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Sorry for a lack of posts… and thanks to those of you who have checked in on us!  We have had some very challenging last few days… but we are making it.  Please forgive us for our lack of posts?  We hope to get into a routine real soon!

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  1. Erika… Having children are such a beautiful blessing! But, such a challange! I’m a mother of two, wife & I also work full time (my own furniture store & design firm). You think you get into a routine & 1.) your little ones through you off & change the routine, 2.) then your business one ups you & either gets crazy busy or slows down so you have to think of the next challange. Fun (good) times! You just have to learn to be flexable & very easy going. Thank goodness you have family support & love! That’s really what helps me! Stay strong & take one day at a time! Your daughter is beautiful… You’re so Blessed! Good luck!
    xoxo, Alexandra

  2. Hope all is well:)

  3. Have missed you and Sloane- but let’s face it- this is a whole new life-a wonderful new life, but filled with challenges and new things to learn.. We’ll be right here darlin’- whenever the time is right. Don’t forget to take a bit of time for you!

  4. Girlie, you take all the time you need! Your number one priority is your family and that beautiful baby girl. And as much as we’ll miss you and your posts, you’re most certainly entitled to a blog-maternity leave, too!

    Hope all is well.

  5. Thinking about you and hoping everyone is healthy and happy! Sometimes blogs need a break for precious moments, Sloane trumps the laptop anytime. We will just have to accept it! Love you!

  6. Indeed Erika, I check on your blog every morning & think….so happy for her, she’s spending quality gazing time with her beautiful daughter, I do hope all is well & send a quick prayer for you all,so it’s a happy/sad feeling but totally understandable by any mother… please we love you & totally miss you yet we totally understand….so be at peace!

  7. babies are so unpredictable. take as much time as you want and need for you and little sloane. this is the most precious and delicate stage. enjoy every second!

  8. You don’t REALLY think we’d go anywhere, do you?

    Hope less-challenging days are headed your way, and BY ALL MEANS, take the time you need with precious Sloane – we’ll be a ‘waitin when you get your bloggin’ groove back!

    Take Care!

  9. Children change everything don’t they…my dad laughed at me after my first came along bc I would get so frazzled at times- he told me “children are a blessing, and God’s little way of reminding you that you’re not really in control of things – He is!!!” Get “Babywise” – a dear client gave me this book and I applied some of the techniques with both my kids and they were on a routine in no time (nursing, sleep, and all…hang in there and take all the time you need!

  10. Luke’s pediatrician always tells me to go with my heart when making mommy decisions (sleeping, eating, nursing, etc…mommy decisions). I think it’s the best advice I have gotten. I referenced your blog on my blog~the sofa I wanted to order from you, but I couldn’t because of logistics, is in. I love it ♥

  11. No need for apologies! You’re a new mom and you should be savouring those moments with precious Sloane. Work will always be there, the blog will be there too, but the moments you get in that first year will your little one never repeat themselves. Enjoy them. We’ll be here patiently waiting till you get back.

  12. Erica why blog when you need a shower or a nap! Don’t forget to ask for help when you need to. I think mom’s have a hard time doing that because we feel like we are failing somehow if we don’t do it ourselves. I’m an older mom and if I have any regrets it is that I worried to much over the little things and maybe didn’t stop and just enjoy where we were at the time. Praying for you and your husband and of course the wee one.

  13. Thinking happy, peaceful thoughts to Sloane. Perhaps you’d like some of Chicago’s weather? Overcast with light rain in the upper fifties? Light breeze through trees that are anywhere between dark purple, saffron yellow and hot orange. You may know it better as “Perfect Nap Weather.” Good luck lady, she’ll get there.

  14. blogging is mostly about fun, right? so take your time to invest in the important things in life and feel free to update us when you have a free moment. I am sure many, like me, just peek daily to see if there is something new, but we are all patient and understand…………. the moments you are having now are sooooo important and so filled with love. all our best!!

  15. We will still be here, babies come first!! No worries.

  16. Creative Tonic says:

    No one tells you that you hit a wall around 6 weeks….. and even when you find that routine….. somehow it changes and has to be reworked again! Good luck and blessings!

  17. No worries, we’ll be here! And hey, as soon as you get a routine down….they change it! :-)

  18. Oh guys, don’t you worry about not posting!! The main thing is you are all well. Getting to grips with routines is so overwhelming. I remember my first few weeks (hmm…maybe months?) going by in some sleepless,nursing,crazy blur. A blur that involved a very cute baby girl, but a blur nonetheless. You know we all love you guys, and KNOW you need to take time for this major new edition to your lives! And a beautiful, beautiful one she is…Sending love and shoulder massages..

