ps… are those concrete floors in the third picture?


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