Hugh Newell Jacobson

Lci hugh newell jacobson 

Laura posted this image on her blog on Monday and I was fascinated.  I wasn't the only one.  Curious about the floor plan… is that all one house?  Yes, it is.. and others were curious too, so Laura did some more research, and scored more photos and a floor plan straight from the designer – architect Hugh Newell Jacobson

Lci floor plan fletcher-floor-plan-1024x950 

Lci dining  

 LCI fletcher bedroom

Lci fletcher-bookcase-777x1024

Photos by Robert Lautman


  1. I’m having heart palpitations.

  2. He’s one of my all time favorites….

  3. wow…talk about creative! i love the floor to ceiling window.

  4. patricia says:

    As a University of Oklahoma alum, I was elated that HNJ designed the addition to school’s art museum. It stands sentry on the corner, with proud overtures to the prairie but it soars into tomorrow. Steel Magnolia House: if this house gave you heart palpitations, the OU museum will require paddles being applied, pronto.

  5. E- I was thinking you were going to like this when I posted it! A reader of mine emailed me with the address. I am going to go see it when I am in Nashville when I am there for my Vanderbilt Reunion in the fall. His office could not have been more gracious about sharing the photos with me. Thanks for the repost!

  6. kate (pm) says:

    My favorite architect. He’s the one who turned me on architecture. I still remember the first time I ever saw one of his works (in publication). I still love his designs.

  7. I did a double take when I saw that picture because that house is less than a mile from mine!! Maybe you should come for a tour and we could visit:)

  8. I also live in the same neighborhood and enjoy driving by this house almost every day. Thanks for sharing–I’ve always wondered what the interior looks like!

  9. Love everything about it – including the fact that he responded to the inquiry.

  10. What a treasure. I love it every time I see it. He is one of my favorites!

  11. I love it!

  12. Kate (pm) says:

    oh my! Since I do lot of quick peeks of blogs during some down time at the office, I tend to skim posts. Now that I’m home taking my time reading I see I had missed that the HNJ responded in person. Love him more!

  13. Such simplicity, such beauty.

  14. I found Larua’s blog through yours a couple of months ago and I just love it; she always finds such interesting things! Thanks!

  15. What an amazing structure – the natural light, the lines, wow.

  16. The front elevation reminds me of the scary church in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow…but when I saw the photos of the interior I was captivated.

  17. Anna Yother says:

    This house is near Sam and I in Nashville. Someday (after the baby) you guys will have to visit or stop in on your way to Illinois and we’ll go by. So glad Chance is doing well!!!

  18. That is incredible! So cool looking.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall of bookshelves that wrap around the window!

  20. Jennifer Pawluk says:

    That’s awesome! So deceiving and such a neat idea.

  21. Mary Dunn says:

    Love his wall light fixtures, anyone know a source? I’m remodeling and his style soooo fits my home!
    Mary D.

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