Monday, Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  The skies were blue here… which always makes me very happy.  Friday night I finally was able to get through the stack of magazines that had piled up throughout the week.  I scheduled myself a bubble bath (nothing too luxurious, just some Target brand lavender baby wash- I laughed when I realized it's tagline is "Helps Calm Fussy Babies")… and finally got to the Elle Decor that had been waiting for me all week.  Elle Decor never disappoints.

Meet the Buckinghams. Any Fleetwood Mac fans?  Might recognize Lindsey, who married designer Kristen.  I knew when I saw the house it had to belong to a designer… it was too perfectly imperfect.  People often lose their cool over thinking things need to match.  Nice to see a house full of "loved items" instead of "perfectly matched items". 


Their kitchen isn't half bad either.  Notice… those brass school house pendants don't match the faucet, nor the hardware.  It's so nice. 

Buckingham kitchen 

If you want to see more of Kristen Buckingham's work… here is her website.  You are in for a treat!  And because I can't resist posting just a couple more images…



Saturday morning was the Seaside yard sale.  I don't need a darn thing, I've been hauling stuff out of my house like crazy and plan to participate in my sister's yard sale in March.  So I went with the mindset "you don't need anything".  I bought a purse.  That's all.  I also had the opportunity to meet Megan of A Life's Design, which was such a treat!  Always nice to have a face with a name!      

Seaside yard sale

Seaside yard sale 2 

Yesterday was another glorious day.  After church I sat on the porch and watched as I discovered a new pest in my garden…

Garden pest 

Paisley was eating my herbs.  I couldn't quite tell what she fancied… it wasn't the Parsley, but whatever she got into definitely freshened her breath, so I didn't complain.


Some friends came over late yesterday afternoon for a little Photography 101.  I am so not qualified to teach, but they do have the same camera, so I took a stab at it.  Guess who I saw at the neighborhood park… THE HOODED SWEATSHIRT DOG!!  She does live in my neighborhood.  Her name is Sally, and her owner said she wears her sweatshirt when it's cold outside.  Mystery solved.  She was having fun with the boys who own her, they were throwing mud and she was attempting to catch it in her mouth.  She will probably need to try Paisley's breath freshening technique.


And on the wet bar front… client just sent some photos (I'm glad I'm not there… I'd be having a conniption fit)… it's almost in the house!   

French bar 030


  1. I saw this article too, I like the kitchen as well. What a great little sae sale!
    lamaisonfou blog

  2. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your blog….read it everyday.
    I just had a little laugh …I quickly looked through the pictures and when I saw the last picture I thought they were lifting a coffin to the second floor. Had to slow down…look again…and recall your post from last week.
    Hope the vampire family is happy in their new home.

  3. Is their house in Rosemary? Looks peaceful…the exact opposite of the garage sale! I had no idea so many people came to it! Glad we weren’t down there for the weekend or something. We might be down there this weekend though. Yay!

  4. their house….
    it is designer funky, which i think is the best !!
    i love the paisley !!

  5. oh my goodness
    oh my goodness
    oh my goodness
    oh my goodness..
    oh my goodness to all of it… the designer, the yard sale, the dog eating herbs, the hooded sweatshirt dog, the mud throwing, the wet bar…
    good thing i’m not there either… i’d need a xanax for sure! :)
    love you!

  6. What a great post! Love Fleetwood Mac, love this issue of Elle Decor and especially that kitchen, AND I am dying to know, do you live in Seaside or in the area? We just visited last fall and loved discovering 30A! My favorite shop was Pizitz Home – is that the right spelling? Wow, what a great shop. Thanks for a fun afternoon read for me!

  7. we had a wonderful weekend and the weather was spectacular! it was such a treat to meet you as well! thanks for taking some time out of your day. happy monday!
    and i think i would be holding my breath watching the wet bar go up, up, up. what a sight!

  8. hi, this may seem like a very strange question, but i love your blog and can’t help but notice how wonderful your pictures are. and since you brought up the subject of your camera in this post, i figured there wouldn’t be a better time to ask than now, what kind of camera do you have? I have been looking for a great camera, and granted you probably have a lot more photography experience than myself, I figure my pictures may be half as good as yours! Thanks and have a blessed day :)

  9. lisa russell says:

    Wow! That was some yard sale!!
    Wonder if there was a $.25 table?!? ;)
    Liking your photography…

  10. the kitchen is awesome. I love it!
    And your picture of the doggy in the herb garden is too precious. new to your blog. its great!

  11. I so wanted to go to the Seaside sale and help Sal (anne turner’s grandmother) with her wares which I did back in October. Did you see her there? She absolutely loves that Seaside sale! It was beautiful weather I am sure…..I loved seeing Paisley in the herb garden….so cute!

  12. Maybe your next dog could be Parsley;) Maybe Paisley realized she needed a little freshening up! What’s your purse look like?? I’m sure it’s cute! Love you, Cous

  13. OK, the mud slingin’ dogsitters are too funny! I don’t think Sally’s Mama would be too happy about that!!!! I cracked up at that. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I’m so glad there is a happy ending with Sally. Speaking of dogs how is little P doing?
    Oh dear I would have been sweating bullets watching the bar being lifted high above the ground!
    Have a golden night! xoxo

  15. Erika I seriously need to get a newspaper from your area delivered to my house to keep me apprised of yard sales such as that!!! Great post, love that kitchen.

  16. The Buckingham place is gorgeous. They are a very stylish looking couple, too!
    Your dog is adorable and I love the named Paisley!

  17. This is a great issue of Elle.
    Who knew old rockers could be so elegant.
    xo xo

  18. LOVE the first shot in their den. That wall arrangement is fabulous! This was a great issue, I savored every picture.
    BTW, thought you might be interested, we are GIVING AWAY A FREE FRAME on our blog in celebration of our 1 year blogiversary. Come on by to enter:)

  19. I’m a Fleetwood Mac fan and love the house pics too. The large ivory cabinet with all of the glass is great.
    Glad you had some time to relax. Sounds like things have been busy. I can’t believe you went to a huge yardsale like that and made it out with only one thing…true will power. I’m so ready for “sailing” season to being around here.
    Nerves of steel on the bar installation :)

  20. pretty kitchens, and hilarious that you saw the hooded sweatshirt dog again!

  21. Loved that article in Elle. Going to head over to her website next. I saw that sale on Seleta’s site and still can’t get over the number of people. How did you get away with just a purse?! You made a wise choice in not watching that bar go up and in….that would have been gut wrenching. It looks beautiful and definitely worth the wait.

  22. After reading your blog for a few months now, I think you would like my friend Alyssa’s blog:
    She just moved and decorated her home in the most innovative way!

  23. OMG!! Are they lifting that bar up just by standing on ladders or did I miss something?? I always have to distract my clients in another part of the house when my delivery guys are bringing in the very large pieces!

  24. Such a great looking interior!

  25. I just started reading your blog and I love it. I just saw this, never knew there was such a thing, you probably already know about it, but if not, perhaps it would be great for all your magazine clippings.

  26. The Buckingham’s house is beautiful. Our friend, Madeline Stuart did their last couple of homes. Their latest home has that same wonderful family comfortable feel.
    That wet bar picture is fantastic! You have to do what you have to do!!

  27. i love that gallery wall, kitchen and boy’s room. AND that city wide sale, now that is my idea of a fun time! it looks like you live in such a fantastic area…would love a neighborhood park with that view!

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