still very pregnant

Hi friends.  Thanks for the emails and phone calls… I am trucking right along and still very pregnant.  I am working like a crazy woman, which leaves very little time for anything else… sorry! 


Do I really need to pack a hospital bag?  People keep asking me if my bags are packed… they aren't.  I did buy some magazines and snacks for Chance and family (I know I can't eat in the hospital until after the baby is born).  I'm afraid if I pack a bag I'll get impatient.  I know what needs to go in the bag… I just don't want the bag to haunt me every time I pass by it.  Am I crazy?


  1. Its your first baby, so you will have time to pack your bag after your contractions start and/or your water breaks. :) I have a six-month old and this is what I packed: undies and nursing bra, one or two nice (pretty) jammies (preferably gowns because you will NOT want to be getting in pants), minimal makeup, toothbrush/paste, hair scrunchies, good smelling lotion and my pregnancy pants, t-shirt and comfy shoes for coming home. List of emails/# to call with the good news…You won’t need much else. Hang in there!

  2. Anna Yother says:

    I didn’t pack my bag until the morning we went to the hospital. It drove Sam nuts that I wouldn’t do it sooner. Just don’t forget clothes to bring her home in like I did. Glad you are staying busy! Consider yourself hugged.

  3. yay! thanks for the post – having been thinking about you (like everyone else)… IF you can, pls post before you go to the hospital so we can all pray for you, Chance and the baby and send you positive thoughts.

  4. No need to pack your bag until the last minute if it makes you feel better. At least that is what I did. So glad I waited as I ended up being pregnant for 42 weeks, yup, that is two full weeks overdue! All the best to you and yours. Such an exciting time for the Powell household.

  5. If you don’t feel like packing, write each thing down and print it out so when the time comes you won’t forget anything.
    Still pregnant here too – 5 days left and no sign of of our girls imminent delivery! I packed my bag this time, but mostly because it is my second baby and my friend (who is tiny and adorable like you) who just had her second baby delivered in less than 1 hour which freaked me out! Plus, my husband would get on my case when I went into labor if I didn’t have it packed and didn’t feel like dealing with that….
    Thinking of you, and hope you are feeling well!

  6. Michelle Baker says:

    How sweet of you to think of snacks for everyone else! Don’t worry-you don’t need much! Nursing bras, gowns to wear (pants are definitely out), an outfit to go home in. A few outfits for the baby. I didn’t wear any make-up or even dry my hair after my shower. Besides you live so close to the hospital you can get someone to bring you anything you need! Hang in there. Your baby girl will be here before you know it.

  7. Ditto the last person! Definitely no need to pack and keep having to stare at it, but it would be really nice to have a list all ready so that you don’t have to think about it when you think you’re ready to go to the hospital:) Best wishes to you as you get so close – it’s such a beautiful and exciting and blessed time!!

  8. my advice (since you asked)-
    pack a bag now, and give it to your best girlfriend to take when she comes to see you at the hospital. Even first babies are known to come early, or to have unexpected complications (not to scare you, I just mean that it can happen). Packing a bag will probably not be something that you don’t want to leave to Chance- he’ll be too excited about everything going on, and he’ll want to be with you. But if looking at it will make you anxious, I’m sure your best friend will put it in her hall closet, ready to go see you and the little one as soon as she gets here.

  9. Erika,
    I had my bags packed too far in advance. The night gown I wanted to use during labor was big enough at eight months (when I tucked it into the suitcase) but was a TIGHT squeeze a month later at the hospital. Picture a banana skin over a watermelon…:)

  10. Maybe I’m the only one who gets scatterbrained – but I would want to pack it now (and tuck it in a closet so you dont see it) so that I didnt forget anything. I’ve been known to leave anything from my cell phone to my wallet to forgetting to pack undies when I’m rushed. IF you are like that, pack it and dont worry about it. If you aren’t, wait but maybe make a list so you dont forget anything.

  11. Here’s my 2 cents: You don’t necessarily need to have your bag packed, but at least keep a detailed list handy. We left for the hospital at 2am and completely forgot our video camera. Super disappointing. :( But hang in there. Waiting, waiting, waiting is the hardest part. Your beautiful baby will be in your arms any day now!

