Did I mention she has a name?

You may have to click to enlarge the picture…


Sloane Chancy is her name and we absolutely cannot wait to meet her. 

My very talented friend Marla has done 3 maternity sessions for me this summer.  Summer is her busiest season and I am so grateful she squeezed me in.  I have only seen a few of the pictures she has taken and yesterday I found this photo in my in box… she took this last week. 

And then a few minutes later she sent this:



For the first part of the photo session I had on cute dresses then Marla said, “Go put on your uniform, it’s only right to document you in those Gap pants and a Target tank top!

I am looking forward to these next few days before my daughter arrives.  I need some down time and plan (hope) to take it easy.  This morning before work I got in the bath tub and didn’t want to get out… I think that’s a sign that I need a little more rest? 

The nursery isn’t 100% complete yet… that is okay.  My clients and my work have been on the front burner these last few weeks.  I’ll have time to finish the nursery up once the little girl arrives.  I promise I will post pictures when it is complete! 

Happy LABOR Day weekend!  You know the moon is full tonight…. hmmmm….


  1. Beautiful Name, and gorgeous pictures!! Relax as much as you can in these last few days. I have a two year old little girl and she is just the best thing that’s ever happened to me, good luck!

  2. Oh how I loooove these precious photographs! In case I wasn’t already excited enough about seeing you this weekend now I really cannot wait!

  3. oh my, I knew it would be a fab name and I was right!!! i AM PRAYING FOR YOU ALL. XXOO

  4. What sweet pictures! Beautiful name…..Beautiful family! Blessings to all of you!

  5. kate salenfriend says:

    congrats! but please, please, pack a bag… every body thinks that labor just goes on and on and on because that’s what they had. News flash: in a car, out for a drive, water breaks, 2 hours later, baby. No time for packing! Are you crazy? Get thee to the hospital asap and why wait till the last minute? To add hysteria to crazy?
    Just sayin…
    sign me…the voice of experience (or…mom with 3 babies, all 1 hour or less labor)

  6. Love the photos. Aren’t personal photos just the best art? I think you’ll be meeting Sloane tonight.
    Best Wishes!

  7. I hope you go soon, erika! “Her” name is beautiful. She is such a blessed little pumpkin to have such loving parents. Thinking about you and praying for an easy delivery! Labor Day… how perfect would that be?

  8. Beautiful name and sweet photo! Enjoy some rest and relaxation. God bless you and your growing family!

  9. Wow. I want to cry. I can’t even stand it.

  10. LOVE the name. She will be such a beauty, just like you! Happy LABOR!

  11. Sloane ! I love it!!!! too cute, just like you. full mooon! I had Elisabeth three weeks late, (uggg) on a full moon. The labor unit was FuLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two days later it was empty. so weird. It’s true! maybe this weekend!!! yeah! take that shirt off. hehe!!!

  12. What a sweet pic and what a lovely name. Hope the full moon entices a little lady to make her appearance soon!

  13. Sweetest pictures, even sweeter name… Hope it’s a very special labor day weekend for you guys!

  14. eringianni says:

    oh i love it! the name, the photos, your maternity uniform… the whole lot! seeing the full moon last night was incredible, would be a very poetic moment to give birth to a beautiful baby girl! wishing you and chance all the best in this special moment. love and kisses from italy

  15. Love the name Sloane and Chancy as the middle name is very sophisticated yet sassy. ha! Congratulations a little early! I think it won’t be too long. Cracking up that Joni said to take off your shirt.

  16. Love the name and the photos! Enjoy your last few days of rest.

  17. Darling name and pics!

  18. Awesome name. I wanted to name my daughter that bit chickened out. Good luck!

  19. love the pics! that second one cracks me up.
    good luck with everything.

  20. Good luck and praying for a healthy delivery……
    Love her name!
    Remember, as a mother of five boys my one word of advice is….”Mr.Epidural can be your best friend.”
    Beautiful photos.
    God Bless~

  21. great name! adorable. happy LABOR day weekend! and rest up you will need it in spades here shortly.

