Fire on the mountain, run boys run.

All images from Desire To Inspire.  Which is the first blog I read.  I don’t think I knew what a blog was before I found Desire to Inspire. 

If you are reading through a blog reader (like Google Reader) click through to the BLOG to see these images larger.  I don’t have a fireplace.  :(  It is however, on our long term project list.


  1. I adore Desire to Inspire. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure it was the first blog I ever read, too! Thanks for the cozy images on this cold wintry day. I don’t have a fireplace either. Sigh…

  2. devil’s in the house with the risin’ sun:)

    love that pink womb chair!

  3. I love the wing chairs flanking the fireplace on that cool rug. All great pics!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t heard of this blog and with our new home I will love to use it to get ideas.

  5. I LOVE that first picture….

  6. Are these supposed to go larger when you click? Not working for me, I’d LOVE to see larger. No worries though, you have better things to worry about like that gorgeous little baby. Thanks for posting!

  7. dang, woman! that was an eye candy heavy post for a new mamma!! go you!

  8. let’s catch up soon – what is new in your world? how is the sitter sitch going? i think about and pray for you all the time.

  9. The thumbnails should enlarge when you click on them. Another friend had a problem with them enlarging… she was on a Mac? They open fine on my PC (believe it or not! ;)).

  10. Yours is actually the one of the first blogs I ever read – Thanks to Melissa Sparrow Dunn :) I currently have a mantle sans fireplace, but it’s nice to dream!

  11. Something so cozy and comforting about a fireplace especially this time of year. Sigh….I still see a lot of fireplace walls without art hanging above!

  12. I think, after looking at these, that I realized something about myself. I like the look of modern, but not so much in a fireplace. Traditional mantels are the way for me!

  13. These images make me want to ditch work and cozy up to our fireplace. I believe I’m asking for a trailer full of firewood for Christmas this year!

  14. love this! we have a gas fireplace that I can’t figure out how to use, we have been here 2 years, ha! Also, I am having a giveaway that may you like although I know you have the fabulous Marla so maybe not:)

  15. Yowza Lady! That is a lot of work! Danke!! My fiancee and I are in the process of building our first house right now and just found out we must go gas. I was a little devestated at first over the idea of not having chestnuts on an OPEN fire, but was pleasantly cheered by the selections out there! Baby you da best!

  16. mmm lots of yumminess. I miss having a fireplace!

  17. LOVE those images, LOVE Desire to Inspire………….thank you.

  18. had I checked your editorial calendar I could have made a submission . . . just painted my mantle dark blue (C2 “espionage”) It is so seriously dreamy!

  19. I love that song and it’ll be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Ha! Beautiful fireplaces!

  20. wonderful images — we don’t have a fire place either, but we are planning to build a screen porch on the back of our house, and i asked ben the other day “can’t you just brick in a fireplace on it?” hopefully, we can get some sort of fireplace out there because I love them!

    hope you and the babe are doing well!

  21. Just started my own blog about my 1935 house renovation. Yours was the first blog that I ever read. Thanks for inspiring me!

  22. erika, I love your new blog look to start with but this 3×17 grid is hot (no pun intended given the subject matter). all of these images are great!

  23. We just moved into our new house and it has a FP!! That was one of my #1 requirements, I have used the heck out of it so far and it’s only like 60 in the low’s where I live on the Coast! haha Beautiful inspiring pics!

  24. This is my favorite post! Designing fireplace surrounds is the best part of my career, you ever get a fireplace, you call me. I’ll take care of you :) LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  25. Uhm, fire-pits rock way more than fireplaces.

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