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photo from Elle Decor, September 2009

If you don't have a subscription to Elle Decor you are missing out.  It is my favorite.  Last week was so busy the September issue almost dry rotted as it sat on the front table begging me to stop and look every time I passed by.  Over the weekend I finally dug in… and I spent a good hour soaking it all in.  The unlacquered brass pulls and faucets… so delightful there are not words to describe them.  

This particular article is on Mark Badgley and James Mischka's horse farm in Kentucky… ahhh my beautiful home state*.  The photography is by Roger Davies.  The horse farm is amazing.  The kitchen above is one I could move right into and not change a single thing… that is rare.

The blurb on the photo says this:

The kitchen is sheathed in subway tile from Urban Archaeology; the pendant lamps over the sink are by Rejuvenation, the range is La Cornue with a hood by Broan, and the sinks from Rohl have fittings by Newport Brass.  A selection of copper and stainless-steel pans and some of Mischka's many cookbooks.

I wish these guys would have me over for dinner.

Some of those sources listed are my favorites – here are some links:

Urban Archaeology, Rejuvenation, La Cornue, Broan, Rohl, Newport Brass

*- where I spent a majority of my 'growing up years'


  1. Completely agree.

  2. You know what impressed me the most beside the beautiful design? Their use of materials from places that I recognized. So often I feel so out of my league in this respect–everything is to the trade! I loved seeing the rejuvenation lights, the restoration hardware furniture, etc. It made these guys so endearing and accessible in their design.
    We are copying that kitchen. :)

  3. I too was excited to see a KY house featured as KY gets a bad rap a lot of the time in the media!

  4. would you know i had a draft written about that exact kitchen, waiting to be published on my work blog?
    love it!
    no need to post mine now :) you said it all!

  5. I love it, thanks for the recap!

  6. Great article, esp. about one of my favorite places on this planet. Love how Mischka said, “My new favorite ingredient is country ham!”

  7. living in lexington, ky, i was thrilled to see such a wonderful article on their house. i might just have to take a drive over to bourbon co. and check them out. maybe bring them some homemade beer cheese?

  8. i live in Lexington and i absolutely love that Badgley Mischka have a home here. maybe people will actually recognize what a beautiful place it is here!

  9. I used to compete in horse shows in Ky. I love it there so much. This farm would really work for me and my 2 horses!

  10. I think I could move in tomorrow too! It’s beautiful! I hope they have you for dinner… if they do, can I come too?!

  11. Alcea Alba says:

    I’m back from traveling and catching up with your wonderful blog. I missed so much! I saw this kitchen photo a few days ago and just knew you’d love, love, love this kitchen – hah! It certainly is perfection. Also, wonderful stuff happening in the nursery. Glad you’ve been posting updates on that. I’m catching up slowly but everything looks terrific.

  12. It is indeed perfection. I’m especially drawn that their clever placement of a “pot rack,” and the collection of cookbooks – organized by spine color {swoon}

  13. Susan Wormser says:

    I hope you saw that they had Leontine Linens on their beds with different monograms???
    Thanks for sharing!
    Susan Wormser

  14. says:

    lovely, galley kitchens always get a bad rap don’t know why. Sadly it is poor example of kitchen design the frig is too far away from sink and stove. You would go crazy to cook in it.

  15. I’m in love with their bedroom. I love the monograms on the bed.
    My favorite quote is “People can spill”. That’s my kind of home.

  16. so funny, erika. i immediately thought of you when i first saw it.
    hope you’re hanging in there!

  17. love this!! looks like one of yours E. great use of the subway tiles and book shelves…I’m sure I have that many in my almost never used kitchen..haha

  18. i live in ky, but who knew that they lived here too! nice…..leotine linens are my fave

  19. I also thought of you when I read, scanned, copied, drooled over and posted these pics myself! Obsessed!

  20. Really has a unique look…and what I like is making the kitchen look more like the rest of the house and the rest of the house merging into the kitchen.

  21. My eyes always jump to the simple touches in a room that have big impact. I loved the use of the books covered in a variety of colors on the shelves in the kitchen. (Why don’t my cookbooks look like that?)I makes a big impact in an otherwise neutral setting.

  22. This really is a wonderful kitchen. Beautiful subway tile ~ a favorite of mine, pretty touches…. and they did not cover the radiator. Sometimes they need to be covered but often times not. I did not cover the radiator in a Showhouse I did; it maintained the integrity of the room. Love that in this room too!
    Paula Grace ~

  23. i love your blog & all the great inspiration it gives. i see that my fellow kentuckians are all in agreement that we LOVE to see such a beautiful example of KY living! and how fun that you spent much of your growing up here too!
    happy blogging!

  24. love that subway tile..i must have some in my house someday!

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