oh, and about the terrihuahuas

I know you dog lovers are wondering how Penelope & Paisley are adjusting to life with a new sister.  The other day while I was nursing sweet Sloane in her room they decided to join us. 

c terriers in bouncy seat

c penelope in bouncy

c double decker dogs

Are they not hilarious?  Allyson, thank you for loaning us your bouncy seat… we promise we will wash it before we return it to you!  I think we need to be on the look out for two more bouncy seats!? 

In other terrihuahua news: yesterday’s mail brought a little terrihuahua tribute… look what Meg sent to Sloane:

onesie from meg

A custom onesie of her canine sisters silhouttes!  There were two other cute hand painted designs along with this one that we also love – thank you Meg!!  And a special thank you to all the other blog readers that have been showering us with lots of love and fun surprises… we are so grateful!!!

{If you are fairly new around here, let me explain that while “terrihuahua” might sound like  a rare (exclusive) mix breed (like a Labradoodle), it is with much pride I must inform you… they are both rescues.  The breed name I made up for them makes them feel like more than a “mutt” (which is a forbidden word in our house).  They are not related, we rescued them a few years apart, but they are both a mix of Jack Russell Terrier + Chihuahua… hence “Terrihuahua”.} 

If you are interested in a Terrihuahua of your own check out: www.petfinder.com


  1. I can’t stop laughing….they are adorable.

  2. That is too adorable! Those definitely put a smile on my face. : )

  3. LOVE IT! They are just reminding your that they are your babies too!

  4. I love it! The pups seem to be staking their claim on the bouncy seat!

  5. Wow, how cute is that onesie? And I’m not even a dog person (although, clearly, your adorable pups are lovely). Glad things are going well enough for you to post!!!

  6. Gah! They are adorable!

  7. Erika, that is ridiculously adorable and so is Baby Sloane. God Bless!

  8. Oh what a cute image. I’m so glad the furry ladies are enjoying their new sister.

    Erika she is just the cutest thing ever! I know you and Chance are enjoying every second you have with her. Enjoy! Plus take lots of pictures!!!!

  9. oh my goodness!! they are so silly and cute crammed in that bouncy seat!

  10. The dogs in the bouncy seat are HILARIOUS!!!Love reading your blog. I had never actually heard of Terrihuahuas until your blog. I told my husband I want one…but I think two may be better!!

  11. That little onesie is so cute! But I think you’re going to have some trouble with the terrihuahuas adjusting. Clearly they like being the babies :)

  12. Dang, dang cute!

  13. Ok so I am cheesy by saying “long time reader, first time commenter” but yes, that’s me :) Just wanted to say I nearly FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR at that cuteness (although it doesn’t top any Sloane cuteness… just a different type) and LOVE that you don’t use the word Mutt. Neither do we- we have 2 pugs and a bugg- a boston x pug. I love the blog and thanks for always being inspiring!

  14. Hilarious – do they like it on vibrate?

  15. AHHHH!!! I’m just grinning ear to ear at these little rascals!!!! They are so funny E, they really are S’s sisters!!! I can’t get over them in that bouncy seat! Too too cute! :) Can’t wait to see S decked out in what I can imagine is a pretty amazing hand-me-down wardrobe hand-made by Darby! :) xxxxx

  16. PS. When or if Courtney starts having Malaysian babies, I’m going to make one with Burkley’s big lovey furry face on it too!

  17. The photo of the two of them curled up in the bouncy seat could not be more adorable. And the onesie?…to die for.

  18. Too cute!…its like their own little nest- so cozy!

  19. This is too funny! Have you done a big nursery reveal yet? I hope I didn’t miss it.

  20. i like to think that they’re warming the bouncy chair for Sloane :)

  21. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Is there room in there for Burger?


  22. so cute. i know my chocolate lab would never fit in one of those, but he probably would try for a little attention.