  22. E- I love the name and that picture of you all is precious! Put your feet up and have a great weekend! XO

  23. What a beautiful name – baby Sloane! I can see her in your arms any day now! And, my due date was over a full moon weekend, and I didn’t have that luck. The maternity ward was actually very empty – the next week, it was FULL. So, who knows! Can’t wait to hear the news – please rest!!! Will be praying for a safe and healthy delivery any day now!

  24. Sloane, how beautiful and unique! It’ll be so neat to finish the nursery AFTER she comes so you can add touches that have your ‘after’ feelings. Hmmmm full moon and Labor day coming…..? ;0)

  25. what amazing shots!!
    when i first saw the one of ya’ll kissing i thought…hmmm…she’s alot taller than i thought or hmmmm she married a shorty…. then i realized you were on that little stool…..oh too cute!!!
    beautiful name
    best wishes!

  26. The pictures are SO cute/beautiful!! Oh Marla is SO GOOD! AND YOU ARE SO CUTE!! Love you on the stool!!

  27. Love, love the name! Good luck these last few days …

  28. That is the sweetest thing! I adore the name tag photo and you will love looking back at those in years to come. all the best!

  29. Ooooh my friend the photos are breath taking! I love the name- perfect for your beautiful daughter. Have a nice long weekend and try to REST. I think you will be needing it as the days get closer. Sending you all many hugs from our corner to yours. xoxox

  30. I love it! It’s a beautiful name and I have no doubt she will be a beautiful baby! I’m so excited for you. Love the photos… Hope Sloane makes her entrance soon!!
    Take care,

  31. Love the name!!!! Cannot wait to meet her!

  32. love the name! Hope you have a little time to relax. Oh, and the photos are gorgeous!
    war eagle!

  33. Love these, you look wonderful! Enjoy your weekend.

  34. Sweet Sloane! I Love it!!! Marla is so fabulous, these photos are amazing!!!
    Enjoy your rest!! xxx

  35. You look so gorgeous! Love her name too! Rest, rest, rest. Happy Labor Day weekend to you too!

  36. What a wonderful, perfect name for this gorgeous little girl to be! Could you be any cuter with that belly??? The photos are fabulous!
    Have a wonderful long weekend (and think jumping jacks, *time* with your husband (wink), and spicy food!!!)

  37. Erika-so excited for you guys! Sweet pictures. Praying all goes smoothly!

  38. love the pictures and love her name! Can’t wait to see pictures of Sloane :)

  39. Just beautiful!! REST, Erika!! LOVE YOU!!

  40. OMG I LOVE the stool! What a great punchline in the photo. All the best to you.

  41. These are AWESOME!! Go, Marla. I can’t even stand the suspense.

  42. BEAUTIFUL name, BEAUTIFUL pictures… and the best is yet to come… the arrival of your BEAUTIFUL baby girl. :) p.s. Good idea on your friend/photographer’s part – wearing your “uniform” – looks great in these shots!

  43. What a wondeful name. I have no doubt she will be as beautiful as you are!

  44. You are too cute! Love the name!

  45. taylor brown says:

    awesome name!!!
    can’t wait to “meet” her!
    adorable photos!

  46. thank you louisa!!!!! :)
    On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 9:48 AM, wrote:

  47. Good luck. . .
    Here’s a draw up of what your girl should wear based on the most popular Sloane of all time:

  48. It’s so weird, you just left me a comment while I was visiting you here! This post put a huge smile on my face. The picture of you and Chance is so wonderful. The name you chose for your daughter is perfection. I can’t wait to meet her too!
    Thank you for all of your comments on my blog, Erika. Your support has been such a gift.
    I will be thinking of you during these next couple of days. Enjoy them. You are about to go on a fantastic adventure.

  49. oh good luck!!!! beautiful pictures and a beautiful name. enjoy the birth- my 2 year old’s was one of my favorite days ever…

  50. Those pictures are about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I wish I had done pictures like that. I have 4 boys, and am 90% sure we won’t be trying for a girl… I am so jealous I missed my chance.
    You are simply stunning!

