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  1. She is so adorable! What a wonderful birth story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a precious picture – I just love pictures of babies with their daddies! She is beautiful!

  3. I love y’all and this pic so very much!! Sending our love.

  4. ADORABLE!!!

  5. OMG…beautiful!!! This picture made me smile from ear to ear. She is charming and sooooo alert.

  6. what flipping awesome hair!!!!!

  7. I can’t get over her head full of hair. She is beautiful! I know you are enjoying this blessing from our Lord.

  8. She looks like her Mama!

  9. Thanks for the birth story. I read every word and cried tears of joy. What a celebration.

  10. She’s so beautiful, Erika!

  11. Precious. Thanks for sharing!

  12. gorgeous.

  13. This photo came up just as my 4 yr old daughter walked in. She took one look and said “ooooh that baby is sooo cute, I like that baby mom!” She is right, how darling!

  14. What a beautiful baby girl!! Thanks for sharing the photo. Hope you are just loving her to pieces :)

  15. Becky Brodbeck says:

    She is beautiful!!

  16. Erika, I’ve been enjoying the heck out of the pictures! So precious, and it’s obvious that you’re already in love.

  17. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Erica, I may have to stop reading your blog. You’re giving me the baby bug and I’m not sure I’m ready! :)

  18. OH. MY. WORD. It does NOT get any cuter than that!!!!! Can I borrow her?? :)

  19. I think I’m getting a case of “the Darby’s” – I just want to cover her in kisses! She is so precious – you and Chance did goooood!!!

  20. So precious! Isn’t it wonderful to watch these men that we love become fathers?

  21. kickymarcia says:

    What a scrumptious little one! It would be impossible to put her down to sleep. Enjoy this precious time with her.

  22. oh my. i am in love. my heart is in a puddle on the floor!

  23. How tender… Thank God for a healthy happy addition to your family.
    Her Daddy’s love will mean everything to her.
    Random question: My sister told me that Mom’s who have babies with full heads of hair almost always have tons of heartburn throughout the pregnancy. In fact she said it was BECAUSE of the heartburn that their hair grows… sounds sketchy to me… Did you have lots of heartburn with Sloane? (really strange question, I know.)

  24. Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous! I love reading you and Darby’s blogs. Both of you are gorgeous so it’s no surprise that all your children are too! Enjoy her (love the name btw!)

  25. She is to die for! How cute is she?! You have officially put my baby fever into motion :)

  26. Aw, what a sweet little face!

  27. i can’t get over her precious full set of hair! she is such a gorgeous little girl and i am sure life has never felt as amazing as it does now that she’s sharing it with you two!

  28. what a cute picture! love her little nose! so sweet! hope you all are doing well and getting some rest!

  29. She’s so beautiful. Congratulations on her safe arrival!

  30. cannot get over her hair. lovelovelove it!

  31. I love all her hair! Adorable. Many blessings to you and your family!

  32. Girl! You’re going to have to start buying some bows for that hair! :-) Adorable!

  33. What a sweetie!

  34. She’s so perfect :) Another sweet girl for her daddy to love!

  35. Oh my goodness! Look at all that hair!

  36. I gasped when I saw that picture! She is absolutely adorable!!! My two girls had a full head of hair and I loved it. Enjoy your time with your new little family :)

  37. That is a beautiful little girl!!!

  38. oh that is the cutest cutest cutest picture. LOVE her expression. Love the angle. Great capture!

  39. almost makes me want another one…but 4 is more than enough!
    I do love the way their little heads smell.

  40. As we say in the south ..”I could just eat her up”.. she is absolutely beautiful Erika-

  41. Precious… can’t wait to see her in December hopefully!

  42. Look at all that beautiful hair!! She is gorgeous!! Congrats! xx

  43. What a beautiful baby!!! :)

  44. Beautiful baby girl and beautiful documentation of her birth in the previous posts. So excited to be a new follower to your blog.

  45. love!

  46. Sarah Baumgartner says:

    Love the full head of hair on babies. What a cutie patootie.

  47. She is just too cute!

  48. Congratulations…the most amazing documentary of Sloane’s arrival, xv.

  49. oh my! that is precious!!

    thanks for sharing the details of your happy day! it brings back lots of memories! [cervadil, stubborn cervix, etc, etc...] so thankful for healthy delivery for both baby and mama!

    she is GORGEOUS!!


