slow but sure

I ain’t gonna lie… life as a working mother is a lot to handle. So much for the 30 free minutes I used to have to update the ole blog every so often. Over the weekend I did manage to get a little more done in the nursery. If you thought you missed the nursery reveal, alas you did not. I never dreamed I’d be back to work and the nursery would still not be at 100%.  I’m at the bottom of my own totem pole, of course I’ve kept trucking right along on work projects, but can’t seem to wrap up my own!  Good thing my precious little client loves me regardless!


  1. It looks great so far! I love how she is looking at your husband while he is working. too cute!

  2. Not to worry…it’ll all be there when you get a moment. Love that Sloane is taking it all in as Daddy does the “heavy lifting!” She’s destined to have a “great eye” for design!
    Best to you all!!

  3. Don’t you worry.. everything will get done. It looks great and i love how she is just chilling in her crib watching. Too cute!

  4. remember how everyone said, “you have no idea, until you have one of your own.”? true isn’t it? hang in there erika. and try to remember at all times, this baby stuff passes by you so very fast. so don’t sweat getting stuff done, and things you “used to be able to do”, one thing i had to learn as a mom (and was really hard to accept) was the old me is gone forever. while that sounds dramatic and sad, as long as you can accept that the new you is like a thousand times better all will be good.
    i love the little one looking up at her daddy. so cute. she looks so cuddly.

  5. What a muffin. I’d love to chill in that nursery. I actually remember how peaceful my nurseries were too and when the babies were at Mother’s Morning out I’d want to take a nap in their rooms.

  6. I think she likes it. Look at that face…

  7. props to annmarie…i see her beauty being hung on the wall. YAY! sloane is precious!! lots of love! julie :-)

  8. What a darling girl. Don’t worry. It is like having a really good friend, you do not see each other for a long time but when you get back together, you pick up where you left off and it feels so good as if no time has passed at all. Only thing is, you have this beautiful daughter. Peace be with you.

  9. I totally agree with “my favorite and my best.” Embrace the “new Erika” and the reorganization of your priorities and all else will fall into place! All the Best!

  10. Looks great E! whenever you get to the blog we love to read!

  11. The plates look great! I want to climb in that crib, and sleep. Looks so comfy!

  12. Hang in there! You’ll eventually grow cleats and climb that totem pole! It’ll allllll get done!!!! You’re little sweetie is adorable!

  13. Don’t feel bad! I don’t blog very much anymore, and I don’t even have a little baby to care for! The nursery looks absolutely gorgeous, very inspiring! Can’t wait to see more!

  14. What a lovely scene. The plates are so unique. I love the rich surface and vintage elements. Enjoy your growing family!


  15. What a smart way to hang pics! Looks like it’s coming along wonderfully :)

  16. I love how she’s watching over the progress… can’t wait to see it all finished!

  17. Girl don’t you sweat it :) The updated-less-often-than-before blog or the not-quite-done-to-the-nines nursery. You’re right, precious Sloane will cut you slack, and so will we. Just keepi telling yourself that the nursery is “evolving” – you’re going for that layered over time look ;)


  18. What a lovely sight to see Daddy helping with the nursery decor. By the way I love all of the images in your post below!

  19. The nursery is looking great!!

  20. It’s looking great! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  21. awww…

    very pretty wall color.


  22. I love it that she’s watching! It’s even better.

  23. I think Sloane approves! Lookin good!

  24. Oh precious little girly! Her nursery is looking so sweet! And yes-I am adoring her in the outfit we chose for her!!! She looks good enough to eat :-)

  25. Look at that sweet girl! I love how your plates turned out – can’t wait to see the rest of the room.

  26. Love the way the nursery is coming along. I agree with everyone else. This precious time goes by *so* fast that you won’t even remember the nursery not being “complete”.

  27. I always think that the best rooms are the ones that take awhile to evolve into something great. Hang in there, and praying that you have the stamina to balance everything!

    I love the method you guys are using to hang the plates- collages are harder than I thought!

  28. I adore that picture of precious Sloan checking out Daddy working in her room.

  29. My totem pole changed a lot when I became a mother…and I don’t even work outside the home, so my hat is off to you, Erika. Your family is simply precious.

  30. E, Don’t feel bad. Nora is 4 1/2 months old, and I just hung the pics in her room last week. She didn’t seem to mind.

  31. You’re doing great!! Be encouraged that “HE who began a good work in YOU WILL bring it to COMPLETION until the day of CHRIST JESUS.”

  32. Ahhh, hanging things on the wall. Not the finer moments in my marriage! Two perfectionist trying to complete a task that at times, seems impossible. Thank goodness you didn’t need drywall anchors…can get ugly. Makes really smart, rational husbands, not so much! Your plates look great.

  33. Looks great! Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is out there. You are doing a great job! BTW, I hope the crib isn’t going to be directly under those lovely plates… about 5-6 months Sloane will be whipping them off the wall!