  19. As much as I enjoy your blog, it’s just a blog, not life or death. Just think, your mom, just like me, didn’t have computers to fool with, much less a blog to maintain, when we had our families. And life was fine. If you don’t blog, life will be fine, it’s just a fun extra thing to do when there’s time. Now, you have a precious little human that’s taking up that extra time, sometimes fun, sometimes not.From all of us moms and grandmas, it’s fine, take your time, attend to the important stuff of life. The blog, (and all of us) will wait! You don’t owe us anything! Godspeed to you and your little family!

  20. stay strong. take care of your baby girl, yourself and your hubby. we understand and we’ll all be here waiting with open arms whenever you feel ready! enjoy as much as you can and like many a mother said to me when i first had mine ‘sleep when they sleep’. simple but if you can manage it, might be helpful. xoxo

  21. It will all work out. I 2nd the babywise book advice. Its impossible to apply all the techniques but sometimes all you need is to be pointed in the right direction! Its a great book and has a wonderful troubleshooting section. Motherhood is beautiful and awful, fabulous and scary, amazing and challenging…as much as everyone talks about the highs, its full of low points…especially @ 1st! Just remember, you have become a new person now. Your a mama & you just have to find your groove so you can help sloane find her groove;) God Bless!

  22. I enjoy your posts and am reliving my newborns by reading about you and your’s. yes, it’s a blessing but I never worked so hard in my life! “Upheaval” doesn’t even capture it! One friend’s husband said, “It’s like you have a houseguest and your routines are completely changed. But then, the houseguests never LEAVES!” Upheaval!

    Please know that hormones are like a wave…good mood, not so good mood. Endorphins and oxytocin keep us mellow most of the time, but mood swings are real. Ask for helpful hands with you rbabe so you can take a walk or lie down in a dark room.

    Last tip: babies have ‘growth spurts’ and they nurse non-stop to build up our milk supply. It is natural, normal and can feel endless but will pass. Don’t add formula supplements or our own supply will diminish, mkaing her even more frantic. Hope this helps and doesn’t stress you out further. i just wish someone had told me this stuff years ago…

    Love to you,
    Your 53 year old, veteran mother friend and grandma

  23. It looks like Meadowood in Napa…

  24. Jen Akkaway says:

    Hang in there!! Those first 4 months can be so challenging and wonderful at the same time. I tried so hard to get my little one on a schedule. My husband and I read Babywise and did everything we could to get her on a schedule. Well, nothing worked!! It wasn’t until the fourth month when a wise woman told me to make sure to get her down for naps every 2.5 to 3 hours after waking. We started this routine when she first woke up in the morning. This was the best advice ever!!! We made sure to give her a half an hour of wind down time and then it worked like a charm! Hope this helps…

  25. It ain’t easy! It’s a good thing they are so cute! Hope your angel gets back to her sleeping ways. My baby hotline is open 24/7 (..and I’ve had one of every baby model there is, I think).


  26. Erika – it’s peaks and valleys. I promise it will even out. Maybe even before you get pregnant again.

    I’m kidding.

  27. Were here for ya. Raised 3 boys and retired after working 33 years. Now I am keeping my grandaughter,3, and staying busy and in awe of little girls. Going broke on clothes though. My moms in the panhandle and has nannied half the beach down there. Moms just can’t get enough. Take your time…breath.

  28. Take care E. If sleeping is tough I recommend a miracle blanket. It is a miracle swaddler. xo

  29. Dear Erika – as I am watching my son plan his college applications, I can still recall those early days and the struggles a new mother faces. It can be difficult now as you are going through it and learning from each other. At 4 days post delivery, my milk had not yet come in – baby Chad was screaming bloody murder at the top of his tiny lungs and stretched out stiff as a board in my hands screaming from hunger. I hysterically caved and asked hubby (picture deer in headlights) to go get formula before baby starved to death. He cried himself to sleep before hubby got back, next morning (Father’s Day 1992) mommy milk arrived!! Yay!! You’ll get through it together. God bless…xxx

  30. Take all the time you need. Just remember everything is a stage. I wish someone had drilled that into my head the first few months:) Challenging times will come and go. If you haven’t already, check out “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”. It was a great help to us, recommended by many friends…

  31. Life with a newborn and a business is crazy and then add a blog and it adds more to an already full plate. Why do we think we need to do it all and to multi-task? I wonder how my Mom did it with 7? My Dad worked non-stop to build a business which is still going strong and my parents never complained, still they amaze me. It is great to know that the time you give to Sloane and to your business will always grow.
    Keep the faith. Kisses to that baby girl.

