Peter Dunham does it again


peter dunham has a new website

fig leaf has some hot new competition.



okay, it is only fair to give the fig a little press too… it is one of my all time favs.


via The Speckled Egg(thanks Jane!)


  1. I’ll take 30 yards of the blue stars! Love you, Sis… JM and I are chillin’ eating cookies and Cheerios wishin’ you were here to join us! Love YOU!

  2. no worries, e! glad you liked it. pretty darn cool fabrics.

  3. oh – I want to sew some summer frocks.

  4. erika – the “surprise” is finally in the mail. yay!
    love the fabrics!

  5. I like them all!!
    Have a golden weekend!! xoxo

  6. I LOVE the big leaf print. Check this out, I found something that made me think of you:
    Have a great weekend!! :)

  7. hmm, more fuel for you erika to have your own line of textiles.
    I mean really, I can only imagine what fun they would be.
    little school houses, paisleys, plumbing, random greatness.

  8. jennifer greenlee says:

    I am coming to your neigborhood in April for some much needed R&R and would like to know of any “Must See” stores we need to make time for. We are staying at Rosemary Beach.

  9. I think I spied the one fabric in the new Coastal Living (third one from the top?). I loved that little bathroom, the fabric looks perfect in it!

  10. Heidi biggs says:

    I’m trying to find the second from the top on Peter Dunham’s website but can’t. Do you know the name of it?

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