  12. I would definitely pack the bag! When you start heading to the hospital, you are WAY too excited, anxious, and nervous to remember everything….like nursing pads, nursing bra, robe, books, pillow, camera and BATTERIES (we forgot batteries, can you BELIEVE IT? and so we missed the video of our son being born), etc.

  13. Hi Erika!
    I’ve never commented before, but my friends and I all read yours and Darby’s blogs…we speculated all morning that you had the baby and you guys were too busy to blog! Good luck with everything :)
    Lacey Shaffer

  14. I adopted so I can’t help ya but I totally second the camera and batteries thing. No worse feeling than getting there and finding that you have one or the other of those things, or neither, it’s not exactly something the gift shop sells! :-) Many prayers and thoughts! I’m checking your blog every day and many prayers will go up the day of delivery!

  15. PS- my girlfriends always forgot their pillows and had to have me bring them. A pillow is something you use up until the day of so you can’t pack it. If you do pack a bag, put a note to get your pillow! {or send a sweet friend home for it! I never minded at all!}

  16. My friend just had her baby and you don’t need much. She packed make up and hair stuff but all you really need is clothes to go home in. You hang out in the gown most of the time.
    xoxo & good luck!

  17. Hang in there, you’re so close! My only tidbit is unless you are delivering @ The Four Seasons, all hospital food is DISGUSTING! Second time around, I brought all my own food (or had hubby bring things in from fave local places) and told hospital staff to not even bother making me a tray. So yes, snacks are really good idea – don’t forget a sweet or two; you will want that for sure (for afterwards, I mean).
    That aside, at least have a mental list of what you want, but you should be able to throw it all together, even last minute.
    Is that bag from Lands End? I likey.

  18. I would totally be a LATE packer! You are so funny! I’m sure you’re going to be ready when the time comes! I’m so excited for you!!! I’ll laugh if you have time for magazines :) But I’d totally bring them too! :)

  19. to each his own, but i had a bag packed fairly early. however i never needed one thing except panties while i was in there. i didn’t even brush my teeth until day 3. although i was in labor for almost 3 days. hard labor for 48 hours. i was basically asleep and under the influence of an epidural and lots of other drugs and could have cared less about a bag. but if it bothers you to look at a bag pack it and hide it in the closet. its always better to be safe than sorry. plus it sounds like you are busy all the time which i think is a good thing b/c it keeps you from staring at a clock. no?

  20. Christy Arendale says:

    Hi Erika,
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and Darby’s:) They are great!
    Anyhow, I had laugh and comment on this post as I reflected on my own birth experience. I too am a designer so I understand the trying to get everything possible done b/f baby comes! Two weeks before I was due I left my client’s house(that I still had a bit of work to finish up on:)) and headed to my weekly Dr. appointment. Anyhow, there were some concerns with the baby and they sent me straight over to the hospital to be induced. Needless to say, my husband and I were shocked and I had nothing packed! I figured I would be having her late since she was my first baby. Lesson learned…husbands who are trying to get adjusted to the idea that they are going to be daddy early are not too thrilled nor well equipt with running around the house trying to get all the random maternity and baby stuff you are trying to discribe over the phone…hee, hee My suggestion would be just have at least a few things packed or gathered somewhere that can be thrown in a bag easily:) Congratulations on your little one and I will be praying that you finish all the work you need to…but especially that you have a happy and healthy delivery! Best wishes:)

  21. PACK THAT BAG :)

  22. I suggest you take your own soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I REALLY appreciated the shower after I delivered and was SO GLAD not to have to use the ol’ hospital soap, etc. I also brought a couple of my own towels and wash cloths (I’m kind of funny about stuff like that), but bring old ones b/c they will get dirty.
    When you do pack, I suggest a toothbrush, etc. for Chance. Although you live close, it will make him feel better b/c I know he won’t feel like leaving (for long anyway) after that precious baby arrives (and I can only imagine the number of vistors)! Don’t worry, if you forget anything, I’ll be glad to bring it to you!!
    Oh- no matter what anyone says DO NOT LET THEM TALK YOU INTO THE CASTOR OIL HOME REMEDY!! I speak from experience :).

