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I absolutely adore these paintings… I can't take it!   




Paintings by Holly Farrell 

via Absolutely Beautiful Things :: via Wide Open Spaces


  1. those are PAINTINGS? That’s amazing…when I first looked at them I thought they were pictures!

  2. Those are pretty amazing, I thought they were photographs!

  3. Are these something you can buy? They are amazing!!

  4. No kidding, can I buy those somewhere? I might eat them they are so cute!!

  5. So amazing! I love the selection of books they chose to paint.

  6. Oh I know – I’m such a fan of her work! Hey, can you spare some creative thoughts? :) Please see my post – thanks!

  7. love love love these! I seriously thought they were photos at first glance.

  8. I love those!

  9. WHAT… PAINTINGS! Oh my gracious… I’ll take one of each!

  10. i had to read it like 3 times… i can’t believe those are paintings!!!! amazing!

  11. amazing, love the vintage look of these books!

  12. lovely!

  13. Oh I love these. At first I didn’t even realize you were talking about the images of the books. I thought those were real books.
    What beautiful paintings.
    I must have these.

  14. Such simple things, and they are lovely as a painting. I also like her flipper paintings on her website!

  15. what a lovely atmosphere.

  16. I had to look closely to see that they were paintings….how perfect framed in a library!

  17. those cookbook paintings would look neat in a kitchen…hard to believe those are paintings and not pictures!

  18. I can’t believe these are paintings! That is insane…they are perfect.

  19. WOW, these look like real books! Amazing and beautiful! xoxo

  20. Oh wow wow wow. Love these!

  21. I saw on Darby’s blog that today’s the big day! How exciting! :) Can’t wait for your post! I still have another month until I find out and it’s killing me! Especially since at my 12 wk ultrasound my doctor said he thought he saw something between the legs – but who finds out the sex at 12 wks?! So now I’m just more curious :) Praying that the baby’s healthy and you’re able to see if it’s a boy or girl today!

  22. What amazing, amazing talent.

  23. thank you so much for sharing this on your site! sadly I had to change my RSS feed and the old link doesn’t work any longer. If you would like to update it, here it is:
    thank you again!
    love, Emily

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