might I recommend…

Sharpie pen 

The Sharpie Pen

Every nesting pregnant woman needs a good pen.  I'm making lists like it's going out of style.

I am a pen lover.  I get this from my father.  When I saw the commercials on tv for the Sharpie Pen, I added it to my shopping list.  I bought a pack at Target on Saturday and haven't written with anything else since.  I LOVE IT.  What they say is true "won't bleed through paper" and "precise, consistent line width".  Two key factors for me.  And I like a fine point, and this classifies.

As if the 4 I bought at Target weren't enough to last me a week or two (I lose pens often) I went back to Walmart last night and bought more.  I have a sickness. 

They are pricey at Office Max and Office Depot, I know because I went there last night too… so get them at Target or Walmart! 

Pick yourself up a pack next time you are out and let me know what you think.

Image above from The Pen Addict, who agrees with me and likes it too.

PS: Can't close this post without thanking you for your overwhelming responses to the nursery, thank you.  You are good for my soul.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


  1. Sweet! I too am a pen lover. I actually create my own hybrid – I use the pen shell from one brand and ink from a different brand to create my perfect pen. I’ve been doing it for years. Crazy, I know. I’m definitly going to have to try this pen!!!

  2. i *heart* pens too … and i am a huge fan of uni-ball signo in micro. have you tried it? love the way it writes! will have to try out this new sharpie that you suggested …

  3. I will check it out! I love a good fine point pen, especially if it won’t show through the paper. Thanks!

  4. I love pens. If I find a good one I’ve been known to snag it! I’m definitely going to pick up a pack of these!

  5. YES! I agree, I LOVE this pen!!!

  6. stephanie says:

    So funny…I also LOVE pens and recently saw the commercial and ran out to buy them (target). I love them so much that I am hiding all 4 in my purse so that my kids can’t run off with one. They are so good that I am not willing to share:)
    A good pen even makes writing bills fun!!!
    P.S. The nursery is TDF!

  7. I was gifted a fancy Lilly Pulitzer pen as a Thank You gift…it sits on my desk, cause I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE The Sharpie Pens! Black, blue, green or red, I have all of them! My sweet hubby laughs at me when he looks in my purse for a pen, cause usually there is all four colors in there.

  8. Some of the Etsy folks I’ve ordered from recommend ONLY this pen. Great call.
    Your nursery is going to be beautiful. Thanks for teaching me how to look at different patterns together to create a room. I often grab a bunch of fabrics and get going–without looking at all of the elements of the room together. A great design lesson. Thanks E.

  9. In addititon to having wonderful taste in nursery decor, you also have excellent taste in writing utensils!
    I love Sharpie (especially the Pens) so much that I follow Sharpie on Twitter. So sad.

  10. Oh, I’m going to have to try this! I’m VERY picky about pens, and love them, along with all kinds of office supplies. It’s a teacher thing, I think!

  11. I love pens and office/school supplies in general, so I will have to try these! Do you judge pens by how pretty they make your handwriting look? I do that. LOL! Do they smell like permanent markers, though?

  12. this is so well-timed. I’m having serious trouble finding my favorite pen (Uni-Ball Gel Grip) in stores and I’m down to just a few — and those have dwindling ink supplies! thanks for the tip.

  13. SO happy you reviewed these! i had a pack in my hand at Target last weekend and put them back. i’m super picky about my pens and am definitely going to have to pick these up on my next trip!

  14. MaryBeth says:

    Growing up we had one pen in the china closet that was my father’s. If you needed to use it, he would watch you take it out and put it back. Needless to say I am now obsessed with pens. I buy them by the box and if I don’t like them I give the whole box away and if I do I run out and buy 5 more boxes. So I am off to get myself some sharpie fine point right now. xo, MB

  15. oooh, i’ll have to try this. i’m addicted to sharpie’s permanent market, ultra fine point. can’t write with anything but it. love the “marker” quality to it. as for ball points, doctors offices always have great ones… i try to abscond with one there occasionally. pam
    ps the nursery will be beautiful.

  16. You are the second person to rhapsodize about the Sharpie pen. I’m sold. I love pens! For a long time I would only write with blue ink because it was much cheerier than black ink. My pen of choice for years was the Pilot Precise in blue of course. Now that I’m home I’m not nearly as choosey, if I can just find one I’m happy. Usually it’s some random pen from a hotel or something, ick.
    I’m actually headed to Walmart today to pick up school supplies for my Big’s foray into kindy {cry}. No surprise that I’m more excited than him at all of the brand spankin new school goodies.