  23. maybe just back a bag and then shove it in a closet so you won’t walk by it all the time. best wishes~

  24. Ashley Pera says:

    Pack a bag…you never know! I have two little ones and I was caught off guard with the second one….lesson learned. Pack a bag or Chance will be bringing some funky stuff to the hospital!!! :) Ashley in Tennessee

  25. Just know when you pack it, the baby will come time next day…works for me ;-)
    On another note…you can always pack it and leave it in the trunk. Then again, this only works if you know you will be driven in your own car :-)

  26. Just be sure to check and see if your hospital provides underwear… I know, gross thought… but I thought the one I went to provided them (you know, the disposable kind for um… after the baby is here). They did not and I had to send someone out to get some. I recommend big grannie panties. I know, sounds so glamorous… and if by chance you have to have a c-section (crossing fingers you don’t!) bikini cut is definitely OUT. Oh, and flops for the shower.

  27. Pack the bag!!!

  28. Allison Walker says:

    I have to say I would pack or at least have a list. Things are such a blur during that crazy”I’m in labor” time. Definitely bring a pillow. I would bring NURSING gowns. otherwise you will have to pull up your whole gown to nurse(been there)! your own shampoos and such. I would go easy on the scents.your own OLD towels is a great idea.My baby got extra attention in the nursery b/c I had him dressed so cute( a darling hat)!! A journal for you, and a scrapbook page for footprints (they will put it right on the page)Remember everytime they bring your baby back to take all the diapers out of the bassinet. They will bring you more every time they bring her.You have paid for them whether you take them or not.Well that’s the important, been there done that, info tips. It will be great no matter what!!!

  29. Hi Erika!
    I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been reading your blog (and your sister’s) for a while.
    I had my first 16 months ago. I had my bag packed about 3 weeks early, and we finally induced when he was 11 days late!, so the bag just sat for a while. If you don’t want to pack it, just make a list of what you know you’ll want.
    Just a couple of other things I wish I’d known – save the ugly underwear they have you wear in there! I had an unexpected c-section, so I could not wear anything with elastic for a while (not sure if it’s the same with a vaginal delivery). I wished I had brought those home to wash and rewear! (and then throw away as soon as possible!)
    Also – we took a couple of dvds of old Friends episodes to pass some of the time. (We were there for 4 nights, so there actually was some downtime for us) It hurt me A LOT to laugh afterwards, so we just turned that off after a while – cause how can you watch Friends and not laugh?
    Anyways, she will be here before you know it! You will be in my prayers!

  30. E- Yes you need to pack a bag, I did it both time while in labor (not fun). Take some comfy clothes for after you have the baby and some shower stuff that will make you feel good. Take a towel too. Am thinking of you and eager for news!! OX

  31. Pack the bag. Honestly, there is no way to predict this little girl’s arrival. You could end up with your husband meeting you at the hospital with his best effort at packing that bag! Everyone else did a great job with the contents. My only advice, as a mom and previous OB nurse…be stingy with private time alone with your immediate family and new baby. Everyone means well, but too many visitors can be overwhelming. Best wishes in these upcoming days!

  32. Hi Erika!
    Glad to hear you are doing well. I always packed a robe to wear over the hospital gowns. That way when I had visitors I was somewhat covered up…especially when the whole breastfeeding thing “kicked in”. Also, don’t forget socks. Best of luck…we’ll be praying for you and your little baby girl.

  33. Maybe you will just know when to pack the bag. I will say, I think that advice is a hangover from when women were in the hospital for ten days and one had to worry about coordinating nightgowns and bed jackets with lipstick. And setting your hair. You know. I mean now what do you really need? And don’t fool yourself that you can wear your regular jeans home. And if you do – don’t tell me.

  34. Dang! I just finished having lunch with some of my friends who also read your blog and we were talking about you. We were convinced you had the baby since you, nor Darby, had posted since last week. I’m due in three weeks and I have already packed my bag and yes, now it’s just staring at me. Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear the news!

  35. Please, pack a bag! I didn’t and my baby came three weeks early. My doctor sent me straight from her office to the hospital with strict orders not to go home. Arrh! I am overly organized and I still kick myself to this day for not having my bag packed. This left me depending on my husband to know which toothbrush, lotion, shampoo, etc. to get. It was not pretty! Good thing everyone was focused on the baby! :)
    Best of luck, it will be amazing!

