old file, pleasant surprise

I love it when I go back into old files in my computer and find surprises.  I was hunting down a photo to visually demonstrate a tapered island leg for an out of town client… when suddenly I spied a little black and white spotty-dotty terrihuahua…


Back when this picture was taken Penelope was an only child.  And because I have to be fair… here's a picture of Paisley that Chance took last night.  It was storming and storms make the girl very nervous.  She is only allowed on the sofa and upstairs when it storms, she milks it for all it's worth.


I cropped out my big bare pregnant belly.  When Paisley isn't digging her terrierfied little chin into me she's panting excessively.  She's scared to death, but it looks like a smile.  Bless her heart, she makes us laugh so hard. 


We love her to pieces… but she's gonna be in for a rude awakening in 6.5 short weeks.


  1. Poor doggie – look at her sweet little face!

  2. Poor Penelope! She’s so scared……and looks so sweet!
    Dogs are fantastic…trully friends! Keep taking care of her…

  3. Aww, what cuties they are!!

  4. never commented before, but i adore your blog… as well as your sister’s. one question, is Penelope sitting on a stool in your very own kitchen?! i recently looked at your portfolio and that is by far THE BEST looking kitchen. i love everything about it. you have such a gift for what you do! take care…

  5. Our english bulldog was queen bee until our son was born last September. The doggies definitely take a back seat once the babies arrive! :)
    Cute pictures!

  6. She’s sooo cute!!! She looks like my char when she “smiles” :)

  7. I hate to hurt Penelope’s feelings but that kitchen is even more fabulous than she is! :) And kiss sweet Paisers and tell her she’ll be just fine!

  8. so sweet – can you believe you only have 6.5 weeks left?? I’m a few weeks behind you and the weeks are starting to fly by for me… you’ll be a great mama and can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl :)

  9. Oh, bless her heart is right! Look at that little muffin! We are going to get a tape of baby cries to prepare the dogs. And I’m sure you’ve heard the old trick of bringing home the baby’s blanket for the dogs to smell before you return home with her? Still, like you said, the shock will be a big one!

  10. is that your kitchen? i love, love, love it! you are one talented gal. also, im really loving watching the nursery come together. its adorable

  11. The kitchen is super lovely! And your sweet Paisley made me laugh – thank you for that! Hang in there Paisley, you’re in for a rude awakening soon enough! :)

  12. paisley is just too cute (and i love her name, so clever!) oh and love that kitchen too! you are so talented.

  13. I bet your furry girls will be great big sisters to your baby girl!

  14. her poor little hears plastered to her head, so sad:)6.5 weeks, time really does fly. Probably faster for me though than you:)

  15. Michele says:

    love the dogs, but I also have to say that that is one of my all time favorite kitchens!! Wish I’d seen it before I redid mine.

  16. 6.5 weeks?! OH MY HEAVENS! i am just so excited for you.
    and that grin of paisley’s. too funny.

  17. Both P & P are adorable. I remember the days when Kelly was scared of thunder when she could hear. WOW the days flew by- less than 2 months you will have another sweetie. Do you think they sense the arrival of your sweet baby girl? Hugs my friend. xoxo

  18. let’s just hope they don’t think Peanut is in the same category as Buddy the UPS man. :)

  19. I had the same kitchen question, is it yours? Fabulous either way! Our dog doesnt mind the storms, he just freaks about the neighbors dog that always tries to do bad things to him. Poor guy.

  20. my golden doesn’t like storms either. she always finds a good hiding place {usually under someone’s feet}.

  21. I am just starting to post on your blog, and trying to catch up, but i wanted to tell you congrats on your soon to be loved one!
    Your dog is too cute too. It is a King Charles?

  22. My oh my – that kitchen is positively gorgeous! And so is the little pooch. :) the color of the island is amazing.

  23. Love your design – love your belly. I think it is miserable the last month, so you’ll be willing to do anything to get the baby out! But, so worth it.

  24. I love these pics. I love my dogs, they are my babies.

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