  50. Hello Little Erika.

  51. She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your birth story and enjoy that precious little one…they grow up and change so fast!

  52. precious. you are truly blessed. thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  53. OMG! She’s flippin’ adorable.

  54. Beautiful! Her head of dark hair is striking.

  55. She’s so pretty!

  56. I absolutely am thrilled for your little family (even though I don’t really know y’all :) my husband thinks I am crazy! Seriously, Sloane is cute enough to to put her as my screen saver–but then my husband would really think I was crazy!! :)

  57. What a darling picture!!!

  58. she looks just like your sister!!!!! haha!
    she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! awwwwww!!! what a cutie!

  59. Chance and Erika: ya’ll do good work; Sloane is perfect. Congratulations from the Henninger Clan!

  60. Erika, the preciousness of this picture took my breath away!! SOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Laura McQueen says:

    I just want to kiss that wrinkly forhead!

  62. Beautiful sweet baby girl!!!

  63. I said a little prayer for you this morning while walking down Newbury Street in Boston because the Waterworks store you love is now closed. What a bummer. I hope you’re feeling well. Congratulation on the sweet new addition!

  64. She is too precious!!!

  65. She is so cute!

  66. Oh my gosh!!! She’s PRECIOUS!!! Look at all of that hair and how alert she is!!! Hugs!

  67. love the hair. love the tender daddy daughter moment. love the look in her eyes! She is beautiful! Congrats and thank you for sharing the birth story of your little blessing. May she be blessed and the name of Jesus be sweet to her all her days!

  68. omg, that is so cute! i agree with darby i could just kiss her face off. she is precious!!! hope you are enjoying motherhood to the fullest!

    on a different note, are you going to put labels on your new blog? i loved on your last blog if i needed inspiration for bathrooms, kitchen, etc. i could just click on the label. thanks!

  69. Erika! Sloane is so so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the post below, I LOVED reading it! This is such a special time, and even though I won’t see you, I love knowing how blessed you and Chance are – what a great addition to your lives! Give Sloane a thousand kisses from me! There are so many great moments to come and I can’t wait to see the photos! All the best! Molly

  70. What a beautiful handiwork of God!

  71. oh my, she is adorable!!!

  72. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Can I just tell you how much I love her HAIR??? My baby girl is 9 months old with no hair (at least not enough to put a bow in!) and I have tons of bows just waiting! Do I need to send them to you??? She is precious. I loved loved loved the birth story. You did great!

  73. She is Beautiful! Oh my stars Erika, I can’t believe how alert she is AND all that hair. I can see how easy it is to fall in love all over again, she makes my heat skip a beat. Thanks for sharing my friend. xoxo…

  74. She is sooo… Beautiful! Oh my stars Erika, I can’t believe how alert she is AND all that hair. I can see how easy it is to fall in love all over again, she makes my heat skip a beat. Thanks for sharing my friend. xoxo…

  75. oh my word. that precious baby is a daddy’s girl in the making. she’s so beautiful – enjoy kissing that little face. and i hope you’re feeling well!

  76. look at all that hair!!!
    and those eyes….I want to hold her.

  77. Doesn’t it just make you melt?

  78. Look at that fuzzy little head! And those wide eyes…so sweet.

  79. Sloane looks precious, and so alert! Love the head full of hair! And ditto the earlier comment about photos of Dad’s with their babies. :)

  80. Hannah fields says:

    Oh my goodness!! She is SO pretty.

  81. I love your blog!! Your baby is precious and making me have baby fever!

  82. Donna Powell says:

    Dear Erica and Chance, This is one adorable baby. I cannot get over her beautiful eyes, skin, and hair. What a wonderful blessing she will be! Donna

  83. Sloan is gorgeous!! I love her bright eyes.

  84. What an absolutely beautiful little girl. I couldn’t help but notice that Sloane has already given her Daddy a few gray hairs! LOL My husband always blames his on the kids too :-)

  85. perfect little button nose!

  86. sweet, sweet, sweet!!

  87. wow!she’s so pretty!

  88. MY FAVORITE PHOTO YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock that baby up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Oh my goodness….she could no be any cuter:)

  90. Mona Evanochko says:

    I bet under daddy’s hat is hair just like baby girls…
    and she’s got a bad case of CUTENESS!

  91. She is precious Erika! Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful birth and I am so glad she is here happy and healthy! God Bless!

  92. absolutely precious!!!

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