  36. Pack the bag and have Chance hide it so you don’t have to see it. Then when it’s time, he can play James Bond and go get your bag while you wait in the car ready to pop.
    Unsolicited advice: don’t pack a whole heck of a lot. Dragging suitcases, diaper bag, medicine, all your new baby gifts that arrive at the hospital plus a wee little one can be overwhelming when it’s time to go home. You’ll be most concerned about your baby and details like jewelry, your favorite make-up,etc. could easily be forgotten or lost.
    Be sure and have your favorite pillow and soft blanket. The pillows they give you at the hospital are no good!

  37. you might want to pack your bag just incase. i got sent from the doctors office straight to the hospital, luckily i had half of the bag packed and a list for the rest of the stuff i wanted in there. that made it easier for ike to come home and know exactly what i wanted. it just saves a little stress if you do have to get there in a hurry. on the flip side there is nothing that you probably HAVE to have right away. he can always get it for you later, but it does make it a little easier on the hubby if you have it done for him. he would be a nervous wreck if he had to do it on his own! haha :) good luck!

  38. I packed my bags and didn’t use anything it it!

  39. I don’t have kids yet, but I say at least get a cute bag ready!

  40. you are not crazy–you are right! the BAG will make you crazy!!! i know everyone’s experience is different, but most-likely your labor won’t go so quickly that you won’t have 10 minutes to throw your stuff together.
    instead of packing the bag, write a LIST of what you need in your bag! that will make you feel better. who doesn’t feel better after writing a nice list?
    and just remember, there’s NOTHING that you can forget that your husband can’t run home and get. after the baby’s born, of course.

  41. I’m due tomorrow and I’m packed, somewhat. Just toiletry items mostly. I’ve been advised to not to bring pretty nighties as they will get messy and definitely to bring my own pack of sensitive wipes for baby, as they do not provide them, but rather gauze and water for diaper changes. My husband will bring my clothes back and the baby’s going home outfit. Don’t want that stuff sitting all cramped up in a suitcase…
    Less is more…my sis had to switch rooms due to a C-section and it was a rush to clear out her room…they move quick in hospitals!
    Best of luck to you!

    I totally thought these were fun. Kicked the pants off of those blue hospital gowns. And ever so fashionable.
    No bag packed on my end either. It takes time for this whole process to happen and packing a bag makes me think I’m going to have the baby soon. And as much as I’d like it to happen, like now…it’s not going to happen quite yet.
    I ate three breakfasts the morning I went into labor with my son. I was terrified of not having food during a whole day of physical labor. How crazy was that??

  43. If you’d prefer not to pack the bag, at least have a list of stuff to pack…..(but I would pack the bag :-O !)
    Don’t forget big, granny underwear. I wouldn’t ditch the idea of jammie pants either- they worked great for me! Personal preference I think.
    I’m a newbie here so thanks for such a beautiful blog and GOOD LUCK!

  44. I’m due 9/20 and packed my bag a few weeks ago. The other day the nurse on duty told me I needed to head to labor and delivery right away (ended up being a false alarm) but it was a real comfort to know that my bag (nursing bra, fresh cotton panties, pads, magazines, snacks, flip flops, camera with charger) was in the trunk of the car if we were going to stay.
    I bought two of my own nursing gowns (Dear Johnnies) and they arrived within just a couple of days. I didn’t take them in with me for the false alarm, so I got to sit in the nasty, awkward hospital gown for three hours. Buy your own gowns if it’s not too late, is my advice.

  45. Wow! Way to start a topic that really brings in some comments! haha.
    PACK THE BAG!!!! You are bound to forget something. Put it in the back of the car so you don’t think about it.
    Don’t forget that car seat ;) Makes me want to be pregnant again even though I have a 4 year and 9 month old. Good luck! So exciting!!!

  46. Dianne Rainer says:

    I’m just so glad after the weekend you and Kelly had in South Walton Co. to see your blog. I thought maybe you had th baby.

