tempted to buy one of each







custom address stampsĀ from lettergirl


  1. I like the first and the last choices. But I would like the last one without the swirly thingies.

  2. i’m delurking to say the following:
    1. i have the third one. LOVE IT! and use it all the time! :-)
    2. congratulations on sloane. i love the name and the baby? she’s beautiful!

  3. stephanie says:

    I saw those on another blog last year. I ordered one right away! It is SO CUTE! I have since ordered a few as gifts. They are so fun and different than the sticker ones that everyone uses.

  4. Erika, Congrats on the baby! I am an avid reader of Darby’s blog – therefore I found yours! I love the stamps and JUST ordered one! What a great find. Blessings to you, your husband and baby Sloane!


  5. Who doesn’t love a good stamp? I love how it looks handwritten.

  6. LOVE those address stamps – I actually got one for Laurie’s (you’re doing her kitchen in Chesapeake) birthday last year and it is SO cute!!! I think it was the 4th one. :)

  7. i used to have one of those stamps a few years ago. i’ve sinced moved though, so i need a new one with my address. thanks for posting!

  8. I love them all as well.

  9. I would love to buy one of these…. if we didn’t move every 5 minutes! haha Maybe once we get settled in Hawaii I will order one. VERY CUTE!

  10. Love these…I don’t know if I could decide on just one!!!

  11. what a cute find! I think I need one of these now, but how to choose?! Its between #1 and #4 for me :)

  12. These stamps are great if used on envelopes only! They are sooo cute and save time! But, last week my 3 year old got my address stamp and stamped all over himself and my house, including my khaki club chair!

  13. so cute! I wouldn’t be able to choose one… I ran into Gaye Drew this morning at church and she told me the good news – how exciting! can’t wait to see it :)

  14. um, yes please!

  15. Ooh! I am dying over the first and second designs! I have ordered custom stamps from Sweet Paperie on etsy and they are really cute, too. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. :)

  16. I need one of these. Great source. Thanks E! Hope you are getting enough sleep. xo

  17. I LOVE all of these. Have seen them before and fell in love. Made me wish I had her handwriting. I’m sending Santa Claus this link now….

  18. I LOVE the second one, and just in time as my fiance and I are renovating our new house! Danke!

  19. SO CUTE! I like the first and second one. I just found your blog and am liking it. Congrats on baby Sloane. Love the name!

  20. UMMMM love these…wish i knew where my permanent address was….

  21. These are lovely! Trouble is… deciding which one to get!

  22. These cute things have been on my list of things I want for about a year, but I can’t decide which one I want!!! I need to decide by Christmas card time.

  23. I’ve been eyeing these forever! I absolutely love them!

  24. oooohhh…LOVE these! Bookmarked for the impending holiday shopping season! Thanks for sharing!

  25. oh, i want all of them as well.
    perfect Christmas present ideas!

  26. I’ve been eyeing her stuff for ages!

  27. What a great house warming idea for my friend who just moved or even a cute wedding present addition!

  28. Love this! You just gave me a great idea for a Teacher’s gift too. Thanks! :)

  29. love these, a definite must have.

  30. Love these! What a great gift idea to include with pretty stationery!

  31. I love these! And they are cheaper than the other stamp I got! I am ordering one soon! Thanks for sharing!!

  32. I love these. I want a personalize one now! Great find.

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