  23. Your dogs are adorable! Would you share where Meg ordered that cute onesie from?

  24. ha! too cute!

  25. that is hilarious! i love how they are making the bouncy seat all theirs. and the onesie is too cute!!

  26. Ah, that is adorable! If Penelope & Paisley are anything like my dog, they probably think you got the bouncy seat just for them. They are so sweet, snuggling up together like that. So glad you caught it on camera!!

  27. P&P are a hoot!! They are so cute! I’m glad they have been good watching over their beautiful baby sister. xoxo

  28. Love it! Love it! Who knew that would be the perfect dog bed for them?!

  29. Love the pictures…dogs can be so entertaining. We call our black lab/husky mix a “lusky” we think that it is funny and so much more complimentary then “mutt”.

  30. The pictures of them both in the bouncy seat has got to be one of the cutest and most hysterical things ever!

  31. Ok that is a riot (dogs in bouncy seat) do they know about the vibrate function yet? Good times are coming!

    Congrats on your new sweet wee one. It’s all magic.

  32. I am certain my dog would do the same.

  33. That is just TOO CUTE!

  34. That is laugh out loud funny and sooooo sweet.
    You can tell their is lots of love in your house.

  35. I am very glad to see that your puppies have taken over Sloane’s bouncy seat…In our house it has been taken over by the cats.

  36. One day I saw a pillow with this wise quote “If you want to know which it is the most comfortable place in the house you just have to look for the dog!” and…here you are! :)
    Congratulations for baby Sloane! Gloria, from Spain.

  37. Oh, how precious! I love that they are warming up that bouncy for Sloane.

  38. funny! it couldn’t have been cuter if you’d staged it.

  39. The dogs are adorable – if my 80 lb. lab could have fit in my daughter’s bouncy seat, I’m sure she would have climbed up in it, too! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

  40. This is classic! Aren’t dogs the best!? It is amazing how they just know when there is a baby around. Sloane is so beautiful, Erika! Congrats again!

  41. that is hilarious! And they really do everything together, don’t they? so cute!

  42. Those two crack me up! They’re too funny!!! Oh and I was at the vet with Zip and Wiz and I saw some pups that look like P&P. I asked the woman if they are terrihuahuas. No wonder she thought I was crazy!!!!

  43. Well, they’re adjusting well! Are you sure they are a mix? They look like toy fox terriors, a breed my aunt has always had… they are the spitting image of them. Your little ladies might not be “mutts” but no matter they are adorable and well-loved.

  44. Oh I’m SO glad you mentioned petfinder.com. I need to do more posts on them too! We’re all about rescuing! And I’m thinking….3 bouncy seats all with your 3 babies lined up will be adorable!

  45. I love the fabric on your chair- is it a slip cover?

  46. too cute! i caught my dalmation pound puppy trying out the bouncy seat when our little girl was born. unfortunately, she’s not quite as light on her feet and the seattouch the floor :) and i love, love, love the onesie!! how can i get one??
    congrats to you and your hubby! what a precious little girl.

  47. By far one of the cutest pictures I have ever scene! So sweet!

  48. I too have this bouncy seat! But instead of this ingenious use of it, our new son particularly loves it b/c he has acid reflux – something I HOPE you don’t have to go through! :)
    Congrats on everything. Our son Ollie was born at the end of June, so everything you are going through is still very fresh to me! Love every minute of it!

  49. I love it! The pictures of the two of them snuggled up in the bouncy seat is beyond precious! Love that onesie too!

  50. Sally Wheat says:

    That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  51. Ahhhhhh! The cutest thing I have ever seen!

  52. Just checking-in on your blog while I am traveling in London. So happy to hear that your furry babies are adjusting well to their new little sister, Sloane. :) Cheers!

  53. oh, those little dogs are so cute! we have a jack russell and who is so spoiled i can’t imagine what she’ll do when we have a little baby someday!

  54. LOL! So adorable!

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