  47. Katie Stork says:

    Best of luck! I packed my bag that day. I over packed really! But I should have packed a bag for my husband. Even though we lived less then 5 minutes away from the hospital he had a hard time leaving. I would pack a outfit for him to wear to sleep (I delievered at 11pm so he wasn’t prepared to sleep), and something for the day so that he can be just as ready as you when friends and family arrive.
    Even though my husband had to go home and let our dog out he still didn’t want to be away too long!!!
    Hope this advice helps! Best of luck on the new (soon to be) addition!

  48. Why not just pack it and put it in the trunk of the car? You will need it before you know it. MB

  49. Pack a bag, b/c once your in labor you may not want to think about getting everything together. I hear you have a good candy stash, go ahead and throw some in there. I ate mike and ikes right after shands was born! Please update (or get Darby to) right before you leave. nothing long just “were headed to the hospital”, just so we all can be praying for you. So excited for you!! can’t wait to see pictures of that beautiful little girl

  50. my 2 cents: Don’t bring too much stuff. Comfortable (roomy) clothes, nursing tops/gowns, toothbrush, camera. warm stuff for the baby…the hospital was so cold when we had Gabe and he needed a little sleeve with covers or mittens for the hands(he wriggled out of the swaddle blanket and scratched his face from day 1). newborn or sensitive wipes also come in handy. almost everything else they will have for you. On another note, consider staying home as long as you can stand it (unless your doctor tells you otherwise). We went to the hospital too early and ended up being there FOREVER.

  51. Meredith W. says:

    I was due on Saturday (an induction is set for next Tuesday if he doesn’t show up by then), and I just starting packing last night. I threw a few things in the bag that I don’t need yet (nursing bras and gowns), and made a list of the stuff I still need to pack. My friend suggested that I make notes on my list about where everything is located in case someone else has to pack my stuff for me. I thought that was a good idea.

  52. Hey, Erika! :) 4 kiddos here – my first baby’s labor began with a BANG at 3am with my water breaking and contractions coming rather hard and fast (every 3 minutes). Very glad I had that bag packed. Also, you may not be at home when you go into labor. Just a thought – if your water breaks and work and you’re contracting more than average, you won’t want to have to go home to get the bag packed or even list out everything so someone else can do it for you. **Most** labors start slowly the first time around, but not all do! :)
    Getting excited for you!!!

  53. Pack the bag and check it off your list! Then you can sit back and know it’s already done ;)

  54. darn! I was hoping by your lack of posts (and Darby’s!) that the little lady was making an appearance … here’s to hoping it’ll be soon, unpacked bags notwithstanding.

  55. Frances Haines says:

    I am sooo impressed with all of the wonderful advice all the moms above have given you…yes,yes,yes to your own shampoo/conditioner…my own long hair felt yucky with the hospital shampoo. Ditto for the soap and lotion! Absolutely bring nursing gowns and a robe…hospitals are cold as meat lockers at 3 a.m. I was labor coach to my best friend after a full day at work on a Friday…I was glad I wore socks with my loafers and brought a warm sweater…and this baby was delivered on Aug. 28th!! Don’t be upset if Chance falls asleep at that time of the morning if you labor in the wee hours…it’s hard to stay up for 24 hours straight, even Mommies need to nap between contractions if at all possible…and ditto to the many visitors…all THREE of you will need your rest!!! My prayers are with you daily!
    Mary Frances

  56. so funny!!! I and everyone else was apparently speculating that you had the baby!!!! get you bag packed girl!

  57. i seem to be the only person who is like “omg youre crazy if you dont pack a bag!!” maybe because the birth of my daughter became an emergency and i didnt have my bags packed and was definitely not happy what i ended up with when my hubby and mother in law packed for me! but if you feel like your family is capable of not packing the most horrible things you own and not forgetting your hairbrush then do what you want :P

  58. Pack your bags, silly girl! Then, hide it under the bed and forget about it until she’s ready to make an appearance! CANNOT WAIT to meet that precious baby!!!!!!! REALLY! :) Love you so much!

  59. I haven’t had a baby, but we hope to start the process soon. I don’t have a sister with beautiful babies to help me through this, like you, so I took note of Stamford Wife’s post:
    Seemed like a lot of stuff, but a good list. I would vote for throwing it in the trunk, but we have only one car!
    My husband, who hears about your blog all the time, and I are sending lots of happy, healthy delivery vibes. Take care.