  51. What beautiful photos and what a sweet name! I love how unique it is (and how you used part of her daddy’s name!)

  52. beautiful name.
    beautiful pics.
    best wishes…

  53. Elizabeth Sloan says:

    Beautiful pictures…absolutely beautiful. LOVE the ‘my name is…’ nametag! And REALLY love that baby girl’s name is Sloane!!

  54. i thought you’d like that… she cant wait to meet her auntie Sloan!!!
    Miss you!!!
    On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 9:05 PM, wrote:

  55. Sister,
    Apparently I missed this post in my reader so glad I happened to stop by tonight! I love little Sloane more than anything already! Come quick little girl your MommaSis’ wants to get her lips on your sweet face!!

  56. I love the name! And the pictures are so cute. I had a friend come over and take pictures when I was pregnant with my daughter and I still love them.
    Good luck! It’s kind of exciting though, isn’t it…not knowing how its all going to go down? She is going to be absolutely beautiful.

  57. I started reading your blog early in your pregnancy, and I love it. I cannot wait for when you share your bundle of joy with all of us! Every new post I wonder if she’s finally arrived, and every hiatus I wonder if you’ve been ‘busy’.
    I wish you the best in labor! It can be such a blessing–the experience itself, not just the wonderful outcome.

  58. love it all!! The name and photos!! you are like the cutest pregnant person ever. how fun would it be to go into labor on labor day!!! it would be neat to see God’s sense of humor on that one. Is Sloane Chancy a double name or a first and middle?

  59. Frances Haines says:

    These photos are amazing…your photographer is an artist at what she does so brilliantly…capturing love on film! The name you chose for your little girl is so unique, and yet reminds us of the coolest girlfriend from the eighties coolest film…but I’m sure you picked it because it’s classic, unforgettable, and that makes it hip and fresh at the same time…just like your designs. My best friends babies came calling on Saturdays when they weren’t due until Tuesdays…and yes, ma’am…they were both born during magical full moons…you never know!! Praying for you all daily…Mary Frances

  60. I just realized that my comments could come off as rude!!! Sorry! I meant that I can’t stand how beautiful the name and the pictures are!!! Oops!!!

  61. oh my goodness! Those pictures are precious! I love Marla – does she come to Atlanta? Can’t wait to see this precious baby girl – we had a little girl 8 months ago after two boys and I could eat her UP! Enjoy these last few days of resting but just know the best days are yet to come! (as hard as they may be!) Praying for you!

  62. So sweet….you, Chance and the baby’s name!

  63. Ohhhhhh, I adore that name! Sloane was a contender for us until we found out he was a little dude!

  64. You’re very lucky to have such an amazingly-talented friend to document this precious time. (But, you knew that already ;)
    Beautiful name, too!

  65. Erika, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment on my blog – I truly appreciate it! Great photos and wishing you all the best with your new baby!

  66. Very cool name. Can’t wait to see pictures of the little girl!

  67. awesome pics & I love that name!!`

  68. Thanks for sharing her name with us! It’s beautiful and so are you!

  69. Fabulous photos and you both are beaming! Love it. Tried calling a few nights ago to catch you before Baby Sloane gets here. Sending you hugs!

  70. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love it. I’m sure you’re going to make a fantastic mother and I’m so happy for you and your husband! Congrats…hope she’s here soon!

  71. Gorgeous pics! Now, relax!! Enjoy the last few days as a family of two! So excited for yall!
    Love, Jenn Simp

  72. monique is right! i’ve loved the name sloane ever since ferris bueller’s day off. perfect name. she will be charming =)

  73. oh what a beautiful name and gorgeous shots!!! i keep checking your blog for the arrival. can’t wait to see her! :)

  74. Such lovely pictures! What a sweet family you have! Sloane is one lucky little lady!

  75. What a beautiful name and what a lucky girl to have such beautiful parents!

  76. Cute name! Her first name is my daughter’s middle name. =)

  77. Beautiful!

  78. Becky Brodbeck says:

    Hey Erika,
    I am praying for you! Hope you are able to relax and enjoy the last few days before Sloane arrives! Love the name, so sweet!!

  79. Wow I love that name! Your photos are great as well. Good luck.

  80. Marla is so good! Love the bottom picture!

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