no more wonky ring pull


honestly,  i was going to fix (photoshop) the pull this morning before i posted.  but i knew you observant people would go to Jenny & Lindsay’s blogs and wonder why the ring pull was crooked there. 

thank you my fellow type As.  it is still not perfect.  but as good  as i can do with a cold and a long day at the office.

i considered monogramming the pillows and ironing the sheets.  but then i decided that was taking it a step too far.

*- i officially need to get a grip.  i came back this morning and snagged the remote control off the nightstand and fixed the ring pull on the bottom right… it too was a little crooked.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love it. :) Ok, ok, so the sheets I know are wrinkled, but that was before I bought a steamer. :) And people, keep in mind that when I took the picture and posted it on my blog, only two people saw it – my husband and my Mom. If I had known it would make it this far, I would have prepped a bit more! ;) Thanks for the late night giggle over here. Lindsay @ PennnyPeople

  2. Uh, guess I should have refreshed your blog before commenting! HA! Girl, you’re even crazier than I am!

  3. Would never have noticed the sheets or the “wonkiness” if you hadn’t mentioned them. All I can see is that gorgeous headboard!

  4. Too funny! Our sheets are ALWAYS wrinkled. It does drive me crazy if the very top part that shows is wrinkled, but J says no one will see it but us and not to worry with it.

  5. I think Type A is precious. That kind of thing makes me nutso, too.

  6. High five fellow type A-er. I would have removed the remote control too!

  7. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! That bugged me too, and I kept thinking “if I just had the Photoshop skills…” You rock!

  8. You’re hilarious! Wish I was as picky. :)

  9. this made my night. That crooked ring pull was driving me crazy too. Thanks for making the fix.

    also, you mentioned monogramming the pillows and it got me thinking and wondering. What are some of your favorite monograms for sheets, towels, etc. As far as home goods, what do you recommend monogramming and what do your think looks best plain? Do you think it is necessary to match monograms that are used in a bedroom to the monograms used in the connected bathroom? And what size monogram is your favorite? Sorry for all of these questions, but I figured you would be the perfect one to answer.

    Thanks, Erika!

  10. oh, too funny. I wish you had.

  11. Oh you are so freaking funny Erika! I couldn’t stop staring at that wonk pull when I first saw it on LGN this morning at like 7am, it was like a blinding light. I know what you mean about the monogrammed pillows. But I kinda like the wrinkled sheets. Maybe cause I’m a mess like that. The remote killed me too, I’m with Kate on that one, we don’t even have a TV so I guess I can’t deal with remotes. Who am I to judge, my house has trim half painted, wonky blinds and no rugs right now!

  12. I love you but I never in a million years would have noticed the wonky pull… and when I read this post title I was like, “What the heck is a WONKY PULL RING” seriously, I had no clue what I was in for! I love you and I think you are HILARIOUS

  13. Hmmm, monogramed sheets = more work making up the bed!! Can’t…get…the…tSg…to…line…up…with…the…middle…of…the…headboard…aaaggghhh!

  14. This just has me laughing and laughing. After I read the first post, I couldn’t stop thinking about that ring pull all day. Literally. But a friend recently called me “Type A+” … apparently my idiosyncrasies are THAT out of hand in the control department. I’m STILL laughing because I hoped if you fixed the one on the bottom left, you’d ALSO do something about the one on the bottom right. Oh, well. Don’t let it bother you that I won’t get much sleep tonight. ;)

  15. I’m SO glad to know I’m not the only one that obsesses about stuff like that. I’m a type A on crack most days. And yes…the bedding needs to be ironed! I just bought a shower curtain the other day, but haven’t hung it yet because I haven’t had time to iron it.

    Fellow Type A’s need to unite!

  16. hahahahaha, love it…it was driving me crazy too. there’s a crooked chair I didn’t catch in a photo of one of our projects that is turning up ALL OVER blogland and it makes me want to scream everytime I see it!

  17. Too funny – i am totally with you. My husband is always roling his eyes at me because I do things like get up in the middle of a movie we’re watching to straighten something on the mantel, or pick up a crumb on the floor. I am the first to admit I am compulsive but I’m not ashamed to admit it!

  18. yea!!! round one goes to the OCD people!

  19. you are hilarious! It does look good though.

  20. great work!! Looks so much better!

  21. I would have done the same thing, that is really funny that you went back and changed this :)

  22. So glad I’m not the only one (besides Martha) who irons sheets!

  23. Crack me up!

  24. Your semi-OCDness is cracking me up.

  25. Ohhh my gosh, you are hillarious. Attaway to let the OCD hang out though! That’s why we love you!

  26. That is really funny! I will have to admit, the remote was KILLING me! I would have done the same thing.

  27. love the OCD, sign of a good designer

  28. Wonky is such a funny word! Sounds like honkey! ha ha ha

  29. I’m cracking myself up right now! This must be delirium!

  30. Erika you are so funny but seriously…I get it! I felt the same way. xoxo

  31. I will say that I am one of those people that can’t stand things that are not straight. My husband says that I have a built in leveler in my head. I can eyeball a picture when hanging it and I can tell if it is 1/8 of an inch off. Now the sheets…wrinkles bother me but not enough to iron. I hate ironing. The photo is beautiful!

  32. Ha!! Watch out… Photoshop will suck you in and 5 hours later you’ll be wondering what day it is. But thank you for fixing the wonky pull! xoRH

  33. Thanks Erika, I will now remember to use a stylist’s eye to give my pics the once-over before I post them on my blog. You know, just in case the pics go viral. I don’t want to be “Erika-fied” too, lol! You’re hilarious.

  34. Will come over once in a while and fix everything around here with the tweak of your mouse??

  35. Amazing & Genius!!! Love the whole blog!!

  36. thank you for the changes. :)

  37. Ok, I LOVE this headboard and have been eyeing this bed at Crate and Barrel for years, but don’t love the platform bed aspect of it. Does anyone know if just the headboard is available somewhere? I have to have it!

  38. Erin – I’ve seen a whole bunch of similar headboards out there but check out this post from a fellow blogger, she made a headboard, inspired by the Colette Bed. I hope this helps!

    Link to post:

  39. Glad to see that she has a sense of homour about her poor bedroom getting “cleaned up”! Thanks for posting the makeover, she did an awesome job!

  40. The thought some fabulous Leontine lines came to mind to work with that fabulous headboard!

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