  60. I think everyone else has covered it but I’ll chime in as well. For you: nightgowns (2), nursing bra, going home clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, other toiletries (the hospital can provide but you may want your own), slippers, pillow, and anything that will make you feel at home. For your hubby: whatever he wants to bring for an overnight (or two-night stay). For baby: mittens, blanket (though hospital will provide), hat (hospital has this too, but if you want one of your own), booties for tiny, tiny feet, going home outfit, button-front t-shirts (not onesies because of the belly button), special animal or token of affection you might want for pictures. There’s other stuff like camera, your laptop (if you want to e-mail, send pics, watch movies), music, etc. It’s all up to you, though. Hope all goes well; it’s such an amazing experience!

  61. I have no advice on the baby bag, obviously, but just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you and LDC! Kisses to everyone and keep us posted. xx

  62. Make that bag waterproof, as fate will have it, Bebe Powell will make her “landfall” along with the now-forming TS Erika!!!
    Best to you!


  64. Michelle Uhlfelder says:

    I didn’t pack either- just when it was time to go, I packed. BTW- I’m sure your doctor told you this but before you go to the hospital EAT! You know this, but you will be STARVING if you don’t eat before leaving. I ate two boiled eggs (to keep me full), toast and some fruit. I do not regret that decision one second!!! And drink some water- because they only let you suck on ice chips and I was very thirsty through the labor. GOOD LUCK!!! It’s like you’re about to join this wonderful club- unlike any other club. You get a BIG METAL on your girl scout sash for labor and birth. BIIIIG Metal!!! ;)

  65. I agree with Seleta, you won’t need much and you don’t want to haul a bunch of stuff home-baby stuff will be enough! Your main focus after giving birth will be to be CLEAN! Make sure you bring whatever you need that makes you feel CLEAN! I am very girly and makeup was my very last thought after a C-section.

  66. We have been wondering about you! You are the 3rd friend who is due this week. 2 are already at the hospital! I’m not due for another 18 weeks but I keep a running mental list of what I might need in the hospital. I’ve heard to bring your own towel since the ones in the hospital are scratchy. Good luck and we can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Powell!!

  67. Yup, pack it now. I had a scare a few weeks before my daughter was actually born, and I ran around the house trying to remember what I was supposed to bring, or decide should I just go right to the hospital with no bag, because this seems like an emergency, is my baby ok….it made a scary moment (that turned out FINE) even more stressful. Just pack it now.

  68. Ok, there are a lot of people giving advice, so I am probably telling ya something you have already read, but oh well…I personally had my bag packed, but I put it in the guest room closet so I wouldn’t have to look at it. My first baby was late, but I had a “surprise” induction and was glad that it was packed and ready for me. I also(b.c I am anal about things like that)made a list just to be sure I got everything. Nursing bras, gowns(although I did wear pj pants from old navy)any toiletries you may want, baby clothes/blankets, etc. I am sure you have had plenty of people tell you what you need. One thing that may be helpful…lansinoh(?) nipple cream. if you plan on nursing this may be your new nest friend for the first couple of weeks!
    Good luck with everything! Remember to take the time and enjoy the day. My labor went so fast and when it was over i wished that I had taken a little more time to appreciate what had just happened…life being born, amazing!

  69. I have been watching for an update. I’d say do what makes you feel comfortable soon my friend she will be here. Isn’t labor day right around the corner? The count down begins my friend enjoy! xoxo

  70. Steele Marcoux says:

    You are not crazy. I am so happy for you and have been thinking about you every day!

