my pretend dining room

If I had a dining room… a real dining room… I'd have raised panel walls painted green with the trim to match.  The draperies would be made out of this fabric


My table would look like this

Amy perlin walnut convent table

And my chairs would be these

Carnegie hill antiques 8 french dining chairs

Upholstered in this

800-29 perennials jake  

With these (wired) and hanging over the table…

Circa antiques

And the wall over the sideboard (by the way the walls are a slightly darker shade of green than the sideboard) would be chock full of my mother's Majolica (on plate hangers), because she just all of a sudden got tired of it and passed it down to me…

Pieces sideboard

A basic seagrass rug under foot…


And in the kitchen Ina would be preparing the meal… wanna join me for dinner in my dining room?



  1. Love it!! As long as we’re pretending can I please have those lanterns..pretty please?

  2. I course I would join you. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous table *sigh*…I love 1stdibs.

  4. such a fun post. :D

  5. Fab! When can I come over all bring the brownies!

  6. i am in love with the french dining chairs

  7. Looks like perfection to me…

  8. Kandace says:

    … and this is precisley why I love your blog – you put together these amazing simple un-ostentatious rooms.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. Oh, Majolica! I’m just starting to collect and am debating hanging some in my living room around a framed scarf we have. Love dreamy dining room!

  10. I am so there! What can I bring? Brownies? Cheesecake bites? Bread pudding?
    By the way, great dining room!

  11. Should I bring red or white wine? Probably the white so the rug does not get any spills… what a great dinner party it would be, so relaxed and in such a stylish dining room!
    lamaisonfou blog

  12. Sounds divine.

  13. Love it! Can you give me advice as to where to find a good seagrass rug like you show…for my living room…that won’t break the bank?
    Thank you…

  14. I’d join you!
    Can you give any resort or hotel recommendations for Seaside?? (we’d be traveling with a 2 year old)

  15. Is there room for six guests??? I’d promise to do dishes!

  16. Um…Yeah-uh….Thought you’d NEVER ask! ;)

  17. You know I would. Can I hold the baby while you stir?

  18. I’m in! Can we have 3 high chairs and wine? oh yes and fudge pie?

  19. Be there, or be square.

  20. BTW – That table is TDF.

  21. BTW (to the second exponent): Your taste is perfect!

  22. I would love to join you in your beautiful dining room. I always joke at the end of Ina and Giada’s shows that I want to be their friends. They’re always having parties. You have such a beautiful design taste.

  23. It’s always good to dream and you have done well in yours!

  24. That room, Ina cooking and you as host??? Count me in!

  25. LOVE that fabric….and all of it! Beautiful! What time did you say dinner would be served? ;)

  26. Oh, yes I do. Anywhere that Ina is cooking…
    I love the drapery fabric. It reminds me of a wallpaper that I fell in love with by Brunschwig & Fils.

  27. I can see it perfectly!!! beautiful!

  28. Michele says:


  29. Laurin Maddux says:

    Umm….beautiful! I want to join you! Pick me!

  30. Yes, please! Sounds beautiful, and with Ina it would be delicious too!

  31. Carol Ann says:

    I’m there…just name the date and time. I will bring my famous Cheesecake!
    Great choices for your diningroom…but maybe Microfibre on the chairs for now… with the baby coming…
    Have a great weekend, Regards,Carol Ann

  32. Yes, me too please! Erika, I love reading your blog. I checked out your portfolio too and you do beautiful work. Like you, I made miniature model houses growing up as well as was addicted to doll houses! Thanks for the inspirations! P.S. you are your sis are adorable. Congrats on your pregnancy!


  34. Yes please, looks divine!

  35. The latern idea is great.

  36. I loved dining in the one you have now:0 Not really a “dining room” but I loved it all the same:) Miss you! I sent you something today so look for it!

  37. yes please!

  38. Dianne Rainer says:

    I love your decorating. I’m Kelly Rainer’s mother-in-law. I love that you combine old and new effortlessly.

  39. Thanks for posting the drapery fabric. I have a green dining room and haven’t been paying much attention to it (other rooms need more immediate help). This gave me some fun ideas! How are you feeling? How is Chance? xx

  40. so beautiful! i am head over heels for the lanterns– how rustic chic!

  41. Love it!

  42. Erika– brilliant!

  43. Soooo scary! I was just looking at that fabric last week and loving those birds. Hope you feel well soon!

  44. My pretend dining room looks awfully similar. If only…

  45. All planned out…just like that. That would have taken me months to put together (not that I would have EVER been able to find/come up with that no matter how much time I had) and I would question and worry over each choice. Somehow, when you say it, I know it’s just right. Aghhh. talent :)

  46. That fabric is beautiful. I can see where it alone would inspire a whole room. Love your selections. Comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. Your design reflects the way we live today.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  47. Emily Young says:

    I LOVE IT! We are currently using our dining room as a playroom and I am playing around with what I want to do as a dining room. This is inspirational! What are your thoughts on sisal versus seagrass rugs? Is one better to use than the other in certain rooms? I never can tell.

  48. i’d love to join you!! i’d even “settle” for dinner in your pretty yard!

  49. Can you let me know the name and manufacturer of the fabric for the drapes

    thank you!

  50. I know this is a couple of years late, but where did you get that fabric. I’ve been looking for it everywhere.


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