  17. Kerri H. says:

    Love the pen, and making lists, too. In fact, before our wedding, I made a list of lists I needed to make. He still married me, thank goodness.
    Your sweet baby girl will love that nursery so much that she’ll be the most well-rested, serene, and tasteful baby on the block. Congratulations on filling her room with mama’s love.
    We have only 8 more nights here at AMLI. Still scoping for your DaddyBoy! I’ll send some new photos, too. :)

  18. I’ll try these. I’m a pen {and paper} lover too- but I’m fickle. I’m always on the look-out for the right one. Thanks for the tip!

  19. Caroline says:

    I love pens, too! My all time fav is the “le pen” you find in art stores in every color in the rainbow! I also like papermate’s liquid expresso, extra fine point. I will give the Sharpie pen a try (although I was skeptical of it bleeding through)!

  20. Good to know I am not alone! I am a little OCD about the pen I use. I obsessively try new ones, and cry when I cannot find the ones I really LOVE using! Nursery linens out yet?? Should I put in a PLEADING call for you???

  21. Just added this to my Target list. I too love a good pen! I also love a great mechanical pencil. The small things:)

  22. I love those darn pens. I’m also addicted to the regular, fine point tip Sharpies. I seriously cannot have enough of those suckers.
    Might I recommend buying the Sharpie pens in bulk at CostCo? They come in blue, too!

  23. I love pens as well and had this pen on my must buy list as well. Thanks for the great review!
    I didn’t comment in the previous post, but I just have to tell you the nursery is going to look amazing!
    I love love love that fabric you picked. Amazing pick that you had stashed away. That is going to be one lucky lady with a Mommy and Daddy like you and Chance! I can’t wait to see it all come together and most importantly see the little lady herself!

  24. I totally saw that commercial, too, and now I know I have to get some.

  25. I switched the moment I saw them at Target, maybe a month or so ago. They are awesome. The only problem is that my co-worker keeps borrowing them.

  26. ha, my husband loves these pens!

  27. I agree too! I just bought a oouple in blue, and now I need to go buy some in black too!

  28. oh my goodness!
    i LOVE these pens too.
    i mean LOVE them!!

  29. I’m a pen addict as well. I’ve been using the sharpie pen for a year and a half and I absolutely love it! The only draw back is that the lid has to be put back on or it will dry up. This wouldn’t be a problem but I have a 7, 9 and 38 year old. (Okay so the 38 year old is my husband!)

  30. Looks like quite a few of us are obsessed with our pens! I’ll have to get some of these to try. I also love, love, love the nursery fabrics! I have a stash too but don’t have the excuse of a design business or nursery to decorate; I just love fabrics! If I can spend a few hours in a fabric store mixing and matching to get different looks then I’m having a great day!

  31. I am a pen lover too and I absolutely LOVE the Sharpie Pen!! A girl I work with had one and I went on and one about it so much that she gave it to me! Ha!!

  32. I need these. And I’m sure I’ll need more than one pack because my husband will steal them.

  33. I love fine point pens as well and am a list girl….so I’ll be adding these to my list for next time I go to target! I haven’t been able to find a good pen that I love, so hopefully this will do it.

  34. Those will be great the next time I need pens at the office. Great tip! Thanks!

  35. Jennie Marie says:

    OH my mercy that might be the greatest pen EVER. I’m going to get some today, you know I always have a sharpie!!! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  36. Laughing out loud….I love myself a great pen too…and change my mind about which one I think is the best OFTEN…hence……drawers full of “favorites”… !
    Blessings on the babe!

  37. If you have never tried a Le Pen….you must! They come in every color imaginable and have the same type tip I imagine the sharpie pen has…and they don’t bleed though either.I keep a stash of them all over my house.

  38. from one pen snob to another – you are spot on. sharpie pens rule

  39. No way!! I’m so excited! I have the old sharpies in every color.. as well as the uniballs and precise ones.
    Sometimes I worry that too much of my money goes to pens. I think my husband feels the same way :)
    Thanks for sharing! RH

  40. I love these pens! I have a thing for pens too!

  41. Perhaps this is a repeat…Sams has ‘em. But I don’t know the price. The husband bought me a pack and I, too, LOVE ‘EM! (He knows I’m pen obsessed) But Pilot Precise V Ball is still my very fav.

  42. What a funny girl! I will have to try these out!

  43. I seriously just went to Target and bought some. And yes, they are fantastic. My sister almost had a heart attack when she realized they would not bleed through her precious Moleskine notebooks. Thank YOU!!!!

  44. I am so glad you reviewed these pens. I was too skeptical to buy them blindly, but I just went out and bought a pack tonight. They write quite nicely! I am glad to see there are so many other pen lovers out there.
    May I also recommend the Pilot Frixion pens. I hate writing with pencils and getting eraser bits all over the paper. The Frixion pen is erasable. I hate erasable pens too, but these are an exception. They’re wonderful!
    Can’t wait to read more Nursery Diaries :)

  45. Love those pens! I think I have picked up a pack on my last three visits to Target. I don’t ever want to be somewhere without one.

