The word grateful doesn’t seem powerful enough for the feelings abounding my heart these days. 

Friday night I opened a brown paper package.  Inside I found something wrapped in a clothing pattern and a tiny black and white ribbon.  What was inside the wrapping blew me away.  Be still my heart.  Beki knitted Sloane a sweater!  The detail, the time that she must have spent on it, the perfection, the softness and sweetness (I wish you could feel it – it’s 100% cotton and already pre-washed)… mind-boggling that someone I’ve never met face-to-face was willing to spend so much time on something for my daughter… thank you Beki!!!!

sweater from beki

Saturday morning Marla invited us to participate in a photographer gathering she hosts every year.  She organizes a five day get-together, this year there were twenty-four photographers who came for the event.  They share creativity, business advice, and tricks-of-the trade.  They eat at fabulous restaurants, shop, drink lots of coffee, and go the the beach.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?  She offered us a newborn session, Sloane being the star of the show.  I hope we didn’t outwear our welcome, it took Sloane awhile to get into the modeling-mode. 

cf on porch

(photographers above from left to right: Dawn Roberts (Sacramento)Amy Smith (Orlando), & Brandy Anderson aka Fresh Sugar (Calgary, Canada))

cf scp and as

(photographer above: Amy Smith (Orlando))

cf scp on brown blanket

(photographers above from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), (standing) Amy McTeague (Geneva/Chicagoland), Ruth Williams (Dallas), Stacy Wasmuth aka Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), Marla Carter (Santa Rosa Beach))

cf living room

(photographers from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), kneeling Amy McTeague (Chicago), touching my arm Nichol Krupp (Michigan), kneeling on right Stacy Wasmuth Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), standing in green tank Erica Ledrowski (Chicago))

This fabulous house (with great lighting) is one of two that Marla rented in Rosemary Beach for the photographers to stay during their visit.  It was such fun to be surrounded by creative women.  I know Marla had a blast with this group while they were here.  Thanks to everyone for their patience and for sharing your passion and creativity with me and Sloane!!  I’ll share some of the photos soon… I snapped a few, that I’m sure pale in comparison to the pros, but they are still pretty darn sweet.  If you live near any of these talented photographers - I hope you will look them up, they are amazing!!

Sunday we had visitors.  Friends, neighbors, and family… all of whom we love dearly.  Grandaddy is the only great-grandparent who has met Sloane.  He loves her dearly.  He has three daughters of his own… and Sloane’s middle name, Chancy, comes from Grandaddy’s last name.  I think it would be safe to say Sloane is smitten with the great-grandaddy. 

cf scp and granddaddy

Auntie Leah & Uncle Bayn, and Beba & Papa came by too… I should have put on some makeup (new moms are allowed to look tired, right?)

cf leah and e

My Mom is here and for that we are so very grateful.  She can get Sloane to burp when Chance and I have exhausted all resources.  She talks to Sloane as if she understands every word… which warms my heart.  She helps in the kitchen and changes diapers… we are so appreciative.  Sloane loves her too!!! 

cf scp and mom

Chance and Sloane spent a little time outside yesterday afternoon… my heart overflowed at the sight of them together…

cf daddy and sloane in yard


  1. What fun! Sloane is a natural;) What sweet pictures! I miss you and can’t wait to meet Miss Sloane! Hope you all are well!! XOXO

  2. Thank you for sharing Sloane with us. We love her too!

  3. The picture with great-grandaddy; break my heart.

  4. …and the weird thing is that if you have another, you will find even more love and gratitude. Sort of like lighting a candle, the more you light, the brighter the flame.
    Sloane is hot!!

  5. wow. those are some amazing moments captured on film! lucky little sloane who will have so much visual documentation of her arrival into this world. priceless. and the shot of chance with his baby girl in the garden… sniff… could bring a happy tear to my eye. congrats erika, your family is beautiful in every way:-)

  6. That photograph of your husband and the baby outside together melted my scared-to-have-children heart. Oh how incredibly precious!

  7. I am super curious…what is the green thing hanging in your kitchen that says something “your motor” ????

  8. such sweet pictures and that is so cool that you & sloane got to be included in the photoshoot!

    i love the pic of your mom and sloane- did Darby make that burp cloth? just seems like something she’d make:) can I also ask who the designer of the fabric on the chair (your mom is sitting in) is? I wouldn’t want the exact same fabric but love it so much that I wanted to find out who makes it. thanks!!

  9. Lucky girl! Photograph often, she will grow sooo fast and you look so darn good!!! Take care-

  10. How fun! Sloane is a little model in the making. Erika, you look great! Such sweet pictures…thank you for sharing them with us.

  11. Oh, Erika I just love the pictures! Sloane is just beautiful. I love all that hair! It took my daughter forever to get hair. And how lucky are you to have Marla photograph your journey into motherhood? How lucky are you to have all these pictures as you begin your journey into motherhood? Priceless!

  12. It has to stop. The cuteness, fun overload is simply too much.

  13. It was such a pleasure meeting you and sweet Sloane! Thank you for allowing us to photograph you both!

  14. You and Sloane are just true beauties. It was lovely to meet you both!

  15. I can’t wait to see some of those pictures. And you look fantastic – no makeup needed!

  16. E, can’t wait to see the photos, i hope you’ll post some. i know momma & baby are great models!

  17. Ok, what fun! I love it all!!! ALL! Sloane, the photographers, Granddaddy, Mom… you! And I love Chance but I could hardly see Sloane on the blanket! What an angel child!! If any of those photographers need to shoot some scallywags… we’ll be there Wednesday! :) Love, MS

  18. E- ME SO TEARY!! can’t wait to see the pictures, please share!! xooxox

  19. Hey! Erika you look so cute without make-up! And so happy!
    But where is Sloane on the pic with Chance? Can you mark her? Or do we have easter already? Love your blog!

