stop stairing

Seagrass stairrunner dti april 1409 

Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

I have.

Unfortunate injury resulting falls.

I think a seagrass runner would help my case.

(and not talking on the phone while carrying a laundry basket, while hurdling a dog gate might help too)

I'm gonna see if I can get a note from my doctor, as I am hoping our health insurance will cover the runner. 

:: photo from Desire to Inspire ::


  1. Love the way this looks! I’m thinking it would do a great job of hiding dirt and wear patterns. I’m thinking of a sea grass rug for our living room… are they too tough of the feet?

  2. I love this look!
    I cant wait to see more of your nursery inspiration too!

  3. I hope it hasn’t happened since you’ve been pregnant – though, it sounds like something I would do…especially towards the end of the pregnancy, when I’m particularly clumsy! I love that picture….if I had stairs I would want a seagrass runner as well!

  4. Oh I love this. what a great solution!! Thanks for posting, this topic has been on my mind lately.

  5. I love it.

  6. Love the look! But beware of it adding road rash style abrasion to your injuries the next time you fall!

  7. The whole house looks gorgeous! I love the runner. Do you worry about seagrass with the baby, though?

  8. I hope you didn’t just barely fall! Let me know how that insurance thing works out – I’d love some stairs like that :).

  9. Good one! It is a great look for a stairway runner, we have friends that have them, and they luv them!

  10. I love it, too. I am also liking the cocoa roasted almonds :) Your new posts are helping the terrible withdrawal pains I am having over the loss of Country Home and Cottage Living!

  11. elizabeth says:

    Love it! How pet friendly is the seagrass? Can you spot clean it?

  12. First of all, I hope you are OK.
    Secondly, LOVE LOVE LOVE seagrass on the stairs, but my carpet guy told me that the companies who sell them don’t recommend for stairs anymore and won’t guarantee on stairs, but do it anyway….Wish I had, I did a wool herringbone in a sisal color instead. I like the feel of seagrass, feels spa-like!

  13. wow, what an incredible set of stairs and that entryway looks great too! i love that seagrass on my set of stairs that lead up from our mud room!

  14. E, I hope you are OK. I like the idea of seagrass on the stairs. xoxo

  15. I’m so excited to keep seeing this house show up on blogs…I’ve had it clipped in my folder for years and I LOVE it!

  16. Marybeth says:

    Here is the thing with seagrass. It looks great on stairs, and is really hardy… but it can be slick too. My sister in law has it on her stairs at the beach. I took a small tumble while barefoot.
    I installed it in a client’s house several years ago. They kept the wall to wall upstairs, but took the seagrass off the stairs two years later.
    Just so you don’t think that I am a party pooper…. it does really well with pet stains, no pun intended.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I love the look of seagrass on the stairs as well, but heard that it is very slippery. My carpet store also recommended against it because it doesn’t wear well on stairs. I went with DMI Ebb Tide 365 and have been very happy with it. It has some wool in it so it is soft on the feet. Good luck! I know what ever you choose will be great!

  18. elizabeth says:

    I, too, put seagrass on the stairs.. 5 years ago..wears well, however it is slick..I’ve had a couple of slips..but, it looks GREAT!

  19. Love this seagrass runner.
    Yep, I fell down the stairs once…at a most inopportune moment which was at the end of a job interview taking place in a nice restaurant. I shook the interviewer’s hand and said goodbye, took one step on the staircase and fell sideways down at least 10 stairs. Extremely painful and mortifying. Darn heels.

  20. LOVE the look of the entire entry and staircase. I’d love to get rid of the carpet on our stairs and put in wood but the color of the wood leads me to want new kitchen cabinets and then maybe a countertop….so I’m thinking I should just keep what I have before the whole house is redone!
    FYI – when we moved we had an Invisible Fence put in outside and loved it so much that we added an indoor unit. It was the BEST money we ever spent. No more doggy gates everywhere and the boys (two goldens) can’t run out the front door or go into the dining room or living room – keeps our carpet clean and is hassle free when we have dinner parties. All we have are two small white boxes that plug into outlets near the areas we don’t want the dogs. It transmits a signal for however many feet you want in all directions. We have two in our house, but you can have as many as you want. You can get just the indoor unit if you want to avoid added expense. ;-)

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