  32. Oh Erika, the fact that you feel the need to apologize makes me want to cry. Your blog is a gift to us all, a gift! I can tell from all the wonderful, heartfelt comments you receive, that everyone’s more concerned with your well-being. I hope that the “very challenging last few days” are just that and not something more serious? I agree with everyone, take your time, we’ll be here when you’re ready.
    Be well,

  33. wow! can you read minds too?? reading your recent blog entries are truly like you read my mind…. i too just had a little girl – our first baby as well. a friend just turned me on to you and your sister’s blogs… oh goodness. they are so fab… so much so- i spend my time feeding with one hand and navigating my computer with the other…love your design business- so much talent! i read the “about” section and looks like we went to the same college- auburn… war eagle to you! anyway, i am sorry to be one of “those”- you know, blog stalker :) so, keep posting- makes me feel better to know there is another new mom out there sharing in my- sleeplessness, idle time at home resulting in redecorating, falling in love with my baby girl, etc….enjoy your time as a new mommy!!

    ps- we like costco diapers and wipes!

  34. Hey Erika- just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog. Keep up the good work!

  35. You’re doing exactly what you should be doing right now…raising your daughter! Life will go back to (somewhat) the way it was before and you will fall back into your old routine. So enjoy this time with her.

  36. Hope you are getting through! You will!!! Happy Weekend!!!

  37. You are so sweet…the MOST important thing is taking care of the little one. The rest will still be waiting. Being a Mommy, wife, chief cook and bottle washer is a HARD job and there are many thankless days. BUT the rewards are great when you see your little one grow into a little person who wants to please and learn to be a good citizen and make good choices. There are many challenges along the way but perseverance does pay off. Our sons are now 24 and 21 (doesn’t that sound like forever away? It’s not!) and they are fine young men and really have never been in trouble (outside the home!).
    There are many days I would take the challenges of having little ones again because I miss them so when they were that age.
    Much love….hugs.
    Renae M.

  38. Keep your chin up, Erika. I’ve had 4 children in 6 years and the first time was the hardest and after that the newborn stuff was not so bad. It’s all so new the first time. You’ll be more comfortable before you know it. I remember crying in bed one day knowing that the baby would need to be nursed soon! It’s tough stuff but you’ll do fine!

  39. Don’t worry about it…enjoy this time. It flys by. :)

  40. Others have already said it, but we’ll wait for you. It’s more important to us that you spend time with Sloane now. And we know you know that already because you sound like you have the perspective and gratitude of a mother with more years under your belt than you really have! Lucky Sloane.

  41. Erika,
    Hope you are all doing well. I keep checking in on you to see more pictures of your beautiful little girl. I know those first couple of months can be a challenge. It’s funny how much harder I thought it was when I just had one! If that’s any encouragement, the 2nd one seems like a breeze! haha Prayers for you, Chance and Sloane. I know you are wonderful parents. She’s one lucky little girl.

  42. Kathy Linder says:

    E, Just checked your blog and realized you may be a bit busy right now. Give me a call if I can do anything to help. Have a little something for precious baby Sloane. Look forward to meeting her soon. love, k

  43. congratulations, welcome to mommy-hood. you have a beautiful baby girl! your pictures take me back to when i brought home my own little ones (i have 2 toddlers at home). the first few weeks are the hardest until you build a system/routine. after that you become a pro. enjoy the precious moments.

  44. Hey Erika, I hope you’re fine! And taking nice care of Sloane! I’m from Brazil, recently found your blog and your sister’s, and loved it! So I hope you come back real soon, but you are excused from blogging for a good and beautiful reason!

  45. I haven’t checked in with your blog lately and today was sorry to read that you are perhaps overwhelmed. I know you can handle anything that comes your way. God is with you always in all circumstances…lean on him. Don’t forget to communicate with your husband and let him know what you are feeling and what you need him to do. Men are wonderful but sometimes we must tell them exactly what we need in order to get their help. He probably feels out of his element.

  46. Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl! It can be so hard at first! I’ve never been more tired in my life and had no idea what the challenge would be like before I actually had a baby. Of course it’s a fantastic blessing too, full of incredible moments of happiness.

    I enjoy your blog and love going through your archives. Great photos & resources.

  47. hi erika! i had to share my latest blog post with you, i think you’d appreciate it. i’m encouraging people to purchase hershey’s chocolate for trick or treaters – a percentage of the proceeds to go the milton hershey school, the largest free coeducational school for kids of social and economic need. it’s a really fabulous cause:

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