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Nicole over at Kirei Nest did a little interview with moi… on a very relevant topic these days: NESTING.  Nicole, thanks for having me, it sure was fun to think about my favorite and most useful household items!


  1. E- I love Lynn Chase too. cute write up! xo

  2. Erika, I love you more….could that be possible!
    You win cutest pregnant designer.

  3. i am convinced when i die & go to heaven, it will indeed smell as lovely as Patchoulis & the bathrooms will be just as fab!
    great interview.
    good luck these next couple weeks

  4. OK I’m hopping over to visit. xoox

  5. Great interview! I mentioned you in my post today. I covered my cork board in my office like yours with the nailheads. I linked to you site!

  6. Nice interview. Lovely blog.

  7. You’re so stinkin cute! You crack me up with the cow comparison! :)
    Oh- I ordered the renaissance costume off the internet. I’m going to try to sell it soon.

  8. I’ve been wanting to ask, but if this falls under “free decorating advice” just tell me to bugger off. :) Something you mentioned in the interview article jogged my memory: where can I find fun drawer liners? I’m not necessarily talking about $$$ stuff (you have incredible taste!), just something w/ a cute pattern etc – something not like that foam stuff at Target; my drawers need a little face lift!
    Thanks, E!

  9. Great interview! I loved that it said you were 9.5 months pregnant. I feel the same way at the moment!

  10. Thanks for sharing the interview with us! I’m getting married in December, and now I’m going to add the Cuisinart food processor/blender to our registry.
    I also meant to comment the other day and to say that I love the Barbie paper dolls for the nursery!

  11. I love Lynn Chase too! :) I got to spend the day with her when I worked at Bromberg’s in Birmingham.

  12. I LOVE that kitchen and used it for a class assignment as an example of my style. I have plenty of windows in my kitchen that might as well be walls because they face directly into the neighbors’ windows:( I long to one day have a kitchen with a sweeping veiw of a backyard…it would give the effect of eating outdoors but with the comfort of an air conditioner and minus the bugs.

  13. whoops, I realize I just posted a comment to the wrong post! great interview!

  14. The interview was great! Thanks for sharing the links to your interview with Kirie Nest.

  15. Erika,
    I’m back from my long weekend and can’t thank you enough for sharing in this interview! I love your blog now and know that it will only become more enjoyable with the addition of a little one to write about. Have a wonderful day!

  16. i have to ask, are they the green, leafyish plates from target? if they are i have those too and am majorly regretting the fact that i never bought more of them. i love them so much and i am down to three of the little cereal/ dessert bowls that are the most wonderful size. i hate when stuff gets discontinued.

  17. I found a UM08A72-XL part at Do you think this will work with my netbook?

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