i’d like to add you to my collection…


Currey & Co Agatha Lamp


  1. Love!!!

  2. Alcea Alba says:

    Beautiful lamp! You should at least add two!! I’ve been obsessing over their Leagrave two seater bench lately. So expensive but have you ever seen another concrete garden chair that looks so much like teak? Faux bois at its best.

  3. oh yes!

  4. Perfection.

  5. Go for it!

    on second thought, this might be too pretty to duplicate.

  7. I have an obsession with lamps and chairs… is there a name for that. The lamp is quite lovely.

  8. Totally random, but I read your blog all the time and on one particular post you mentioned the book you were reading, Same Kind of Different as Me. I was intrigued by the title and picked it up at the local library. Well I just had to leave a comment to you that I loved it! Coming from a cotton farming family in Louisiana I could understand that way of life. I would love to meet those two men…what an inspiring story. I couldn’t put the book down!!! Just thought I’d let you know! Let me know if you have other recommendations..other than the Twilight series!! HAA!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and by the way you are the cutest pregnant lady I have seen!! You are making it look easy! Trying for a baby now, but girl gotta tell you I’m scared to take the leap!!!!!! Have a good day!

  9. Is that a new addition from them? I didn’t notice it as I’ve been hunting cream ceramic lamps lately. Bungalow5 has one that is similar.

  10. Love it! :)

  11. i remember this lamp – i found it last week at Marshall’s – $39.99.

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