  71. Erika, I too would suggest socks (as Lauren mentioned). Hospitals are COLD! I am not a sock wearing person, so I did not heed that advice from my sister, instead once at the hospital I had to have my mom and sister go out and get some for me. I brought along a nightie (soft soft cotton) that I chose to labor in vs those darn hospital gowns, undies, a change of clothes,a robe, shampoo/cond, a going home outfit for the baby and yes, don’t forget a comb or brush. I also brought some really great aromatherapy for labor which was divine!
    As for packing versus not… I piled all my items I wanted to have at the hospital on the bed in our guest room. This way I did not have to ‘look’ at it all the time. Even though I was able to take my time going to the hospital, I much preferred using that time to take a really nice long shower then try to scurry looking for things I would want or need. I took granola bars (the chewy kind) to snack on even though you aren’t suppose to which I ate about half of one…AND gum! I chewed loads of gum. Would taste fantastic, then all of a sudden I would HAVE TO take it out and take it out FAST. I remember requesting, well pretty much demanded, trident gum! No other would suffice for me at that given time, HA! What a blur, blast, adventure it was to give birth!! Take care and just go with the flow. Be in charge and be flexible! :)

  72. Pack it, then put it in the trunk of your car so you don’t have to see it :) Oh, and install the carseat too while you’re at it!

  73. My guess is, you don’t need anymore advice. Do what you feel. Enjoy these last precious days-just you and Chance. You are about to enter a whole new, wonderful life. My thoughts are with you. Cannot wait to see this sweet darling. Take care dear.

  74. Hang in there, Mamacita! It’s only days away, no matter what!! xx

  75. Pack the bag only when you’re ready! One friend suggested to me (and it came in handy) to pack pre-moistened facial cloths (or washcloths from home). Slippers/socks. Make-up (you’d be surprised– afterwards everyone will say how amazing you look in the after pictures!)

  76. Yeah, but if you pack it NOW and have to walk past it all the time isn’t that kindof exciting!? Not that you already aren’t anxious enough but it seems like it would be a little bit fun–to have the bag ready to go when you guys are about to fly out the door… then you can think to yourself “that was easy!”… coming from someone with 0 children so far!

  77. My opinion- you will have time to pack a bag. Being pregnant with my 3rd kiddo (in 3 years), I would say you don’t need nearly all the things you will be tempted to pack.

  78. It’s amazing how “addicted” we all are to your blog, and Darby’s blog! Pack the bag, and put it in the car seat! Oh, and listen to nurse Kathy…restrict your visitors!! This is your only first baby, you and your husband should be able to have a few days, along with immediate family, to bond with your new little blessing! Not enough rest and nourishment, (physical as well as emotional) might interfere a bit with your milk coming in. But you know all this I bet, with Darby as a sister! Blessing to you all!

  79. Bring your make-up and hair stuff…I do…it’s a sure fire way to get out of there sooner. If doc sees you up and ready they usually sign the discharge papers. I HATE staying in the hospital (but we are talking army hospitals, bleh). Def, bring your own pillow and I don’t see anything wrong with soft pants or capris. I’m bringing mine! I don’t like feeling like I’m flashing people!

  80. all designing mamas need to pack a little wallpaper,paint brush, paint… to add some urban grace to the hospital….
    comfy clothes, champagne, chocolate and something that smells good cause hospitals smell yicky to me…look icky too.
    why not give a lift to the room that you will be in with your little bundle of bliss….now can you imagine a room all bedazzled for entry into life!

  81. pack your bag, be prepared, you just never know! …are you gonna post the finished nursery? i don’t think i missed it, hope not! can’t wait to see your new angel baby! best wishes. is darby coming?

  82. You’re not crazy!! I didn’t pack my bag either for the same reason! I could feel that he wasn’t coming anytime so I knew it would just make me mad every time I saw it with it just sitting there….My water broke the day after my due date and I had plenty of time to pack it then, but really didn’t use much out of it.

  83. Instead of carrying a diaper bag with all my babies, I carried a L.L. Bean tote like the picture above with the name “mommy” embroidered on it.
    Don’t worry to much about the bags, imho. The more layed back the mommy, the more layed back the baby…

  84. Good luck! Very exciting! It is the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience! Oh, and the most important thing to pack, I think , is socks. Your feet will thank you.

  85. I’ve never posted b/f but also have been reading for a while. from my experience, take more than one going away outfit. I wasn’t too good at the diapering and the beautiful daygown got wet and we went home in a hospital onesie. You and my other fav. designer(from B’ham) are both pregnant. good luck!-Margaret

  86. I packed my bag the night before both my girls. I was like you just didnt want to sit and look at it. But both times I got this feeling that I needed to do it and I went into labor the next morning with BOTH. Good Luck and you and your family will be in my prayers.

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