  34. can’t wait – can’t WAIT!!!!!!

  35. A Bla-Bla Mermaid!! Our favorite! Hang in there. It just gets better and better :)

  36. omg. you have changed my life. that is a BRILLIANT way to hang!! i’m showing my husband this post.

  37. I wouldn’t worry. Your adorable little client seems to like what she sees so far! (That is the CUTEST bumper I have ever seen by the way.)

  38. Don’t worry my nursery is still not done either!! At least you have the excuse that you’re back to work as well, I have no excuses!! She is soo cute!! I love how the plates came out!

  39. I love how she is watching over daddy that he hangs her plates just right. Too cute! xo

  40. These are the slowest minutes and fastest years of your life–time has a way of getting all wonky on you when you have kids. I love when I see the little “updated” button on the sidebar for Urban Grace– but it’s more important for you to hug that little angel all you can. It gets easier, too– not all at once, but slowly and surely.

  41. Erika,
    Sloane is so sweet, watching her daddy hard at work! The nursery looks terrific – you will get it all sorted soon and, in the meantime, I don’t think Sloane will mind a bit! I adore all of the little friends she has with her in her crib (and love the crib bumpers!) I’m sure you’re doing a great job – keep it up and take care of yourself!

  42. This is a darling picture, her expression is so sweet. Chance does nice work as well!!

  43. That is so true – she would love you to bits if you had her in a fruit crate in your room. Don’t stress about her room, it will get done and be gorgeous.

  44. I’m so with you! I checked my Google Reader today and was laughing that I have over 400 unread posts! How does one ever keep up with anything with a newborn? Especially when one returns back to work. I just keep telling myself that it does get much easier to handle–once they hit a year. ;)

    You’re doing great mom!

  45. The thing I have learned most from motherhood is to adjust my expectations. For myself. For my children. Of others. Loved the sneak peak of the baby and nursery. Your awesome!

  46. These are the times that us mothers of toddlers and older children miss :-) Enjoy.

  47. whenever we hear you it is always fabulous! can’t wait to see your reveal.

  48. I feel you, working and mommying is a lot to handle. I’m actually heading your way over the weekend with another working mommy friend for a girl’s (and nursing babies) weekend at the beach-maybe we’ll get to bump into you. Love the nursery and precious Sloane is so adorable. Love all that hair!

  49. I love little Sloaney watching daddy decorate:) So precious! I love you and miss you!!

  50. Ohhhhhh! Can’t wait to see the completed nursery!!! :)

  51. I so love the pics of Sloane in her crib while daddy works! Enjoy this time of craziness because I promise you, you’ll look back and remember it fondly and forget how hectic it was!

  52. love that baby boss is just giving orders.

  53. Oh Erika…I cannot even imagine how tough it must be right now. I am sure you are exhausted and overwhelmed, Love the way the nursery is coming together … cannot wait to see he final reveal when you are ready.

  54. You have had your baby! Congratulations. I am behind on reading your lovely blog. I need to catch up…


  55. I promise it does get easier. I had friends tell me this and I kept wondering when? when? But it does……

  56. Erika, I can so relate. I thought for sure the baby’s nursery would be done before I gave birth, or at least before I started working again, but not so. I can’t wait to finish it so there’s at least one room in my house that’s finished. Soon, soon… Meantime, the work keeps piling up! I just remind myself that it’s better to be working here and there and working for myself than having a real maternity leave and having to return to a job I dislike. So we have that going for us, huh?! PS Sloane looks like a little angel in her crib, OMG. I love how both our girls have a full head of hair!

  57. Hi I’m Lauren from Home with and I have linked your blog in a award. I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it and browsing your archives!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!


  58. Oh my goodness! Precious! Look at her looking at daddy work! Love the sneak peek of the nursery. You are so talented.

  59. Suzanne says:

    I found your site on Pinterest and I love your crib! I have one like it (except a mini crib) from my childhood that I want to use. Everywhere says that you shouldn’t use a crib that is older than 5 years (maybe?), and I think that sounds ridiculous! How did you decide that your crib was ok, and what did you tell people who tried to make you buy a new crib? Mine is 28 years old and was stored in an attic. It doesn’t have drop sides, so I don’t have to worry about that.

  60. This is the most precious nursery ever! I am 23 weeks preggo right now and actually saved your link a while back because I LOVE this nursery. I am trying to find someone to make a bedskirt and bumper pad. I am from Tallahassee and would love if you could guide me somewhere to have these custom made (near or far). I love the style of the bumper and am not able to find anyone so far with such skill. I am also curious what fabric was used (cream color, ivory?) for the bumper. Thank you so much in advance. I realize why I changed my major to Speech-Pathology from interior design the first day of college. lol I admire you and your talent!!! :)

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