happy birthday dad

I don't have anything creative to share, and as a result I probably should step away from the blog.  I've worked approximately 80 hours this week, my car is in the shop, and let's see it's 9:00 on a Friday night and I'm back at the office working (well taking a break from working).  Penelope has been really bad this week- acting like a racoon she tore apart left over party favors from the shower last weekend… ate a lot of chocolate and scattered a huge mess in the house.  I'm wondering if she knows there is a baby on the way and she will soon take a major backseat?  The chocolate won't hurt her… she has done this before – she ate a whole bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups back when Chance was in the hospital.  She doesn't like being left alone (and she has a sweet tooth)… and if I don't take her to work with me for one afternoon she turns into satan-dog. 

Isn't this a delightful blog post?  I am healthy and I have a job and I have a baby kicking my ribs… so on to brighter things.

You guys crack me up asking if that's my kitchen in the earlier post this week… I am flattered and would like to pretend like that's my kitchen, but it definitely is not.  That was a client's kitchen.  I was just there taking pictures for the ole portfolio.  My kitchen is teeny tiny, and there is a lot I would have done different had I designed it.  Want to see it?


Darby made Hash Brown Casserole when she visited this weekend.  She had her wonderful assistant (my mother) with her in my kitchen as she worked her magic.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY BOY!!  I didn't send a card nor buy a gift… yet.  Sorry dad.  I love you!  Here's a picture of Darby and my dad in my kitchen from last weekend…


You like how the spatula handle sticking out of the hash brown casserole is in focus, but Darby and Dad are not?  Oops.

Let's see… in other news- I am very pregnant.  We are skipping the 4-D ultrasound… don't have time in the schedule to drive the 45 minutes each way to the ultrasound place, nor am I interested in the $100 pricetag, plus I think seeing her on her birthday will be a nice surprise.   

Alright, I gotta get back to work… I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Especially my DAD!!  Wish I was in Chicago with you celebrating your birthday!!!!!! 

[PS: I am way behind on responding to emails, so sorry.]


  1. am I really the first? shows how crazy I am for checking your blog so often! ;) I think your kitchen is very cute – mine is slightly larger (or just laid out differently), but not nearly as nice! I skipped the 4-D with my first….and wanted to have it with this one, but then found out we’ll have too many other medical expenses with this one and I get to see her on a 4-D whenever I go to the specialist (unfortunately we have to pay for it every time). It’s cool, but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything with not having it with Adriana.

  2. oh, and I’m sorry you’re having to work so late! that really stinks – you better be able to take off a lot of time to enjoy with your sweet baby!!

  3. Happy bday to your dad! It’s funny you say that about the 4D pic. We haven’t decided yet. At my hospital it’s $350! I wonder if that’s an NYC thing?! Hmmm… Anyway, get some sleep. 80 hours is bonkers. Later!

  4. cute kitchen, love the window treatment. keep an eye on the pup just in case. reece’s has more peanut butter than chocolate so that’s probably why she didn’t get sick previously – plus it depends on her size versus the amount of chocolate consumed, but as I’m sure you know a chocolate overdose for dogs can be fatal.

  5. Sister, I love you! Sorry you’re working late.
    Happy Birthday, DaddyBoy. LYDD. I didn’t send a card nor a gift either. What loving and caring daughters you have raised. I’ll get it to you when Erika’s baby is born.
    I love you both. And I’m glad you focused on the spatula.
    love, Dbone

  6. Happy Birthday, Daddy Boy!

  7. I really DIG your cabinet color! I think that’s a very welcoming, comfy kitchen :) Maybe it has something to do with that hugemongous bunch of goodness Darby is making, too.
    We have a little thing that we do in our house – it’s called “baby pats”. That’s where we pat someone lightly and give them a nice, firm hug and a little pampering kind of (just slightly) baby talk. It basically means, “You poor thing. I can’t make it better, but I wuv you”. I don’t know you at all, so I can’t really say that I wuv you, but I do hope your load lightens soon.
    Baby pats,

  8. Yours Truly says:

    Dear Daddy Boy, I have suggested to the carter’s they lower their price in honor of your birthday. Not sure they listen to me….

  9. I am laughing out loud at this post. Are you a bit bored…or procrastinating? LOL
    Happy birthday to your daddy. Daddy….you should be proud of both of your daughters. They both seem to be AWESOME young ladies!
    Here’s to a restful weekend!

  10. Your kitchen is great, and now it makes sense having seen pix of other rooms in the house. Love the green and the window treatment.

  11. oh, and the lil bee – they’re $200 for the 4-D ultrasounds here and we don’t live in a very big city…so it must just depend on the office? I thought they were all $200, but I guess not! :)

  12. Happy Birthday Daddy Boy!!!!
    Erika may I suggest you go home and take a long nap before baby comes. You will have so little rest time later. Please don’t go into this birth exhausted. We care about you!

  13. kickymarcia says:

    Here’s a big hug!
    Question for you.. What is the curtain fabric on our kitchen roman shade? I love it and would love to see if it comes in an orange.
    Hang in there. Baby will be here before you know it.

  14. Small kitchen, but beautiful as always.

  15. i love your window treatment too! i hate to ask you for info. when you’re so busy, but would you mind sharing who you got to sew your crib bumper? i’m pregnant and was just telling a friend that i wanted box cushions for my bumper, but i don’t want to make them myself. your nursery bedding is beautiful, by the way! i love your blog and read it often though i don’t normally comment:)

  16. ok is your dad someone famous because he looks really familiar??? ha!
    i LOVE YOUR KITCHEN..love the shade and the colors.
    you twins crack me up..she is so domestic in one aspect and you in the other..perfect combo!

  17. you have a beautiful family! it looks like Darby is holding an imaginary cup in the picture with your pops

  18. Um is Darby going to be posting a recipe for this alleged hash brown casserole? I need it!

  19. i would love to see a future post on small kitchens and making the most of your space. i love all the kitchens you do and would like to do something “urban grace” style in the new (old) house i just bought.

  20. I just bought a new (for me) house and have been bringing my dog over with me when I’m there working on it. He was a holy terror on Saturday – I agree with you – I think dogs do sense change and it makes them anxious.
    I second the small kitchen comment above – mine is about 80 square feet :)

  21. {{{Gasp}}}}} I just KNEW you would have Imperial Trellis in your home somewhere!!!!…..cuz you are just “cool” like that!

  22. I’m sorry to hear about your dog woes…It is pretty common for dogs to have new behavioral issues right before the baby comes. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you some information on getting the dogs ready for your new baby.

  23. fyi: that roman shade in your kitchen is one of my earliest memories of imperial trellis. wow.

  24. Imperial trellis is my all time favorite fabric!…I would LOVE to have the wallpaper…put, its soooooooooo expensive!

  25. Ok, so I must ask – what is the name of the fabric you used for the window treatment? It looks almost (but not quite) like a Michael Miller print I saw once.

    Do tell!


    Wonderful blog!

  26. Ahhhh… should have read ALL of the comments! Nevermind!

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