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It's supposed to be very cold tonight.  I'll be out in the dark this evening covering my plants with old fabric remnants and sheets.  This crazy cold doesn't stop a girl from dreaming though.  I've already mentioned that this is my year… my year of getting the backyard into shape. 

I love where the internet leads me… "Devon" commented on my last blog post and I followed her name to her blog… and low and behold… I find THIS post she did on Garden Architect David Pfeiffer… which led me to these images… (click to enlarge images for full effect)




Those corrugated galvanized forms made my heart race.  I know my husband will know how to get our hands on some of these.  We have a metal roof and galvanized porch railings on our house, our outdoor shower surround has galvanized curtain rods (to deter any peeping tom neighbors), and these lights adorn our entries… these would be very nice with grapefruit, meyer lemon, and kumquat trees planted in them… oh yes… I can smell the citrus blossoms already! 


I love it.  It's a little bit of everything!  Which is what I think a garden should be… all about you and what you love.  No set rules.   David Pfeiffer has totally got it going on.  I think that house has been published… it looks very familiar…?  Ahhh, wait.  I figured it out… his publications page leads me to believe it was probably this: June 2005, Country Home Magazine "Best of Both Worlds” -Vashon house and garden – David Pfeiffer’s Vashon Garden.  Now I have my weekend homework cut out for me… finding the June 05 issue of Country Home

Stay warm my friends… it's cold out there!!! 



  1. This has some great ideas for the garden. I think I might have this issue…thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. I am currently loving the thought of using galvanized containers for plants around my yard. So easy and readily found. I LOVE the house light you have!

  3. I am so with you on the corrugated galvanized containers. I might have to see if I can add one to our backyard. I also spotted that little wire hair terrier in the pic too. Thanks for the great idea- xoxo

  4. I stopped covering my plants a couple of years ago. I used to have a huge 1000sf deck and would drag everything inside. What a chore and what a mess! And then it never really got down to critical freezing! If it gets down to freezing for just a few hours during the night, most plants will make it. And the ones that don’t, well cest le vie!
    xo xo

  5. I just want to say that I think you must be one of the most super nice people in blogland! I enjoy your blog and what you find for us. Thank you. Be blessed!
    oh, and yes, I think the galvanized containers would be a nice compliment to what you have (per your post) already. I would like to see them with giant container gardens including some neon pathos and many other greens and whites.

  6. I’m a sucker for purple flowers and pea gravel… I love the layered look he does. Thanks for sharing and hope your plants survive the chill!

  7. Karlene – I can vouch that she IS the most super nicest person in blogland :)
    Hey E — what are those big poufy purple things. I always slam on the breaks when I pass a garden with those. Is it too late to plant them for spring or can you buy them as baby plants and plop them in once it warms up? Dying to have a garden full of those pretties.

  8. Oh, I can’t wait to have a garden. I look forward to see how your’s turns out this year. These images are a great starting point! And I am ready for it to get a bit warmer! 12 degrees with a windchill of 0 is too much for me to handle. Happy Friday!

  9. our garden and yard is a continuing project from last year to this. i am very excited though. my dream is to have an outdoor shower, great for the kids and the romance, ha!

  10. What a gorgeous garden!! Wow! It really inspires me to get going and do some changes to my little corner of the world! Hurry up Spring! I can hardly wait!!

  11. Lovely post : )

  12. I am dying to work on our garden, although I might be missing the green thumb. These pictures are lovely, such a relief in this horrible weather!

  13. I’m a sucker for gardens like this. When we bought our house, the previous owners had planted rose bushes and tomato plants and tons of perennials. I want to add herbs and veggies to the garden, as well. An outdoor shower has to be the coolest feature of all though. Not sure we can get to that this year, but maybe down the road. So fun!

  14. These gardens look wonderful and the containers are fabulous. Can’t wait to check out the site, so thank you. xv

  15. velvet and linen says:

    Great garden. Love the color palette and the slightly industrial feel.
    I also like the use of a few topiaries to give the plantings a little more structure.
    Great inspirational images.

  16. Erika,
    I love your blog and read it daily. I have a question(unrelated to this post). I am hanging drapes in my house and I re-read your post regarding cafe curtains and using drapery hooks. But, I am wondering do you place the hook directly on the ring or use the rings with a small ring attached to the bottom and attach it there? I hope this made sense. Thanks in advance for your help!

  17. Courtney, the big poufy purple things are a bulb called Allium.
    They are in the onion family, I plant them in the fall in the NW. It’s hard to tell, but those might be Gladiator or Globemaster.

  18. This is a fantastic yard. Perfect timing as we are just in the planning part of our own yard redo. Thank you!!

  19. I just want to say that I think you must be in nice people in blogland! I enjoy your blog and what you find for us. Thank you. Be blessed! I would like to see giant container gardens including some neon pathos and many other greens and whites.

  20. I’m loving your blog and have been digging through the archives, when I came upon this entry. I’m from Vashon! What a strange coincidence, and the last thing I’d expect to appear here! Most of the houses on Vashon are quite secluded though, so it makes me wonder what other gems are hidden out there in the forest.

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