  20. Now THAT’S my idea of a perfect weekend! Love that you’re keeping us updated with Sloane pictures – it’s about the only thing I’ve peeked online for – such a bundle of sweetness!!

  21. You and Sloane were the most amazing, gorgeous subjects! It was fantastic to meet you!

  22. Oh my gosh! Sloane looks like a movie star with paparazzi! Three weeks old and SO very popular!

  23. What a beautiful sweater for a beautiful baby girl. Seriously, you are so blessed to have a friend like Marla! When Sloane is in kindergarten and is asked to bring in a baby picture for “Guess that person” she is going to have sooooo many lovely ones to pick from! :) May God continue to bless your family! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  24. That sweater is absolutely incredible! So is your precious little one. So happy for you!!

  25. Ok that picture of Sloane on the brown blanket with what looks like her elbows propped up and all those photographers….ha! Adorable! Her first paparazzi moment!

  26. PS- YES, you better look tired or we’ll all hate you! ;-) JK!

  27. you are so beautiful! you don’t need make-up! seriously. looks like you and Sloane are doing well. Love all the pictures- thank you for sharing this exciting time in your life with all of us!

  28. oh my goodness she is so small and sweet! thanks for sharing these. i love that she has SO MUCH hair. i was bald until I was 3 so I don’t think my future babies will be so fortunate!

    OH & that sweater. gosh. that is so precious!

  29. You look so good (and thin!) after just giving birth, I thought that was Darby!

  30. Aaaah! Love it all. Sloane is precious. And you look amazing (no makeup necessary). Seriously.

  31. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky to have been able to participate in something like this! And what a little MODEL Sloane is already. That photo of her on that brown blanket is so precious, I don’t even know what to do with myself!! So happy for you guys…and truly, that sweater Beki made for you is beautiful:)

  32. i think he is precious!
    i loved reading your birth story and seeing all the pictures. his hair is so cute!
    i would have another sweet baby in a heartbeat!

  33. Never did I think I’d see myself on your blog, lol! Now I just need to get some of those photos of your gorgeous girly edited and sent over :) Thanks for being so patient and such a fabulous model!!

  34. oh my, what a fun weekend! that third photo looks like she is posing with her little hand behind her head. i cannot wait to see all the fabulous photos. and that sweater looks SO cozy!

  35. Hannah fields says:

    My heart overflows reading this post. I am so happy for you.

  36. Sweet Deals!
    ~ The handmade sweater (It’s beautiful Beki!)
    ~ The photo-shoot (So fun! and all that talent! and a Canadian photographer! Yippee! Someone close to mee!)
    ~ The precious moments captured of Sloane and her great-grand-daddy and daddy.

    Thanks for making me smile :)

  37. Angela Williams says:

    When I reflect back on the birth of my boys, some of the most precious memories are of those first few weeks, the quiet of watching them sleep, and the tenderness of my husband holding our new baby. You are blessed! Enjoy!

  38. I wish i knew Marla did this, I so would have love to have gone! you look beautiful as does Sloane. Oh, and I think that’s my house…just kidding but we do vacation in rosemary. some dear friends let us borrow their house. We hope to come down in October.

  39. What a sweet little face she has. I love her hair!

  40. Wow, your daughter is just beautiful! Definitely a star :)

  41. Meredith McBrearty says:

    You are TOO CUTE! Sloane is absolutely BEAUTIFUL – I know you are besdie yourself. A big congratulations to you and Chance. I, too can’t wait to be a Mom one of these days. (b-school is a hindrance at the moment). PS: I am going to RoundTop tomorrow, need anything for anybody?
    XO! Meredith

  42. Here’s my guess at what your husband in thinking in the picture:
    1) I’m tired
    2) I’m smitten!
    3) She can’t date until she’s 30!
    4) I must purchase shotgun to carry to door to meet all her dates!

  43. amazing
    all of it
    the sweater
    the photography
    the sweet family
    your beautiful baby

    looking forward to seeing those pics too!

  44. I can’t wait to see your photos. Especially with you and Sloane on the couch. She’s an angel

  45. Sloane is soooooo precious! :) it looks like you have a TON to be grateful for! I hope you are enjoying every second of it! :)

  46. Amy McTeague was one of my wedding photographers!! Sloane is very lucky to have such wonderful photographers documenting her early weeks. Can’t wait to see her nursery!

  47. She is beautiful! Congrats again- ( reader of Darbys, blog and now Erika’s too!)

  48. first of all, your precious baby is gorgeous. second, no makeup is certainly allowed for new moms {especially when they are as pretty as you!}. and, i just found out that after my three wonderful boys, i am going to have a girl. beyond excited. but, wondered if you could pass on beki’s info? i want that sweater!

  49. was just noticing the close-up of your fabric on your chairs. did you pick that because you are an Auburn grad? JK!

  50. I have read this post before and keep coming back to marvel at what a great blessing new life is. And what a beautiful blessing sweet Sloane is! That hair!! My favorite is the third picture from her photo shoot of her perched, she is going to be so much fun! Who knew one could feel such genuine joy for a perfect stranger, oh I love the blogosphere! Kisses to your new family from Chicago!

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