  46. Oooh..Sharpie heaven!I bought my first ever Sharpie’s in a 4 pack and they are the mini ones with a bit on the lids to attach them to key chains, lanyard, whatever.So so cute and the best write ever :-)

  47. i love pens too!
    I just found your blog, so i have tons of catching up to do, but i love it!
    Also, you might love Le Pen. Amazing skinny tip in glorious shades of the rainbow.

  48. Ooooh….wish these were around during my teaching days….looks like it would have been a fantastic grading pen!

  49. Following up…I got the pens last night and paid $5 something for four at Walmart. They don’t totally bleed through paper, however it might be hard to see if you write on both sides of a ruled sheet. I hope they come out with blue ink!!!
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  50. I have been using these pens for several months now and they are great!! You can get a big pack of them from Sams for not very much, maybe $1 a pen or less and there is like 10 black, 2 blue, 1 red and 1 green in the pack. They are great. I am anxiously waiting for them to come out with all the colors in theses pens!!!

  51. So funny how many comments there are on this subject! I think most designers have pen fetishes…it reminded me of pens I bought at the local print and drafting store in college. Don’t remember the name but they were yellow on the outside with black, blue or red ink. Waterproof, bleed proof, etc. Anyone know the name?

  52. I love a good pen! I already like to write with Sharpie Fine Point and am sure I will like the Sharpie pen even more. Yeah!

  53. Suzan Freeman says:

    I was a Sharpie pen junkie until someone introduced me to the Uni-ball jetstream retractable ballpoint pen, 1.0 mm. No lid to keep up with and writes so smoothly. I’ve had to buy the pastel colors now to keep the men I work with from walking off with them. Check it out at http://www.nextag.com/uni-jetstream-1__0/search-html
    AND….love your blog and your nursery!!!

  54. lindsey ozier says:

    will do! i am diseased with the pen obsession as well, so i will pick some up next time i am at target (if i don’t make a special trip just to get them…ehem, more likely)
    love you!
    lindsey O

  55. Melissa says:

    i am obsessed with perfect pens and bought a bunch of these at target as well. good to know there’s more pen lovers like me out there!

  56. I’m glad everyone liked my review. To answer some questions, the Sharpie Pen does come in blue, as well as red and green. If you are lucky, your store carries the 6 pack with purple and orange as well.

  57. I am a HUGE fan of the Sharpie pen. I used to only use Sharpie markers and an observant colleague sent me a package of these. Awesome.
    Be on the lookout; there is a stainless steel sharpie pen out there. My Office Max sold out and I should have bought it while I could.

  58. Bought 3 today based on your post. LOVE THEM!!!!! Thanks for the tip.

  59. elizabeth says:

    i’m not so much into pens as i am into sharpies! I LOVE THEM! i love the colors, i love the minis. i write with them all the time – even though they bleed. so what a delight these are!!!! i picked some up last night and have been writing ever since. maybe these will help my journaling!

  60. I am already on my 3rd pack – LOVE THESE PENS!!!

  61. OK, I admit it; I am THE Sharpie HO, addict, obsessor..whatever you choose to call it, that person who has EVERY tip in EVERY color & EVERY set. If that isn’t enough,right now, at this very moment I have a kitchen drawer, a bedroom drawer, an art desk drawer (& a back-up art bin) that EACH contain 4-6 Black Sharpies of various tips! And yet I STILL cringe when DH, or worse, someone who DOES NOT KNOW of my obsession USES [GASP!] one of my precious Sharpies..b/c you know, they could damage the tip (& WHERE would I get a back-up, lol!).
    Needless to say, I drooled a bit when I saw the commercial & here you just affirmed my longing…FINALLY A WRITING SHARPIE THAT WON’T BLEED THRU?!
    OH BE STILL MY HEART! I will buy in bulk..just in case someone wants to use one.
    PS:Glad you & Baby Girl & DH are all so well! XO,
    Leigh (Court’s a little pen crazy sis)

  62. Carol Ann says:

    Comment for picture of you on the sofa with ice cream…
    That is the cutiest picture ever!
    Should be on the cover of a magazine for sure…

  63. Sounds wonderful but I can’t have permanent pens around my four kids. Deadly mistake I tell you!

  64. After finding your blog and LOVING IT, I ran out and bought these pens….and I Love them too! There is NOTHING better than a great pen! Love your blog & your style!

  65. Part sharpie, part pen, what more can a girl ask for?
    Love it.

  66. yes, i’m a pen person too! xoxo hope you are feeling good.

  67. I have the Sharpie pens and love them! The only porblem is people keeping “borrowing” them and forgetting to return them. Hmphh… I’ll just have to go get a new pack sometime soon.

  68. Absolutely fantastic. In purse, at bedside, in car. Love, love, love.

  69. Fantastic and lovely. I’m also a pen lover

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